Metaphysicality Inc - TOU

  • In the act of using our site in any way you are agreeing that you are legally accessing our website and any of the applications we use and offer to site visitors.
  • In using our site you agree that you will abide by our rules, terms, and conditions, even when updated from time to time.
  • In using our site you acknowledge that we at Metaphysicality Inc reserve the right to deny services to any site visitor due to demonstrating a lack of regard for any of our terms, or for any other reason administration deems it appropriate.
  • In using our site you agree not to upload malware, viruses, or any other malicious items to our site.
  • In using our site you agree that it is your responsibility to use effective malware protection, and acknowledge that anywhere you may visit on the Internet could at any time become afflicted with malware. And by this you are also agreeing that we of Metaphysicality Inc are in no way responsible for any damage done to your computer or any stored information you lose if you become infected with malware picked up while on the Internet, this including while visiting our site. Understand that we take every possible precaution to avoid our site becoming infected with malware, but truly, it could happen anywhere.
  • In using our site you are agreeing that if you suffer bodily harm or injury of any kind while on our website or after leaving it, we, Metaphysicality Inc administration, are not legally responsible in any way, directly nor indirectly, nor as by association with any other entity, nor through any type of association to our blog site or any content contained within it. This of course includes such harm or injury as an epileptic seizure, as well as all other physical maladies and events, including physical demise.

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