Crystals Alphabetically

Crystals, Minerals, and Stones; Healing and Metaphysical Properties Listed Alphabetically

Crystals are effective to aid us in healing from various ailments, and they also support us through coping with life issues. Here is a list, albeit a brief one as we begin, on the various qualities associated with each. Note the greyish texts that take up a significant portion of the space on our list; they provide alternate names, they also refer to places where you should look for certain descriptions. They are to point you in the right direction; they are italicized to make tuning them out easier for those that wish to do so.

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A  Through D

Amethyst quartz - under quartz
Apache tears - see obsidian
Atlantis stone - see larimar
Aventurine, blue
Aventurine, brown
Aventurine, green
Aventurine, orange
Aventurine, peach
Aventurine, pink
Aventurine, purple
Aventurine, red
Aventurine, white
Aventurine, yellow
Bloodstone - under jasper
Blue obsidian - see obsidian
Blue quartz - under quartz
Blue tiger's eye - under tiger's eye
Blue pectolite - see larimar
Brecciated jasper - under jasper
Castorite - see petalite
Cordierite - see iolite
Denim lapis - see lapis lazuli
Dichroite - see iolite
Dolphin stone - see larimar
Dragon's eye - see red tiger's eye

E Through H

Falcon's eye - see tiger's eye
Flower sugilite (not a type of sugilite) - see lepidolite
Glacial quartz - see ice quartz
Golden sheen obsidian - see obsidian
Green obsidian - see obsidian
Growth interference quartz - see ice quartz
Hawk's eye - under tiger's eye
Heliotrope - see bloodstone - under jasper
Hematite (haematite)
Hypersthene (ferroan enstatite)
Himalayan ice quartz - see ice quartz

I Through L

Ice quartz
Iceberg quartz - see ice quartz
Jasper, bloodstone
Jasper, brecciated
Jasper, unakite
Jasper; various
Lapis lazuli (lapis)
Lavenderine or lavenda mica - see lepidolite
Lemurian scalar quartz - see ice quartz
Litha mica, lithia mica or lithium mica - see lepidolite
Love stone - see rose quartz and thulite

M Through P

Mahogany obsidian - see obsidian
Manganoan zoisite - see thulite
Milky quartz - see snow quartz, under quartz
Ox eye - see red tiger's eye
Nirvana quartz - see ice quartz
Peacock obsidian - see obsidian
Phenacite (also spelt phenakite)
Pink quartz - see rose quartz
Pink zoisite - see thulite

Q Through T

Quartz, amethyst
Quartz, blue
Quartz, rose
Quartz, snow
Rainbow obsidian - see obsidian
Rosaline zoisite - see thulite
Rose quartz - under quartz
Sard - see carnelian
Satin spar - see selenite
Schorl - see tourmaline, black
Silver sheen obsidian - see obsidian
Smoky (smokey) quartz
Snowflake obsidian - see obsidian
Snow quartz - under quartz
Stefilia's stone - see larimar
Sulaiman stone, (Sulemani stone)
Tangerine quartz, (including tangerine aura quartz and hematoid quartz)
Tiger's eye (also tigers eye, tiger eye)
Tiger's eye, blue (hawk's eye)
Tiger's eye, red (dragon's eye)
Tourmaline, black
Tourmaline, various colors
TV stone - see ulexite

U Through Z

Unakite - under jasper
Unionite - see thulite
Water sapphire - see iolite
White quartz - see snow quartz, under quartz

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