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Above all else, our site is here to serve you, our audience. We are working our hardest to produce a truly interesting site. Metaphysicality Inc is relatively new for now, but we are well on the road to amassing a storehouse of Tarot, general metaphysical, and crystal healing content for you to enjoy. 

We are following our good sense and our impulses as we proceed. But it's always a good time to listen to and to receive input from those we serve. If you have any feedback, comments, and/or suggestions for us, please, by all means let us know what's on your mind, we'd love to hear it! And too, we invite you to comment on our posts. We'd love to have you participate! We not only care about what you have to say, but your comments help us to promote the site through social media as well. 

Joodhe's self portrait

Hi, I'm Joodhe. My primary objective is to provide high quality content for our readers to enjoy. Hopefully if you came here looking to find something, you found it. If not, then I hope you found something that caught your attention, made you think, or made you laugh. Life is like that, sometimes we just stumble across stuff... life is an epic journey to be enjoyed. I want to provide at least a pebble of thought to you along the journey of your life.

I was born in the UK, and am now living in central Canada, not that it makes any difference, I am that I am.

::::::pauses, wondering how to lead into the next comment::::::

I am proud to say that I drew my avatar in Paint program - that's my claim to fame  ;0) But honestly though, I have lived a richly interesting life, and have certainly done things more interesting than to draw an avatar in Paint program! Truth be known, I live in a teensy weensy town; nothing really important happens here, so anyone whose name comes to lips is the next topic for dissection at the local coffee shop (same as in all small towns I guess). For this reason, when it comes to me, for the most part, I am staying mum. 

Point being that you won't see much written about me personally here. That's me... a city girl living a surreal small town life...


Author Race MoChridhe

Race MoChridhe is a Pagan writer and (poly)theo/alogian who has hosted talk radio, led public ritual, and appeared in the pages of Druid, Aontacht, Brigid's Fire, Touchstone, Druidenstein, and Menhir. He is an ADF Dedicant and a Bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids, but is occasionally spotted in gatherings of Witches or Heathens as well.

As a student of the divinatory arts, his research has been published in The Mountain Astrologer, the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition, Tarot Reflections, and the ATA Quarterly, in addition to being presented at public lectures and at the conference of the American Tarot Association, of which he is a member.

Race also maintains an active interest in interfaith dialogue and the broader field of Religious Studies, in which he received his master's degree. He has taught Biblical Hebrew and Bible Studies, and works to bring Pagans and adherents of the Abrahamic religions together in mutual understanding and shared celebration.

You can learn more about his work through his blog, Nemeton at the Sorbonne.

Steven Seinberg

Author Steven Seinberg

Steve's work was greatly appreciated while he was here. Unfortunately for my site, he has moved on to pursue new horizons.  I wish you well Steve!   -Joodhe

"An East Coast transplant gone West, certified to practice law in California, Steve worked for nearly a decade as the Chief Financial Officer at a publicly-traded biotech company.  He's since traded law and finance for the occult and the esoteric.

A certified Reiki Master, Steve also maintains regular and passionate devotion to such fields as Tarot, Astrology, Runes, and Crystals.  He counsels clients in person by phone and via e-mail from his headquarters in Los Angeles, and he works with an emphasis on empowerment and compassion." 

Steve has his own website, it's called Arrow in Flight.

Steve's description of his photo: "It's me communing with a boulder in Joshua Tree National Park."

Viv Dulac

Author Viv Dulac  

Viv was a great asset to us for over two years; however, life has now taken her in another direction. Bless you Viv, for all the time you spent writing here - you will be deeply missed.  -Joodhe.

Viv Dulac descends from spirit mediums on her father’s side, and from Crypto-Jewish cabbalists on her mother’s. She readily admits that she has been a sad disappointment for both family lines. She enjoys long walks, shopping for antiques, and the occasional spellwork, and lives by the water with two cats, neither of which are her familiar.

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