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Some Say the Dimensions Are Splitting; But Are They?

 The universe

The universe. Image source: Pixabay, by user 'qimono'

Subtitle: A New Degree of Awareness Opened Up (for Me)

by Amethyst Black

Why was this article written? Because this author has of late, each night been able to see into the astral realm without any workup. In the past, it took significant effort to achieve that. As there was no singular event and no transition that would make logical sense of this new level of dimensional awareness becoming available, my impression is that change is taking place within the physics of our universe, and that said change has altered my dimensional awareness. 

Directly relevant to the aforementioned, the concept has been proposed from time to time within the metaphysical community, that one day the dimensions will split. This, not so much in the LHP community but more the spiritual community at large. “Which dimensions?” you may ask? Read on, and things may become clearer. To address this in passing now though, if that were to happen, it would likely stem from an adjustment occurring in the relativity between time and space. To expound, on our plane they're separated. That’s why we often hear it said that “there is no time anywhere else in this universe but for here on earth.” What would it achieve to have the dimensions split, though? After all, nothing “just happens.” (There will be further detail provided on the relativity between time and timespace, further into the article.)

Qabalistic Reference

Certainly, some people believe that things just happen, but using the Qabalah as a reference (for those already familiar with it, as it cannot be explained briefly enough), universal wisdom is selective in what happens next. If you wish to familiarize yourself with the Qabalah, an excellent tool is #AmazonAD: Thomas Karlsson’s Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic (book).


Given that in appearance the dimensions are already split, if some people were, in the future, able to access at least one other dimension in daily life, unity between dimensions may need to occur for them rather than separation. 

In the Name of Peace

It is believed by some, that the goal of universal wisdom in having the dimensions split, might be to create world peace. It makes sense. But, how would that work? We shall imagine it in the simplest and most basic way. I, like you, do not know the details of how, but will pose assumptions based upon my knowledge and experience. The world populace could be divided using various criteria. We could, for example, separate the old from the young, first determining which age ranges to separate them into. We could separate males from females, singles from marrieds, or criminals from everyone else. We could divide the rich from the poor, or better yet, “the Elite” from everyone else, carnivores from everyone else, and so on. 

Note though, that in using the simplest model, we are separating people into only two categories. The assumption of two categories is based on 'simplicity for the sake of discussion,' and also aligns with the way that people talk—as if the idea of two primary dimensions is the most popular one. There would be a standard range of spiritual frequency relative to the populace within each sector of division, no matter which criteria were used to create differentiation. 

Criteria for Division

Based on the aforementioned, some methods of division would not be applicable or would not make sense to use. Which criteria then, would best align with dividing the world populace in order to create peace? Traits such as age, beauty, physical build, spiritual beliefs, race, dietary intake, gender predisposition and/or preferences, and many things, would obviously have little or no influence. Who and what, then, are the people and organizations creating unrest and division within our world today? Which division criteria would have them emerge in this sense, if this is how things would work? Surely, I have an opinion, but I am not here to persuade you of anything, but rather to encourage you to think outside of the box that we all of our lives have been pressured to think inside of. 

It is worth our whiles, though, to consider or meditate all points that would potentially apply to each frequency division, lest the dimensions do split. For example, would there be one criteria to determine separation? Two? Or more than that? What kind of behaviour puts people on one side or the other? What would it be like to exist in one location or the other/another? Such considerations assists us in preparing for it, especially in considering which side we want to align with. Also, it is in considering such points that other things wrong with society subsequently illustrate themselves more clearly.

We should consider too, that there may be another purpose than world peace at hand. There is a faction of people who believe that the uproarious goings on around us in our times—including the potentiality of dimensions splitting—are based upon moving us forth to align with Mother Earth’s ascension, and nothing else. That seems ever so strange for me to say, as if that were to happen, would not world peace be the end result? It is perhaps precisely the same thing.

How It Will Happen

Some who have channeled ascended beings and spoken to various entities from other dimensions on this topic, have conveyed that when dimensions split, those of a lower spiritual frequency will become dimensionally separated from those of a higher frequency. I haven't discovered much written on how it is to happen though. I’ll do a channeling on it as opportunity arises. One concept that has been put out, however, is that once it happens the higher vibrational people may bop back and forth between dimensions if they wish. 

The aforementioned is not by decree but is a natural law relative to spiritual ascension. How it works is that one cannot instantaneously jump ahead in their ascension, as an evolutionary process must take place; but in making certain choices they can regress. This reflects in why lower vibrational people cannot traverse in the same way. That’s rather all there is to it. How would it achieve world peace? In making this assessment one must assume that those causing issue in this world would be sequestered to the lower dimension and that the others would live in the ascended dimension—which would surely be the dimension directly relating to Mother Earth’s new and ascending state of existence. 

The Part I Don't Like

What if that’s not how it works? What if there’s another explanation? To be frank, this is a part I’d rather skip. If there’s one thing I can’t stand as a person with psychic ability, it’s to be quoted making predictions based upon sentient feelings. Why? Because, and this has been studied—the most accurate of psychics can be right up to 70% of the time at best. Furthermore, you will never hear me suggest that I am one of the best psychics. 


'Psychic'; image source: Pixabay, by user 'darksouls1'

On Spirits and Underground Tunnels

I do not trust sentience implicitly, as it can be mistaken with impressions one gets that are not sentient messages. What I trust to a far higher degree, is when I receive messages from spirits. I have not consulted any, though, on the accuracy of the impression I'm about to divulge. What I'll share, is one potentiality of how dimensions may split. Ever since I became aware of the existence of the many underground tunnels spanning much of North America, I realized that there would have to be a purpose for it all. 

To build those underground systems would cost trillions of taxpayer dollars. Hence, in this time of fast-forwarded spiritual evolution, there would have to be a natural requirement for them or a natural solution forthcoming for them (as they are an exemplary problem). Why are the tunnels so extensive? Is it because the world's who’s-who thought that there’d be some cataclysmic cosmic (or other) event in the future? If so, do they still believe it, or have they since dismissed it as a consideration? Either way, the suggestion becomes that there may be a huge and catastrophic event, or a potentially catastrophic event, that runs “them” into those tunnels. "What then happens?" Well, your guess is as good as mine. This is but one impression of how the dimensions may split. I could be off base, and maybe it’s only a phase of the process. 

Our Dimension Described

There are various ways this can be described, including from a spiritual aspect or a scientific one, and there are multiple perspectives either way. From my perspective, we are now in the third dimension, which directly relates to the fourth. The third relates to space, the fourth relates to time. However, space cannot exist without time and time cannot exist without space, that’s why quantum theory relates information about timespace. Hence, if we ascend, what do we ascend to? We will still be here on earth, but it is already divided within its own dimensions. It has time and it has space, but separately. 

We Have Never Known Time

We seem to understand from a scientific perspective that timespace is one thing. Consider this though. If the third and fourth dimensions exist together in any specific sense, and if we ascend to the fifth dimension, how is it that we skip the fourth when we have never known it? Time seems to have corrupted for us here on earth. There is some phenomenon in the works, that prevents space from entirely relating to time. When we traverse space we can move back and forth with ease. We have never known time then, as we absolutely cannot traverse back and forth in time. 

How stunted we are when it comes to time, shows in the contrast between how much knowing we have of space compared to time. In space, we have moved to the third dimension. Can you imagine what either of dimensions 1, 2, or 3 is in terms of time, when we can know and traverse it? Right; me either. 

When dimensions split, some say we move to the fifth dimension, others say the fourth. There are those who “just say,” who have not considered what either would consist of. My impression is no more valid than anyone’s, yet I have given it thought. My impression: those who have earnt the freedom to move from one dimension to another, will have ascended from space to timespace. What is timespace? It is, IMHO, what you get when you connect earth with the astral plane. Hence, those who have astral/soul travel experiences, already travel inter-dimensionally. When dimensions split, it simply means, again IMHO, that everyone who is ascended will be able to astral travel at will. Those who do not ascend, if they ever could astral travel, henceforth will likely be blocked. 

Long-Term Change

Vibration effects vibration. Hence, if dimensions split, it seems it would be rather permanent of a change. If the earth was divided into high and low frequency sectors, individuals confined to each would be influenced only by each other. Therefore, it would be difficult for the low frequency individuals to ascend, but it would be rather simple for the higher vibrational beings to remain positive and to traverse their journey of ascension smoothly.

The bottom line here in knowing all this, is that if a person is not growing in awareness, it’s far past the time they should have started getting their right step right in life. However, I feel that it’s critical but not too late to do just that. Though this was not what I intended to write about on this particular day, it is what Spirit urged me to write about. Hence, though this post is based largely on impressions and assumptions, there is a general concept that Spirit wants known, contained within it. 

World Peace; How?

How do these tumultuous times relate to the dimensions splitting and ultimately, world peace? To be indefinitely and potentially permanently relegated to another dimension than our own, there would have to be long-term similar-frequency engagement leading up to it. We live in times where we see one set of people turned against another as they’ve been caught up in playing the game, and the game players themselves disrespecting free will on a large scale (this last point has been conveyed by some ascended beings as being the only true “sin”). This setting gives rise to everyone having plenty of opportunity to make their frequency standing clear. 


#AmazonAD: Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite (book) 


Below are links shared to articles. It is my belief that when we want to know all there is to know about a matter, we have to expand in all directions. For this, I’ve shared links to articles that discuss concepts relating to mathematics, physics, and timespace, that bear either direct or indirect relativity to the concepts presented here. One linked-to article, for example, is about dimension-splitting within scientific data models of advection transportation. However, the Qabalah shows us that all reflects all. I urge you, even if disinterested, to read at least some linked-to articles and see what you get from them. When I get confused by magick, or anything really, I lean towards science—especially science that I don't fully understand. It leads the mind to expansion within a vast array of possibilities; the expansion unaffected by any tethers posed by mundane-world lab science.  

Density vs. Dimension

I realized after I wrote this, that I used the word 'dimension' in places where I could have and perhaps should have used the word 'density.' Hence, I’ll explain here to save myself from going back to edit. Humans, to date, have been prone towards replacing the word density with the word dimension when speaking in similar contexts to this. What this means is that we humans tend to associate timespace location with spiritual frequency. In truth though, density is where a person or populace is within the process of ascension, whereas dimensionality is a location in the universe

I could go back and edit to make this fit more appropriately with the aforementioned concept. However, in reading it over, there is more conveyed in leaving it as it was written. There is a knowing achieved in understanding that for our spiritual lesson, time and space were required to be separated here on earth. As a dimensionality, that obviously aligns with any given density we experience throughout our respective journey, regardless of whether it entirely fits with any other relative concept. I should conclude in stating the obvious—it would not be dimensions separating, but rather, densities. However, at the same time, would not dimensions require separating to meet that end?

One point that occurred to me as the above paragraph was written: Density has been used by some entities to describe location. Why? because for example, a third density planet hosts the beings that rightfully by their spiritual density, belong there. The moral? Let's not sweat the small points as we work towards understanding it all.

That’s a lot of verbiage shared. I hope that it means something to you or draws you to a related consideration. 

Related Reading

Exceptional effort was expended in trying to find the web address of a man I spoke to years ago. I visited his website numerous times when investigating the topic of underground tunnels, in the past, and we spoke a few times by email as well. I don't remember the fellow's name, but he was getting on in years by then. I am not sure, but in trying to recall his name, Ray, or Roy Price, comes to mind. He explained on his site that he was an agent (P.I.), who worked primarily for the US government throughout his career. He at times of course, found things that agencies/officials did not want divulged, and had been the target of attempted murder a time or few; it seemed that later in life, shielding himself from another such event had become his life's theme.  

His website was a treasure trove of amazing photographs of huge, and obviously ultra-expensive underground tunnels and buildings. It cannot be sufficiently encapsulated into words what all is down there. Well, nothing can be found relating to him or his site anymore. I have no idea what happened. Even stranger yet, his emails have gone missing from my archives, yet were not erased by yours truly. I did a thorough keyword search, that successfully pulled up his emails in the past, but alas, no longer does. For this, I cannot supply you with the most superb proof of the tunnels under North America that were spoken about in this article. 

Any links supplied below regarding underground tunnels, are all I could find, and are not exactly what I hoped for (concise, factual, provable statements and photos). For this, they are at the end of the list. At least they'll give you an idea of what people say when they discuss them. It would be remiss not to mention that there are numerous rather benign tunnel systems as well, such mentioned here: The Eerily Extensive, Partially Abandoned Tunnel Network of the U.S. There are also examples where small areas of tunnels that were constructed for government use, are innocently explained away. Though some of it may be true, I want to bring to mind the huge cost of the tunnels, and also any potential misuse of them and/or taxpayer dollars; nothing else; hence, that type of link was not supplied. 

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