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Viné the Demon's Message On the Current Times; by Amethyst Black

Sigil of Viné, Goetic Demon

Sigil of Viné, a public domain image via Wikimedia Commons


Today's blog post is different from most. It comes in the form of a sentient message picked up by tarot. However, though a tarot deck was used to pick up Viné's message, at no time were the cards used in a typical way. When used in a specific way, the cards amplify sentient messages for me. With typical tarot methodology, usually one or more cards are turned and the message is intuited. With this method though, each card has a specific and immediately identifiable message. It feels as if the entity is talking directly to me. I asked Viné if channeling him in this way was suitable enough to convey this particular message, and his response was "yes"; he made it clear that it was his intent to be channeled this way. How the situation arose, is that I had asked my spirit pantheon members to offer me a fresh topic for this blog post. 

The first card pulled was the Lovers, I was using the Crowley Thoth deck. I didn't immediately "get" the message. I could have read it as tarot, but this session was not about that, I could tell. Channeled sessions are immediately identifiable. That's partially because they are most, if not all, of the readings initiated after a request made to Spirit that requires a rather immediate response (my request for a blog post topic was rather immediate). I put the Lovers card aside and pulled again. I pulled the Six of Disks. I got a very specific feeling of the reading being relative to current times. I asked Viné if that was a correct impression, he confirmed that it was. 

From here on out, rather than post every card, query, and response, I'll write this post in the most fluid and logical way possible and will avoid delivering unnecessary details.


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Viné Has a Message for Us

by Amethyst Black

In these times, mankind has been reduced to the level of a pawn, in a chess game played on a warped board, no less. Each individual is, as you know, master of his world and universe. However, that innate right has been taken from him. Not by force either. It's sad to say but he's been a rather willing participant. The signs (of precisely what he's facing) have been ever present. However, with the combined nature of the material and energetic structure of man, there is a tendency for his brain to become overwhelmed and to dismiss that which he does not wish to perceive. This has become the norm; this has become the tool by which to manage him. Though this is not news, this is the crux of what is happening today. “Overwhelm him until he succumbs.” When I say “he,” of course sex is not a viable thing. Gender is not real and concrete. As Earth and mankind ascend, they become more like those above them, Qabalistically speaking.  

We (Spirit) collectively saw this come into play, and it has long been the way. However, we were not going to intervene on any level until it became necessary. We are now moving on this. Mankind has proven to be a sheer and utter disappointment, generally speaking. For the most part, he will not stand up for his own rights, his family's rights, or anyone's rights. At the same time, the average one guilty of such, cannot admit that it is the case. He hacks away, consistently focusing his efforts on minutiae, but all the while knowing inside that he is working on symptoms, and is not at all working to address the problem at large. Why? Because he fears, but his mind will not allow him to consciously recognize his disempowerment. So, though free will is of the utmost import to Spirit (Spirit, being all beings of spirit collectively), there naturally comes a time we have to step in and allow the drowning man to catch his breath. However, simply allowing him to catch his breath at this time is not enough. His strength needs restoration as well.

Spirit is currently in the process of cleaning matters up, allowing for a new beginning to emerge. Though no one needs such an explanation (because if your eyes were open you'd have already seen it), the crucial matters at the core of the times current to you, are all relative to corruption, greed, and disunity. Said intervention and cleanup is happening now, even beyond the awareness of most. Once we get to the thick of the matter, things will move more expeditiously. 


Whereas at this point in time it may appear that there is no way out of your collective conundrum, it is already being moved into a past tense. There will be a tomorrow where your hearts will lift again, where you will be proud to live in the status quo at that time. For the now though, what are you to do? Believe. Manifest truth by your beliefs. If you've ever had doubts on this, know that your beliefs are the root to everything. Get that? You created this. How? By believing it could happen? Believing it was happening? Believing that nothing could be done? By believing that the rich, the powerful have all the power that you do not? Mankind has a variety of beliefs amongst them, but these are inclusive within all problematic beliefs. 

Prepare for a new beginning, as it is now nearly upon you. If there is one thing I, Viné, would like to say to you over anything else, it is this—stop disempowering yourselves. Especially now, at a timespace setting where Spirit is standing by, adjusting the field, as it were, to once again become leveled. Pick up your socks, tighten your suspenders. Let your testicles descend once again. 

Know at the same time though, that in not standing up for himself, mankind has not gained favor. For this, there will be lessons made available to him, not all as simple as Pablum to digest. The weakling that offered himself up like a naïve, young suckling pig, is now afraid to be gobbled up. There is some level of poetic justice in this, do you not agree? 

This entire sentiment has little to do with saving mankind, but for the fact that he was introduced into being by Creation, so within creation he belongs.

The aim of Spirit is not to back any particular belief, setting, class, or anything or anyone, but rather, to enable all things that support balance within your world and society, and within the universe at large. Hence, as long as greed for example, in one class creates a deficit of free will within another, greed within a certain class will be addressed. This is not to eradicate greed for being greed, as you can see. This type of justice will be incorporated across the board. There will be some aim to return the world to a status of innocence, where not everything has to be fought for. This though, will not be done against the will of most of anyone, but will be returned in as gentle of a way as is possible. 

The times that most logically would bear the label of "greed and corruption," are coming to an end. Currently there are battles being fought, won, and lost by some, to achieve this. All things move. The wheel constantly turns. That which is not desired of Creation, cannot exist beyond the will of Creation. You may ask yourself who or what is creation, and it is not for me to say. Ineffable is a real and viable thing. So are the mysteries—there are things that are necessary to keep occulted, to allow grand works to take place. 

For those amongst you who remain strong, there are rewards, the first of which you've already accepted—that you never let go of your godhood/goddesshood. Another, will be the splitting of dimensions. The more aligned with pure justice people are, the higher their frequency is. This is nothing to do with beliefs, classes, right or wrong, or anything but the frequency one's beliefs and actions create around them—no one creates it for them, they do it. It is primarily said frequency that determines which dimension people will be assigned/relegated to. The separation will allow one-way travels for some. Those with high enough frequency assigned to the higher frequency earthly dimension, will be free by the nature of their frequency to traverse back and forth between dimensions. All of those in the lower dimension, will not, also purely by the nature of their frequency, be able to traverse back and forth between dimensions. 

Why the splitting of dimensions? It was one way to help create peace in a world where there was such a wide array of beliefs, perceptions, and values that collided. It was a way to introduce peace in a world where none was likely in the near future, without grossly impinging upon the free will of many. If asked, some would not want to be assigned to a certain dimension; yet occasionally, invasions of free will are borne of necessity, to preserve the free will of the many. They will grow accustomed to the change, as everyone will. If nothing else, those relegated to the lower dimension will be with like-minded people. The beauty of it is immense and crisp, is it not?

The higher frequency individuals will see their being assigned to the higher frequency dimension as a reward, and in its way, that's what it is. However, being relegated to the lower frequency dimension is not a punishment, but is rather a lesson. Yet it is to be a long-term lesson, as once one is placed there, they will more than likely be there for all time. Why? Because of the effect of frequency upon frequency. Without being affected by more positive frequencies, there is little chance to ascend in frequency. In a place where Unity is not placed high in value, there is no reaching for it as an ideal. Some do not understand the value of Unity, but it is a Qabalistic ideal and necessity. 

The entire universe was borne of Unity, arises from Unity. But even before there is Unity, there is Oneness. Imagine what's beyond the Negative Veil, and how everything emerges from Chaos, which is Oneness. So, while Unity is a goal, it is the earth-level goal, and beyond it lies Oneness. The potentiality for everything, is what bears everything. Once returning to it, one must return in the same fashion in which they emerged, but in reverse of course. Hence, Unity to Oneness is the ultimate process at the end of human life; there is no questioning this. 

Once the dissenting factions of society are separated, the tendency towards peaceful living and ascension at a time when ascension is demanded (Earth herself is ascending now, and mankind must match her frequency or die), will become the predominant nature of the times. This message was delivered to help empower those who are prepared to work on their own behalf, to those willing to be inspired by the light at the end of the tunnel and also the fact that divine intervention is underway to assist and guide. You are the tomorrow. Do not depend on Spirit—stand up straight. We can only do so much, because free will is at the core. When you see that which works against the greater free will, stand your ground, stand up for that which aligns with liberty. Spirit will support that which aligns with the greater higher will. Though this is nothing at all that anyone has not heard before, now is the time that this message will be shown to be true. 

Rest assured that greater times are imminent. The strong will be Invictus, as will be those who stood still and allowed all things to pass, with their whole-hearted acceptance. 

Your Aleister Crowley named the current times as the Aeon of Horus. At times it appeared that he was right, others, wrong. He was in fact right. Horus's job was immense, and has been ongoing throughout the age. However, like all of Spirit, he had limitations to work within, the greatest and most steadfast being that of allowing for freedom of will. But now we are coming down to the core problematic elements. It is strange to see that it is the cure itself having led to healing, that begat these times. Once all of the concealment is removed from the cancer lying beneath it, the cancer is grotesque when fully visible. Though it is no more dangerous than it ever was, watching it fester and eat away at all in its path is disturbing indeed, and is not for the faint of heart. Those who said that Ma’at is prominent as well in this Aeon, are also correct. Ma’at is the name given to universal justice when viewed as an entity. Therefore, everything is overseen by her—she is central to everything being right by everything else.

Now, jumping back to the opening consideration, what was the message of the Brothers/Lovers tarot card? That Ra Hoor Khu is half of the theme of the Aeon. Those who chose to sit it out were not all doing it in a way that gave away their power. Some of them were literally the backbone of these times, displaying tolerance and acceptance, hence raising the overall frequency of mankind... keeping us from being blown to smithereens at a time when Earth is ascending. You were Hoor paar kraat, Ra Hoor's brother. It was a way to say that we are in or are approaching the final rounds of cleanup, within Horus's age. It's time to reach out and thank him and his brother for a job well done. 

Viné said these words were to be identified as coming from Spirit, delivered by him, and interpreted by me, Amethyst, and as well were ultimately approved as being true to the intent of his overall message. 

Signing off now, 

Viné and Ame 

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