Sunday, April 4, 2021

Why It's Been Longer Between Blog Posts Lately

by Amethyst Black

Some of my blog readers will have noticed that for the past handful of months there has been a delay between posts. There have been some changes in my personal life, and as a result much of my time is dedicated elsewhere for now. This phase though, is coming to an end. It should be no more than another three months tops before we return to a more typical amount of posting. It seems necessary to let readers know that I'm not abandoning ship. All is well, as a matter of fact.

 The truth is, I had major surgery. It came as a surprise to me. For many years I was aware that I had diverticulitis. As it turned out though, its slow but steady progression came to a monumental head. I had to undergo a bowel resection and now have a temporary colostomy. It was a tough go recovering from the initial surgery. However, now it's time to stop and smell the roses and to appreciate life. Back in October I nearly died, so it's time to celebrate, with puppies, with nature, and immerse more into life in general. 

There you have it, folks... that's why I've been a bit quiet. Hang on a bit longer and this mini obstacle will fade away into the flowing sands of time, and we'll move back into the thick of things here at once again.

Oh, and one more thing--during this time when I cannot do too much in terms of physical exertion, I've spent more time immersed into magick. I am examining branches of magick that never caught my attention before; for this, it is an exciting time. Though I don't wish for anyone to experience major surgery to achieve a purer connection with magick, I do wish that a peaceful period allowing for such, will come to pass for those who want to experience it. 

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