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Properties of Cedar in Magickal Rites and Spells

Cedrus atlantica cultivated as a bonsai
Image source: Samu desde Alpedrete, Flickr Commons. By CC. 2.0 Generic

Herb name: Cedar
Family name: Pinaceae, Cupressaceae, Meliaceae, Surianaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Cephalotaxaceae Myrtaceae, Bignoniaceae, Lycopodiopsida
Scientific name: Cedrus
Etymology: The words cedar and cedrus are believed to have descended from the Greek word 'k├ędros.' The word may have originally been used to mean 'juniper,' and later on been applied to other families as well. 
Element: Air
Gender: Neuter
Planetary: Jupiter
Zodiacal: Sagittarius
Deities/angels/demons: Jupiter/Zeus, Archangel Zadkiel (aka Sachiel), Hismael, Taranis, Bruhaspathi 

How Can Cedar Assist in Magick?

Cedar posesses a rather enchanting aroma that everyone recognizes. It is effective in space-clearing, especially when combined with white sage. In incense it is useful, again, for space-clearing and also as an offering to deities, demons, angels, etc. You can incorporate it into cones or sticks, or you can instead if you prefer, burn it as loose incense. Cedar tree parts—wood, bark, leaves, oil, etc., like the parts of any tree, represent the tree of life. Its materials represent creation, the meeting of the spirit world and the world we live in, and is also symbolic of making progress during pathworking. For this, it's ideal to use while doing spiritual work and manifestation work. 

You don't have to harvest cedar itself to access its properties; you can instead use cedar essential oil. Speaking of which—in candle magick and to assist in any magick, cedar oil can be used to anoint candles. 

When contacting deities, demons, and angels it is an asset. No matter what type of rite you use it for it draws assistance (if you want it, as they typically don't work against free will). Hence when performing evocations it is an herb of choice. 

As an evergreen species, cedar embodies the spirit of thriving in the face of adversity. It thrives even in conditions that put deciduous trees into seasonal dormancy. Cedarwood, being suitable for protection, is ideal to use in creating charms and talismans. Below you'll find a list of other magickal processes that it can be used for.

Cedar in Magick

  • Use in space clearing.
  • In consecration.
  • Prosperity and abundance magick; and as an offering to deities etc., in same. 
  • To positively influence a situation or event. 
  • Bringing the end of a cycle of hardship to an end and beginning a new and better one. 
  • To escape any difficult or confining situation, relationship, partnership, or predicament. 
  • To counter abuse. Any part of the tree, but especially the seeds.
  • To eliminate difficulty or difficult people from one's vicinity.  
  • Influencing someone to accept their responsibility.
  • Clearing blockages in learning.
  • Drawing love.
  • To bring back lost love.
  • Drawing a connection of any kind.
  • In a situation that seems doomed to failure, in magick targeted at creating vast improvement, use cedar. 
  • For enduring strength and energy in magick. 
  • For justice.
  • Protection magick.
  • Breaking down the protection of a person, place, or thing. 
  • In removing spiritual attachments. 
  • Magick to control people, events. 
  • To enhance magick done with poppet dolls. 
  • Assists magick relative to gender issues.
  • To stand ahead of a crowd.
  • Making one thing appear better/different from another.
  • Though cedar can assist magick to make something seem different, it can also be used to make something blend in, or appear like something else. 
  • In spiritual growth, this no matter what part of your spiritual journey you are on. 
  • It heightens psychic awareness.
  • Gardening magick.
  • Production magick.
  • Healing magick. Especially good for targeting the heart. 
  • Cedar cones are powerful in fertility magick, but especially having both a male and female cone present. 
  • Cedar, especially the cones, can be caused to cause delay. 
  • Cedar burnt frequently will assist in ongoing manifestation magick. However, Spirit says that not easily manifesting is a sign of an issue with beliefs and thoughts, and can also be caused by spiritual attachments as well. No matter what it's caused by though, cedar can help open up a path.

In Conclusion

Spirit made it clear to me that cedar can be used in magick to meet any end. That makes sense, as there is quite a range of diverse traits across the many various types of cedar plants on Earth—their many combined traits would reflect through its powers in magick. Spirit in any form, is easily evoked by magick heightened with cedar. So it makes sense that any spirit moved by such magick would be prone to influence it on our behalf. 

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