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Properties of Cedar in Magickal Rites and Spells

Cedrus atlantica cultivated as a bonsai
Image source: Samu desde Alpedrete, Flickr Commons. By CC. 2.0 Generic

Herb name: Cedar
Family name: Pinaceae, Cupressaceae, Meliaceae, Surianaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Cephalotaxaceae Myrtaceae, Bignoniaceae, Lycopodiopsida
Scientific name: Cedrus
Etymology: The words cedar and cedrus are believed to have descended from the Greek word 'k├ędros.' The word may have originally been used to mean 'juniper,' and later on been applied to other families as well. 
Element: Air
Gender: Neuter
Planetary: Jupiter
Zodiacal: Sagittarius
Deities/angels/demons: Jupiter/Zeus, Archangel Zadkiel (aka Sachiel), Hismael, Taranis, Bruhaspathi 

How Can Cedar Assist in Magick?

Cedar posesses a rather enchanting aroma that everyone recognizes. It is effective in space-clearing, especially when combined with white sage. In incense it is useful, again, for space-clearing and also as an offering to deities, demons, angels, etc. You can incorporate it into cones or sticks, or you can instead if you prefer, burn it as loose incense. Cedar tree parts—wood, bark, leaves, oil, etc., like the parts of any tree, represent the tree of life. Its materials represent creation, the meeting of the spirit world and the world we live in, and is also symbolic of making progress during pathworking. For this, it's ideal to use while doing spiritual work and manifestation work. 

You don't have to harvest cedar itself to access its properties; you can instead use cedar essential oil. Speaking of which—in candle magick and to assist in any magick, cedar oil can be used to anoint candles. 

When contacting deities, demons, and angels it is an asset. No matter what type of rite you use it for it draws assistance (if you want it, as they typically don't work against free will). Hence when performing evocations it is an herb of choice. 

As an evergreen species, cedar embodies the spirit of thriving in the face of adversity. It thrives even in conditions that put deciduous trees into seasonal dormancy. Cedarwood, being suitable for protection, is ideal to use in creating charms and talismans. Below you'll find a list of other magickal processes that it can be used for.

Cedar in Magick

  • Use in space clearing.
  • In consecration.
  • Prosperity and abundance magick; and as an offering to deities etc., in same. 
  • To positively influence a situation or event. 
  • Bringing the end of a cycle of hardship to an end and beginning a new and better one. 
  • To escape any difficult or confining situation, relationship, partnership, or predicament. 
  • To counter abuse. Any part of the tree, but especially the seeds.
  • To eliminate difficulty or difficult people from one's vicinity.  
  • Influencing someone to accept their responsibility.
  • Clearing blockages in learning.
  • Drawing love.
  • To bring back lost love.
  • Drawing a connection of any kind.
  • In a situation that seems doomed to failure, in magick targeted at creating vast improvement, use cedar. 
  • For enduring strength and energy in magick. 
  • For justice.
  • Protection magick.
  • Breaking down the protection of a person, place, or thing. 
  • In removing spiritual attachments. 
  • Magick to control people, events. 
  • To enhance magick done with poppet dolls. 
  • Assists magick relative to gender issues.
  • To stand ahead of a crowd.
  • Making one thing appear better/different from another.
  • Though cedar can assist magick to make something seem different, it can also be used to make something blend in, or appear like something else. 
  • In spiritual growth, this no matter what part of your spiritual journey you are on. 
  • It heightens psychic awareness.
  • Gardening magick.
  • Production magick.
  • Healing magick. Especially good for targeting the heart. 
  • Cedar cones are powerful in fertility magick, but especially having both a male and female cone present. 
  • Cedar, especially the cones, can be caused to cause delay. 
  • Cedar burnt frequently will assist in ongoing manifestation magick. However, Spirit says that not easily manifesting is a sign of an issue with beliefs and thoughts, and can also be caused by spiritual attachments as well. No matter what it's caused by though, cedar can help open up a path.

In Conclusion

Spirit made it clear to me that cedar can be used in magick to meet any end. That makes sense, as there is quite a range of diverse traits across the many various types of cedar plants on Earth—their many combined traits would reflect through its powers in magick. Spirit in any form, is easily evoked by magick heightened with cedar. So it makes sense that any spirit moved by such magick would be prone to influence it on our behalf. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Money Magick, and Thoughts on the Book ‘Think and Grow Rich’


by Amethyst Black


Today, let's consider the magick it takes to become affluent; not only affluent financially but in other ways as well. There is no certain way to determine how many areas of life there are that one can be affluent in. Certainly, though, health, mental health, emotional well-being, career, finances, and interactive relationship matters are included amongst them. This topic arose for me upon doing some manifestation work a handful of years ago. It led me to discover a book by Napoleon Hill called ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ first published in 1937. It has long been regarded as one of the top books on how to become affluent. 

One thing that came to mind upon considering the topic of the book, was, strangely enough—how many people truly want to be rich? Methinks that here in North America, the average person would tend to believe that everyone everywhere wants to be rich. Yet there are no absolutes.

Of the people who don’t desire great wealth, I wonder how many don’t want it because they simply don’t believe that they can attain it? In the end, wealth comes down to this one main point—whether or not a person believes that they can become wealthy (according to Napoleon Hill). Hill suggests that belief should not necessarily be held for a minute or an hour, not a week or a month, but for as long as it takes to achieve the desired result. Then longer than that as well. 

This article doesn't delve far into matters occult, but rather, presents considerations concerning affluence magick and offers insight into the aforementioned book. It discusses the value of reading the book, explains how following the strategy outlined within the book constitutes magick, queries why more magicians don't do wealth magick/focus upon their own desires, and recounts a certain experience with the demon 'Clownt.' Furthermore, it shares the story of a big-money opportunity brought to me via magick, that I ultimately turned down. 

The Harm in Negative Beliefs

We each know someone who lacks belief in their ability to attain wealth. Such individuals see financial difficulty everywhere. They may have a decent-paying job. Still, they constantly complain about wages not increasing along with the cost of living, the prices of everything, and what other people have that they do not; they may talk negatively about 'rich people,' and so on. It may be explained to them that their beliefs will draw more lack, but they'll refuse to hear it. 

When someone lives in denial of the possibility for their financial success, how it stunts them is ultra-clear to the aware. Such a perspective (the poverty mentality) is recognized in Hill's book as being a huge blockage in achieving wealth. 

I Am God

My perception is different from the type previously described. I am God of my world and universe. No one is above me, I am aligned with Source, which surrounds and empowers me. I am the one to decide what exists in my world. As the holder of such a healthy belief, am I yet wealthy? In fact, I'm just now beginning to work towards that end. So the correct answer is yes, even if only within my own beliefs, I am wealthy. 

Re Occultists Engaging in Money Magick

Occultists oft do spells of money magick. However, such spells are typically for a specific amount of money—enough to address a certain expense or obstacle. How often do we hear of them doing the work to obtain lifetime wealth? How often do we see evidence of truly wealthy magicians? Not often. Does it mean that the work is not being done? Who knows? Surely, some do it. Surely, many do not. It seems odd though because numerous magicians use their arte to make money doing menial magickal works for others. Yet magick ideally should focus upon the self before addressing anyone else. 

Hence if a magician desires wealth, or anything, he or she should have all that they desire to manifest before performing workings for anyone else. This would be ‘the proof of his pudding in the eating of it,’ as it were, as well. Why should they be doing magick for others if they cannot do big things for themselves? Why would they want to put the needs of others before their own, for far less money, if they truly could do the work?

There is great reason for one to focus their magick entirely upon themselves at the outset. How else would one learn to master applying universal mechanisms in manifestation? The magician alone would be responsible for their success or lack of it. Such experience would endow them with an ability to provide excellent magickal services to others later on, should they choose that route... but of course taking into account that clients can block themselves to magick at times. For this but not only this, no magician can be infallible. 

Concerning How the Book is Written

Back to the book though. I began reading it about six years back (just a few pages). It irritated me. It is written in an old way of speaking. It is peppered with many whole words capitalized, and with a fair few sentences in all-caps. Mr. Hill repeats to further underscore ideas. Instead of marking them indelibly in the mind, it’s overdone by far. It’s hard not to skim read to get to the meatier parts. 

It is not for me to bash the book; according to many before me, it’s a required read for anyone wanting to become affluent. However, if you choose to read it you should be prepared for the way it’s written. In my case, six years ago the book was stored away and nearly forgotten about.

Sorry, but you'll have to wait until towards the end of the post for an explanation of what brought me back to reading the book in recent times. 

Hill Learnt From the Elite

Napoleon Hill, in preparation for writing the book, studied commonalities between a significant number of the monied individuals of his day. There were steps they followed towards becoming wealthy that Hill adopted and offers from within his book. As previously suggested, the book addresses achieving affluence in all areas of life.

Hill states within the book that a positive mindset is one of the most valuable tools in obtaining wealth. He says it’s because the universe is made up of every-thing; everything we do want, and also everything we do not want. What is drawn to us though, he explains, is that which our spiritual resonance best aligns with. Hence, according to him, a remarkably positive mindset will attract wealth in all areas, whereas a negative mindset will attract the opposite. To many, this concept is not new, but to some it will be.

Edwin Barnes's Tale

It doesn’t seem like an easy-breezy thing to become rich. Nowhere in the book does it advise you on financial strategy. In the book, it all comes down to your mind and how you handle it. Also, success relates to how you use your will. Hill paraphrased, says that “it is essential to not only have a specific desire and target goal but also to never give up pursuing them, come what may. This, even if no hint of success is visible for some time.” He went on to offer a parallel story—of a man, Edwin C. Barnes, who desired to work with, not for, Thomas Edison. 

Mr. Barnes had not a penny to his name, not even train fare to visit Orange, N.J., where Edison was located. On faith alone, he gathered up all the change he could and traveled by freight. Long story short—Barnes arrived there looking like a tramp and informed Edison that he'd one day be his colleague. Edison, impressed by his gumption, gave him work.

For the next five years, Barnes worked for Edison without a hint of it being possible for him to become a colleague. One day his break came, though. Edison invented the Ediphone dictation machine. No one in his company had any desire to sell it but for Barnes. Hence, Barnes landed an exclusive selling opportunity. He subsequently became an Edison colleague and a millionaire. 

A Man Who Quit Three Feet Short of Riches

Hill shared the story of another fellow, R. U. Darby. He invested all he had in equipment to mine for gold ore. He did well initially; he’d hit a hell of a vein. However, after a short run of mining, the vein ended. Darby continued mining for a short while, but with no success in sight soon gave up. He sold his mining equipment for a song. Without him knowing it, where he stopped digging was a mere three feet from where the gold vein started to yield again. The fellow that bought his equipment became wealthy in his place. The message supplied to Darby, was to never give up, which he drew from to later become a highly successful (and wealthy) insurance salesman. 

No Excuses, Just Believe

Some would say that neither Barne's nor Darby's tale necessarily means that a similar opportunity would avail itself for someone else in a parallel circumstance. However, the person who would think this is not the one who would become rich, at least, not without altering their perspective. Hill would probably say that if one continued mining and the gold did not soon show up, in continuing anyway, somehow the situation would resolve in a way that would bring them to wealth. 

How much would it cost to get there? you may ask. Hill specifically says (paraphrased)—"don’t focus on negative details." Furthermore, he wisely offers that "you should delete the word ‘impossible’ from your dictionary." 

How the Book 'Think and Grow Rich' Relates to Magick

You may also ask—what does this book have to do with magick and occultism, the primary topics of this blog? Plenty, to be honest. Aleister Crowley defined magick as “the arte of causing change that aligns with will.” He did not say that the change was to be caused by metaphysical means, but rather, specified that causing any change aligning with will, is considered magick. Ergo, Mr. Hill’s book is in a very real way, about magick. Anyone sticking with the program would be working towards creating change that aligns with their will. 

The Tale of a Boy With No Ears

I nearly forgot to mention any affluence other than financial, referred to in the book. An interesting story is one about Napoleon Hill’s son, who was born a deaf-mute. The boy had no ears and no hearing mechanisms to operate any ears he may have otherwise had. There was nothing there whatsoever to offer hope of him hearing, at least by any method of that day. However, Hill applied self-deception as a solution. He deceived himself and also his son, to believe beyond any shadow of doubt that the boy would one day hear. Needless to say, the boy ended up gaining the ability to hear.  

Hill’s adoration for his son and his devotion to him living a full-bodied life, are inspirational. This brings me to the next point. Hill claims that love bears strong activation energy for manifestation. I am not going to supply detail on this, because it seems to self-explain in how it worked for Hill and his son. Again concerning love—Hill claims that the bulk of truly affluent individuals studied were in love. He also states that in at least one instance, someone who’d lost great love incidentally discovered their path to wealth. 

There are more relevant points I could extract to make a stronger presentation of the content of ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ However, if more is presented it may seem unnecessary for you to read it. Read in its entirety, as it is a powerful tool in manifestation. Though the book does not address the more common methods that a magician may use to manifest money, it offers solid advice on how manifestation works and what you can do to achieve it. 

I Turned Down a Profitable Deal

Approximately a year and a half ago, a telecom company rep came to my house, asking me if a tower could be erected on my property. They offered a decent amount of money, and I negotiated it to be 40% higher. It would have given my husband and I over $700.00 extra income each month. Alas though, in the end, I had to pass. I did a bit of research and discovered a huge discrepancy...

At the time the deal was being negotiated, that company was rolling out 5G communications technology. However, they were telling me that they were installing a 4G tower. My research revealed that when 4G towers are erected in Canada that if they are converted later on to 5G by antennae, it isn’t legally necessary to inform the public of the intent to convert them. It is a way to fast-forward rolling out 5G technology, it appears. They were told that they could not erect a 5G tower, so they said it was 4G. They were asked to state and sign that it would not be converted to 5G later on. They said "absolutely not," and that "it's written into our company policies that we cannot do that." They were fudging the truth in a big way, and they were instructed to shove the deal you know where. 

Clownt Urged Me to Read the Book

It felt uncomfortable to back out of the deal, because I'd done demonolatry money magick to get it, and it worked fast. It seemed a bit like looking a gift horse in the mouth. Yet on the other hand, of course, the demon called upon would understand why I withdrew. What magick did I do? I'd called on Clauneck, aka Claunt, to draw me Big Money. Within a week that telecom rep contacted me. By the way, when working with me, Clauneck calls himself Clownt. Not Claunt, but very audibly Clownt—like saying clown with a ‘t’ on the end. 

There was a lesson in having a less than perfect financial opportunity arise. It was to inspire growth. How many would be able to turn down 700 smackaroos per month, in the name of doing what’s right for everyone? Some, but who knows? Not everyone. However, a feather in my cap for sure. The right decision was made. Surely there is a reward that will avail in having made such a choice. Some will disagree, and that’s fine.

Clownt urged me to return to reading the book; he showed me that greater things could stem from it—as great as the best of what yours truly could imagine. My reward for having passed on the deal, perhaps.

In Conclusion

In closure, a thought—there was one area in which I differed in beliefs from Napoleon Hill. He seemed at times to imply that right and wrong are set universal principles. If it were so, right and wrong action taken would have a far stronger and less changeable effect on future manifestation. My view is that each individual as God of their respective universe determines what their ‘rights and wrongs’ consist of. People should manage their beliefs on that—keep them solid, and manage discrepancies in light of actions taken (analyze whether their actions align with their beliefs or not; and if not, take steps to resolve issues).

Variables can influence the swing of the pendulum concerning what happens next. A right can be made wrong, and a wrong can be made right. Hence, are there even such things as right and wrong? I do not believe in karma punishing for wrong but rather believe that such is explained by energy frequency alignment. Our actions determine energy frequency, and our operating frequency range draws experiences to us. Karma seems more like a fancy word for attracting punishment for feeling guilt.

There appear to be a number of actions one can take that cannot be made right by belief or offsetting action. This in and of itself is perplexing and appears to stand apart from rationalization. For the record, of examples that come to mind, each interferes with an individual's right to exercise free will. The point is, however, that one needs to understand that right and wrong as defined by society, are but impressions of what they can be.

We were put here to ascend. Lessons must arise for us to transcend them. If everyone had similar moral standards, how would the Hitlers and Husseins of our world open our eyes to see the need for change and growth? We absolutely cannot all have the same rights and wrongs, as stagnation would ensue. You may ask, however, and rightly so, what bearing this last bit of info has on the topic of this post. A lot, actually... you see, what we can manifest is directly relative to our thoughts, feelings and actions. Hence, if one's beliefs are founded upon false societal ideals, their manifestation magick may be prone to failure or they may feel forced into taking a path to achieve their goal, that doesn't align with their values.

I share these ideas to experience doing so. What you and others believe is respected. Thank you for joining me today in my ramble.

The Darkest of Blessings to you

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