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How to Create a Magickal Protection Ward

 a sorceress conducting a ritual

Image depicts a sorceress conducting ritual magick. Source: darksouls1 at Pixabay.

Introduction; Protection Magick

Feeling safe is a basic necessity of life; doing what we can to protect our ourselves and our loved ones is essential. This article was written with this in mind. It provides instructions that enable anyone to perform a Warding Spell, which is a protection spell that ensures that no malevolency affects you and yours whilst within your home; and it also protects your home. 

The only materials you need to do it, are four small mirrors, a white candle, a piece of fabric or a cloth, a paper and pen to draw sigils with, and paint or nail polish.

How Important Is a Ward to You?

Those new to magick may not fully see how important it is to have a ward up; but seasoned magicians know that there is more magick going on around us and more psychic vampirism as well, than most muggles would ever realize. If you are skeptical about whether it's worth the effort to conduct this spell, consider this--how much do you value your life just the way it is? If you feel great about your life, this rite isn't so important to you. If you place less value on your current life status, well, it may be time to give a protection spell a try. 

This universe provides us with whatever we need to experience happiness and abundance. Ergo it is society's interference as well as that of others (even ourselves sometimes), that causes us blockage in experiencing the higher quality of life we are entitled to. The bottom line is--protect your energies and yourself in order to create change.


Begin With These Tasks

Prior to performing this or any warding spell, first you need to tidy your home and energy clear both your home and yourself. Some may not understand why these things are necessary requisites to spell casting. Well, a messy house provides an uncontrolled energy setting. This means that if you do this spell with a messy house, fighting negative energies appropriate to that setting, is part of what will be eating up the strength from your ward. The same theory applies to space clearing, as well as clearing one's own energies--you want the ward to optimize energies in the best way possible, not to simply fritter away energies chipping away on what is already there. 

You may have your own ways of performing space clearing and self-energy clearing, but one of each is offered below lest you don't.

sage smudge
A poor energy setting will potentially hamper not only a ward type of spell, 
but any type. Source: psychicrunereader at Pixabay.

Space clearing: use white sage smudge; light it and traverse your home in an anti-clockwise direction (Widdershins). move along all walls, making sure you get that smoke accessing as much area and surface as you can. Corners are hotspots for settled energies, so make sure to pay due attention to them. Also, pay especial attention to bedrooms, windows and doors, and spaces where people regularly meet, in your home. 

Self-energy clearing: use white sage smudge; light it and hover it all around your body. Don't neglect any spots, including the bottom of your feet, palms, underarms, your back, and so on. Continue until you feel satisfied. 

A tip: when you tidy your home, remember that you can remove negativity by intent as you clean. For example, when you sweep the floor, sweep negativity away. When you shake cushions, again, dismiss negative energies. Wash surfaces with similar intent. 

With all this said, now you are ready to do your warding spell.


Warding Spell Instructions

This spell is best worked on a Saturday and during a waning crescent moon. Saturday, due to the spell having a saturnine nature (taking responsibility, maintaining control of one's environment), and a waning crescent moon for removing that which is unacceptable to you.  

For this warding rite you will need four small mirrors. Four, because one will be hung in each corner of your home. Mirrors are used in this spell because they are a top tier tool in returning and deflecting baneful magick. 

  • Step 1) Create a protection sigil; if you have not made one before, there is a video within this article showing how it is done (I didn't make the video, but it serves the purpose). In your sigil, place an intent; an example--"blocks baneful magick, negative energies, harmful intent, and entities that do not harmonize with my (your) will." It's a good idea to decide in advance where malevolency goes. Within your sigil you may want to place an intent to send it to the Void. 

Though the spell will block a hex, the act of doing so laps up energy, so to provide a lesson to stop, does serve a purpose. For this reason, you may want to return negativity to whence it came. No matter what you choose, carefully think your intent through; make sure you have it precisely as you wish it to be and create your sigil accordingly. Step 2) There's one more sigil you'll need to make--a linking sigil. This sigil should be created with the intent of being able to link (by energy association), any magickal spell, object, or being, with any other magickal spell, object, or being. 

Shorter is Better

You can get a lot of intent into a sigil; however, typically when one creates a sigil, the verbiage from which the design is derived is kept as brief as possible. The purpose for this is to keep the sigil design simple. However, you can make a basic intent for your sigil, such as that it "protects you and yours from every baneful thing" (short & sweet); but then after you can imbue it with thought, to carry the rest of your intent. To do so, affix your gaze to the initial sigil you've created, and telepathically send any additional intent into it. Alternatively, you can dismiss the idea of keeping the sigil simple, and use longer verbiage; but do try not to get carried away. 

Once the sigils are made, put them aside.


Protective Symbols

Step 3) Next you should discern which protective symbol or symbols you want to paint on the back of each mirror. This is a personal thing, as there are many valid apotropaic symbols. Example symbols include: the pentagram, the daisy wheel, interlocking Vs, the Hamsa Hand, the Eye of Horus, the evil eye, and the dragon's eye symbol. 

The Hamsa Hand
The Hamsa Hand is a symbol commonly used in apotropaic magick. Attribution requires this license
information to be shared: CC by SA 3.0;

Time to Paint

Step 3 continued) Paint the symbol or symbols of your choice on the back of each mirror. Use nail polish, or a paint that will not easily come off. Don't use black marker because it has a tendency to bleed, even with varnish over it.

apotropaic interlocking Vs
Interlocking Vs

At one time popularly employed as a protection symbol, the interlocking Vs motif goes largely unused nowadays. Its precise meaning is not certain, but one theory is that it refers to Mary--the Virgin of Virgins. Shown are 2 versions. The Virgin Mary, by the way, is a reflection of Babalon. Image copyright is this author's own. 

Imbuing the Mirrors

This is a good time to burn dragon's blood incense if you have any, as it boosts energies. From here forth is where the mirrors will develop much of their protective strength and programming, and a boost won't hurt a bit. Step 4) Take the protection sigil you created, wrap the mirrors carefully together in cloth, and in with them, wrap the protection sigil. Lay your hands on the cloth and focus your intent upon it. In your mind, imagine the protection sigil as a burning pentagram (the pentagram is strongly apotropaic), see it grow large and strong. See the fiery pentagram break down into minute particles and watch it flow into the mirrors. Conclude the visualization exercise by saying "as by my intent, so it is done."

Step 5) Next, burn a white candle beside the mirrors, and burn the protection sigil the mirrors were wrapped beside as you do so. Burn the candle and sigil with the intent of initiating the powers of your protection ward. Allow the candle to burn completely. Acknowledge closure of the candle's burning in whichever way you do. Recommended: say "as by my intent, so it is done."

The mirrors are now ready to hang; one in each corner of your home. 



Step 6) Activate the ward from the outside of your home, for it is from the outside that most harm would be expected to come. Protection performed from the outside perimeter of your home is inclusive of the inside; but if you do the activation from the inside, it won't include the outside. 

Create a chant; here's an example: 

"Me and mine, protected in all ways,  

Benevolent energies thrive here.

Me and mine throughout time,

Are safe and harmonious here.  


Step 6 continued) Take the linking sigil you made, outside. Chant either what you wrote or what is written above, as you circle the exterior of your home. When you get to the first outside corner of your home that corresponds to an inner corner where a ward mirror is, touch the linking symbol to the wall to connect energies with that mirror. Touch the linking symbol with your other hand to pick up those energies, of course with intent to do that. Then draw a small, invisible clockwise spiral with your finger on the exterior wall there; it's an activation symbol. 

Once you have worked that first corner, by intent carry the energies now associated with your hand, on to the next corner and repeat the process. Link all four corners, and you are concluded when you repeat the corner you began with. You must repeat the first corner to ensure absolute closure of the circumference of your ward. 

When you have completed the process, state "as by my intent, so it is done."

That's all there is to it, the warding spell is now completed.


About Mirrors in Magick

Mirrors have long been used in magick rites for banishing work and returning hexes to sender. Such tasks are not their only value within occult practices though; they also serve well for divination, and communing with deities & demons light and dark.

 How to Recharge

The recharging process for this spell is very simple. Take the mirrors and set them out under either sunlight or moonlight for an hour. When you rehang them, reapply the activation symbol. That's it. Re-hang the mirrors and you are good to go. The recharging rite should be performed approximately once per month. Try not go get lazy on this, as you and yours will benefit from the advantages of keeping on top. 

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