Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Eelskin, or Rather, Pacific Hagfish Skin, in Magick

Pacific hagfish. Source, keralapool.com

All Natural Things Have Magickal Properties

Many natural substances are not traditionally used in magickal practices, even though all of them have magickal properties. In the coming months, we will examine various uncommon-to-magick natural products that are likely to prove helpful. We begin today by considering the magickal and natural attributes of eelskin (eel skin). I’d probably not have considered its applications in magick, but a friend asked if it could assist them in that sense, in any way. At the time its properties were unknown to me; hence, I meditated. The magickal attributes shared within this post are the fruits of that session and subsequent ones. 

Eelskin Doesn't Come From Eels

Eelskin, believe it or not, does not come from eels but rather, from the Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii), also known as the California hagfish. This fish can produce a lot of slime in order to protect itself from predators. It has loose skin, which protects it further. The smothering quality of its slime is hard even on itself. To remove its slime, the Pacific hagfish ties itself into a knot, that is drawn across its body. Sometimes it uses its knot-tying ability to tear meat apart. Most often it eats though, by boring into dead or dying sea creatures, and it sucks out tissue and fluids as its meals.

The Pacific Hagfish Is an Eel and Is Not One

Though the Pacific hagfish is often referred to as a slime eel, it isn't an eel; yet Spirit tells me that it does relate to the eel’s magickal attributes. Hence, we have a sea creature that is an eel and is not one at the same time. 

A Mystical Word Associated With Deity Names 

One of the more interesting things about this fish concerns the nature of its name. Eel--it doesn’t seem so mysterious or mystical, yet it is.  Consider for a moment, that some of the languages it translates into, write it as áll (Icelandic), aal (Dutch, German), and iel (Frysk). The first translation, áll, brings to mind the deity Pan, and also a source deity, or perhaps source unity--'the All.' Then, aal brings to mind the deity name 'Al,' as well as Baal. As for iel, it is one suffix of the Elohim. 

In Indo-European German, eel was ēlaz. This word brings to mind Azazel as God. As I wrote that, Spirit gave me an affirmative chill down my spine. I am not going to stop and meditate to extract more information now, but common sense would dictate that Spirit is saying that in but one context: God is a dual aspected being of which half is Azazel, who in some way identifies with the Pacific hagfish or eels. 

Some Arcane Knowledge Must Remain Arcane

In ancient Greek, the word for eel was egkhelys. Egyn is in there. Egyn is another name for Azazel. At this point I must stop. Some information must be left for magicians to discover for themselves. Spirit is revealing a significant amount of information embedded within the name of this one creature. It seems unfair to the studied amongst us to throw it out whole into the public. I will say though, that the names Enki and Apophis, and the words lizard and serpent, also relate to the word eel.

 Eelskin Magickal Properties

  • Abyssal magick. 
  • Replication energies. 
  • Protection magick. 
  • Prevention magick. 
  • To amp ritual energies, but especially for nocturnal and necromantic rites. 
  • To relegate problems (or anything) to a past tense.
  • For reversing spells, and returning and breaking hexes. 
  • Magick relating to deception, artifice, and or concealment. 
  • Having someone lose interest in you and or your activities. 
  • To make yourself inaccessible or hidden.
  • Exposing uknderhanded activity. 
  • Retributional magick. 
  • Mobilizing and directing energies. 
  • Breaking down unwanted energies. 
  • Breaking down confines and breaking through constraints.
  • Drawing any energy or attributes you desire, to you. 
  • To remove people as obstacles, from your path. 
  • Magick involving water.
  • Destruction, deconstruction. 
  • Clearing a space around you, in whichever context you need to. 
  • Heightening communications with entities. 
  • Eelskin is of benefit in all high magick rites and all occult and arcane activity. 

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