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Why Does Magick Fail? Common Causes and Solutions

 Magick; Credit: Halanna Halila, via Unsplash

by Amethyst Black 

Failures in magick are not rare. This does not necessarily mean that each magician faces failure on an ongoing basis. However, looking at it this way—if everyone was experiencing the height of success all of the time, magicians would all be driving Lamborghinis and would not need to work at all. Furthermore, governments would not be corrupt, as that would have been addressed as well. Part of the reason magicians are not all driving Lamborghinis, is probably tied up in their beliefs. Beliefs relative to what can and cannot be achieved through magick. The point is, that perhaps many are not rich because they hesitate to even try spellcasting for riches (prime fodder for a future blog topic, right there).

In the case of some magicians, once a spell fails, it’s failed. Hands are wiped; end of story. Not every magician takes such an approach; but upon looking around one would assume it to be fairly common. This post is to remind people that failures in magick have causes, and that more often than not, causes can be resolved.

Not every potential cause for failure in magick is listed here. Enough are listed though, to get some “mental wheels” rolling—to get us to pay more attention to what we want to achieve and how to go about achieving it. 

A List of Potential Causes for Failure in Magick: 

New Magician Syndrome: A magician, before they've developed sufficient power, is likely to experience a slower progression towards success than a seasoned magician would. The delay may be misperceived as being failure. Time and experience will resolve this issue, as will recognizing it. 

Energy blockages: Electricity, certainly at times hinders, and for this, we can assume that radio frequencies, magnetic fields, microwaves, and other energy types, also interfere. The LBRP or a similar rite performed before a spell or other ritual, will prevent energies such as these from interfering. To clarify though, the LBRP only prevents energy interference as a rite is being conducted. Once a rite is concluded, the LBRP’s helpfulness ends. 

Luckily, there are multiple other remedies that can work for you when the LBRP will not. Energy clear your home and or temple often, and energy clear yourself often as well. In addition to energy clearing or instead of it, you can make some orgonite and keep it handy. Though I don’t like to urge people to buy orgonite, if you feel confident in purchasing it from a seller, go ahead. Do ask questions first, to determine what kind of an environment their product is made within. Keep a few pieces around your home. Well-made orgonite is a solid asset in energy management.

Another thing you can do to block non-serving energies of this type, is to create a ward against them. Warding is the most effective approach mentioned, but it's one that requires maintenance. A ward must be updated periodically. 

Sidenote: When some read the word orgonite, as its name sounds stone-like they assume it is a stone. It is, however, a man-made product. Its purpose is similar to that of the LBRP—it removes unwanted energies from your sacred space and other environments, and also from yourself. Unlike the LBRP, orgonite removes negativity by conversion rather than by banishing; also unlike the LBRP, its effectiveness is not short-lived. We won't go into why you should make your own rather than buy it; but I have written an article on that. You are invited to read it if you care to know more about orgonite.

I do not sell orgonite and will not recommend a specific seller. Remember, poorly made orgonite will more than likely not help, and may make matters worse. Orgonite is self-cleansing; but when processing large amounts of negative energy, it's wise to sit it beside shungite. Shungite assists it to clear more effectively. 

Ley lines: The energy veins of Mother Earth. Ley lines present a different type of problem in energy blockage. You will have a hard time resolving their interference on an ongoing basis. Ley lines can bear great influence on a building or any location, that may render it unsuitable for magick, working in, or living in, with no action taken. Hence if you have reason to believe that the ley of the land may be interfering with your magick or your life, the solutions to countering the problem are the same ones listed in the previous section. In the case of ley lines, a generous amount of orgonite should be placed.

How does one know when ley lines are problematic for them? There is no true way to know, but one should get an inkling when they’ve tried various methods to resolve energy issues, and no matter what, they keep returning. These will not be ordinary energy issues, as they will compound with existing energy problems and life problems, and will act magnetically to draw new ones.

Psychic or energy vampirism: No explanation is required for the damage these things can do. To resolve them, warding works, so does asking a demon from your pantheon to protect you. 

Malicious objects: Everyone loves a good garage sale. People buy junk or are given junk on an ongoing basis. People buy items on eBay, and have no idea who they belonged to previously. The point is, that there is no telling who or what an object has been exposed to. There are dark intents, there are intents that counter, there are energies that counter our respective wills and purposes. Absolutely anything imaginable on this earth, reduces to an energy that can easily be imprinted upon any object. Some objects are far harder than others to cleanse or to rectify the energy of.

The energy of such objects can be blocked by the LBRP in order to conduct a spell, or can be dealt with longer term by ward; but the best solution would be to get rid of any in your presence. Yours truly has seen the effects they have on people. If you don’t recharge a spell or ward soon enough, you will deal with the same potentially horrific energies once again. How do you get rid of them? Easily—throw them away. However, obviously, you first need to recognize them. Do so via meditation. If by meditation you discover one malicious object, do not immediately assume it to be the sole one. Conduct further meditations to be sure.

Cursed or negatively imprinted objects can rip your world apart. One can come into your hands in a form as innocent as a crystal. No matter which other approach you take in dealing with this, orgonite will help as well. To be clear, orgonite helps resolve all energy-substandard conditions. At the same time, if your energy issues are significant, don't expect one solitary piece to be the solution.


Hexes and curses: When people curse and hex, they often aim to disable the targeted individual in some way. A hex could pertain to health, mental status, finances, career, and love, and of course, one's success in magick. The solution is simple enough; again, put up a ward, or ask a demon or deity to protect you. For those preferring ongoing rituals, the LBRP performed three or four times a day will resolve curses, and also any other energy issues you are facing. The thing is, don't reach for the LBRP as a solution unless you know you are going to stick with it long term. 

Universal justice: This concept has arisen a fair bit in my writings up until now; however, we must briefly revisit it. Universal justice is not fixed and immobile; it is based upon the actions of the person subject to it. It could be described as looking, in a sense, like a dartboard. Absolute justice, is the dot in the center. All other locations on the board are reactive placements. Anywhere else that an action can land one on the board, creates a pull towards absolute justice. 

Hence, imagine for example, that a murderer kills a victim. Such an action would land him somewhere between the center of the board and the outer edge. With him experiencing guilt though, definitely more towards the outer edge. Then the next day he or she purposely saves someone from certain death. To their awareness, saving the person does not benefit the murderer; so they are doing it "just because." Assuming that they have no other justice issues outstanding, they will move rapidly towards being justice-centered. 

When one is justice-centered, all matters proceed unimpeded. When not justice-centered, certain energy frequencies arise relative to one's location on the symbolic dartboard. From within any given range of frequency, random events can and will manifest; there is no telling what they may be. Justice-centering can interfere with one’s magickal workings. Imagine a fork thrown into the gears of one's works out of seemingly nowhere. Unfortunately, there is no simple resolution for it. Mindfulness comes close, perhaps; but a person can't change their basic nature with ease.

Karma: This is a word that is spelt wrong. Its proper spelling is g-u-i-l-t. I'm joking, but it’s a serious joke as well. When a magician executes an act and feels that it was wrong, either in their conscious mind or subconsciously, it will draw justice to center, as previously explained.

Your beliefs: Aleister Crowley said that magick does not require the magician’s belief in it, to work. Though there is no magician who is 100% right on every-thing, he may've had a point. Yet he may have been wrong. The solution is, to do as you feel is right. If you perform magick believing it is not going to work, all the more power to you. Okay, that line was me joking. You see what’s being said though—this one is being put out there for your consideration. There is no solution, but really, people should believe in their magick. It's not to feed the magick, because that may or may not work, as discussed. Instead, believe in it to consolidate personal power, that brings magick to life. 

Actually, the aforementioned is somewhat of a conundrum. Who performs magick if they don't believe in it? It's hard to know; but at the same time, we know it happens.  

Your own actions: This may be best illustrated by an example. Let’s say that on one hand, a magician performs money drawing spells. On the other hand, though, they have a poverty mentality. When they shop, nothing but the cheapest goes in the cart. If there’s something they want, even if they can afford it, if it costs more than they care to pay they go without. As well when they visit, even on birthdays they don’t take gifts, or give the cheapest thing they can find. The universe will not support one in affluence when they KNOW that they are not affluent. This particular example describes how it works when a magician counters themselves financially, but there are many occupations wherein they can stand firmly in their own way. The solution is mindfulness, followed up by adjustment. 

Lessons from a demon: A demonolator walks into a bar. The demon says “why the failed magick?” … okay, I promise, no more jokes. However, regardless of how common or uncommon the phenomenon may be, it’s possible to draw a lesson from a demon, that may cause them to stunt your magick. What type of thing could cause this? Possibilities are endless. Insufficient offerings to fuel a spell, gravitating away from an agreement, betraying a pact, the magician requiring a certain lesson to be learnt, and so on. Again, there’s no specific solution but to be mindful.

Unsustained success: Do you think it’s possible for magick to be successful and unsuccessful at the same time? Guess what, it is. A magician can do a spell, but its success can be short-lived. Unsustained success may be due to insufficient offerings to fuel the magick, the wrong type of magick employed, or interference after a spell was cast. This is an example of why magickal journaling is so important. Everything should be recorded, so that when a failure occurs there is opportunity to analyze and discover why.

A wrong method of magick: High magick is more powerful than low magick. What the heck is high magick though? Its definition has a few elements. It is more complicated magick, rather than less. It involves more arcane elements, rather than less. Secondly, it involves work that aligns with your higher will—hence it is magick that serves you, rather than magick which does not. Understand though, that this does NOT mean that magick must be GOOD, or not be BAD. Some people have lessons in life, that we cannot fully comprehend. Some may have black sorcery align with their higher will. Some will not be able to comprehend this point, but that makes it no less true.

Consider as well, there are many things that increase the complexity of magick, including moon phases, astrological influences, sigils, assisting demons, and so on. The main point is, that the more intense the problem you are dealing with is, the more intense the magick targeting it should be. 

Not enough effort: This is simply another way of saying that magick conducted, was not “high” enough. Was enough done, or was it not? It all comes down to this.

Laziness in journaling: A caster repeats a spell which had previously succeeded, only to have it fail. Well, maybe their memory wasn’t quite good enough. If they’d have consulted their journal, perhaps the failure wouldn’t have occurred.

Laziness in approach: One method seemingly fails; no analysis and no further approach is taken. This entry was mentioned at the beginning of the piece, but now, with a comment added. This is the sort of attitude that bears negativity and lack of result. Though no insult is intended, people who take this approach should do themselves a favor and just quit working within occultism. 

Emotions: They are the most powerful fuel for magick, that exists. If one cannot effectively manage their emotions, there is no way to tell what all they could be dipping into. Again, mindfulness is key. This may seem like a minor point; however, the serious magician must learn not to emote but for in ways that serve. 

Asking for too much: Anyone in magick who believes we can ask for too much, shouldn’t be in magick, IMHO. At the same time, magick takes as long as it takes. One could logically assume therefore, that it takes longer to manifest a billion dollars than to manifest five. It seems that “asking too much,” reduces to being a matter of time, and logically, effort as well. 

Invoke often: This is not listed as being a cause for failure. Instead, it is a suggestion, because doing so heightens and evolves one's magickal power. That's why Crowley advised us to do it. The point of recommending it, is that through ongoing growth it will assist one to avoid failure.

"Magick abhors a vacuum": Donald Michael Kraig said this, and he was quoting Aristotle. He stated that if you banish something, for long term success you need to replace it with something else or you're in essence inviting failure. My interpretation of what he says is that if you remove anything from your life or environment, you create a void, aka vacuum. It pulls, which distorts. Kraig suggests that the created void hungers for that which was removed. To still its pull it must be filled with a replacement energy. It’s a worthy consideration indeed. 

And lastly;

One not understanding "the full definition of magick," as a problem: One casts a spell, then misses their cue. Which cue would that be? Crowley defined magick as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will." He meant that regardless of whether an action is taken by way of spell or by other means, it is a magickal event. Magick is in everything we say and do to move things forth in our own best interests. Ergo, a spell in instances, may simply present a ripe setting by which to take action by other means than mystical. The point is, that it should be kept in mind that spells themselves are not necessarily the final step to any magickal project; sometimes follow-up work is required.


Donald Michael Kraig's blog post at Llewellyn

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