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Attributes, Deities and Objects; Things Known to Heighten Energies in Occult Rites


Intensifying Magick; Adding Elements and Properties

by Amethyst Black

Virtually all occultists doing spells use amplification methods; every single one probably does--it's a matter of definition. The specific definition of 'amplification method' is hard to pin down, as all spells have means to propel them, to give them life as it were; and within the properties of whichever mechanism is used to propel a spell, may lie amplification. Hence within the definition of amplification methods, lie herbs, crystals, sigils, symbols, and other commonly used items and processes. Within this article it is the intent of the author to present ones that do not require one to learn into a new genre of magick to understand; so, basic ones. 

The idea behind this article is to present aspiring magicians with ideas additional to their own, that they may not have considered. The bulk of them are not new to the many, but sometimes it is something new beside something a person is totally comfortable and familiar with, that provides the most impact. The information is here for those who seek it. By the way, things directly attributed to Qabalistic spheres have been mentioned only in passing, otherwise they'd be mentioned twice. These concepts are not deeply explained, as thus is the nature of the very word occult. Need I say more....? We are going to begin with some very basic concepts, and move on from there. 

Sigils and Seals

Commonly seen as being different from each other, sigils and seals both descended from the same one Latin word--sigillum. Statues and effigies also were included within sigillum's meaning. It's commonly understood that sigils and seals work; but why do they? Because their energies link into whichever appropriate energy stream to fuel your magickal the process--a wide spanning link into the collective thought power of mankind and the mechanisms of the universe. Not random thoughts or random power, but specific thought power that in your mind you've already identified as necessary, and have applied purpose to through your intent. 


Though it's commonly understood how symbolism works, the full degree of its influence, in all likelihood remains underappreciated. In at least one genre of magick its value is relatively well regarded, as in my conjuring days and within that community, it was a commonly spoken of method of augmenting conjuration magick. However, across the board, it flies well under the radar as being a thing. 

When one looks at any methods of magickal augmentation, they should consider that there are degrees of motivation between low magick and high magick. Though high magick is commonly regarded as complex magick, what sometimes makes magick complex is the amount of effort that goes into it. Effort isn't always convoluted; sometimes it can be as simple as grabbing a statuette or a drawing, and adding it to your altar. Let's look at some common symbolism used in magick; a few, not too many, as this article has to end somewhere. The idea is to have people remember, that anything they add to their magick, increases its power and its connection to universal mechanisms. 

Skull: A skull is representative of communication. Though a skull generally encloses a brain, after death and degeneration, little remains that can be regarded as active. Hence it only represents energies relative to communications, yours going out and also those coming in. For this purpose the skull must resemble a human skull form. The thing is, some skull representations have no lower jaw. It is undesirable to use such a skull, as one cannot speak with no lower jaw. A skull with a fixed lower jaw works just fine; alternatively, a sketch of a skull will suffice. 

Skeleton: Have one on your altar when working magick relating to change, and also difficult change. One also symbolizes resistance, and therefore, breaking through said resistance. A skeleton also heightens magickal energies for reverting something to a state it used to be in. 

Keys: Access to secret knowledge, hidden places, and other dimensions.

Arrow: Speed

A sword: It's symbolic of action, but primarily of the mind. Hence a sword alone is of little power, unless the spell or rite you intend to work is relative entirely to the process of thought, requiring no further action. When further action than intellectual is required, augment with a symbol relative to fire and or physical action. Personally I'd add a pentacle and a lemniscate together, to the mix. A pentacle symbolizes the physical, hence the body, and the lemniscate is symbolic of movement, and incorporates harmony and balance into the mix. 


Most often used with the intent of energy filtration, incense is common to the sorcerer's altar. However, given that it embodies three of the four elements, its power applies in ways other than energy clearing. It symbolizes the physical world and all that is material, by its construction. It burns as fire, and hence embodies fire's attributes. It also smokes, and smoke carries the properties of air. For this, obviously it's an amplification method. Speaking of which, when giving offerings to deities it should be high on one's list, because of its very nature as described. What more perfect of an offering could you give? it's cheap, easily available, and also powerful. Why powerful? --as it has three main elements as its basis, by its nature it is a self standing triumvirate. Three is powerful in occult workings, triumvirates are extremely powerful, hence so is incense. 


Often magickal rites are performed at dark, due to the energies available then; and they require an ambient feel, but also we need to see. As well it's understood that white candles provide a basic level of energy filtration. Candles add oomph to any rite, given that they combine physical (the wax) and fire, with a tad bit of smoke. Naturally, an anointed candle is better than a plain candle. Though great as an offering, and in that sense as an amplifier to demonolatry, incense is more powerful in most contexts. This is just an observation, really, because more often than not both are present in any rite or spell. 

Some when working with spirits, like to keep water near by to filter energies, in the same way that most use incense and/or candles. Ideally they work together, side by side. The incense and candles for the power of three, and the water nearby as the otherwise missing fourth element, to add balance. 

Linking Sigil

We've already referenced sigils, but a linking sigil is different. There's no specific appearance one should have, by the way, it's a thing that a sorcerer creates for the purpose. The intent behind one is that it can link any energy, person or thing to any other energy, person or thing. Ergo when it comes to creating a collection, or perhaps a wall, of power, it's essential. 


The acting out of either the process or the end result of a working via effigy--it's a common thing in some lineages of magick, because it's known to work.

Astrological Attributions

Most effectively assigned to talismanic magick and magick influenced by astrological sigils in other ways, astrological attributes are a huge asset in magick. Aligning magick with astrology became popular from when the Picatrix was made widely known. How it works, is that the movement of celestial objects has significant bearing on what is most likely to happen on earth. A key point here which is not as well understood as it should be, is that without knowledge of astrology one will to some degree be impeded in demonolatry and working with deities in general. There is no deity or demon--angel too for that matter--in existence, that does not have an astrological attribution. 

the moon

Moon Phases

There are four typically used moon phases in magick, but there are actually eight for keener detail. They include the New Moon (new beginnings), Waxing Crescent (personal improvements and expansion), First Quarter (new romance, attracting what you want, bringing back that which was lost), Waxing Gibbous (idea for that which you've been working on but lack enough motivation to complete), Full Moon (most powerful moon phase for the most intense life issues and any issues that require maximum levels of power), Waning Gibbous (diminishing, removing, banishing), Third Quarter (eliminating or bypassing obstacles, and paving a smoother road forth), and Waning Crescent (serious banishings; removing habits, addictions and attachments). 

Planetary Time

Planetary time is chosen in a variety of ways. The two most common are: 1) select a deity to work with, and choose a planetary time by their planetary association. Or 2) select a celestial body, the energies of which best align with your working; and by that body, select the best time to begin your working by. The corresponding hour is selected by way of a planetary hours app.

Qabalistic Attributions

The Qabalah; the very plan of our universe, that outlines the logic by which its mechanisms work. Qabalistic attributions can be chosen in many ways, including by the deity assigned to a given sphere, the color, crystal, herb; and planetary association, and so on.

Tarot Cards

As tarot cards have elemental, Qabalistic, and astrological attributions, cards provide a boost to all spells and rites. Simply choose the Qabalistic sphere relative to your working, and select and apply the relative card. However, in instances there's another card that jumps out and screams, "choose me"; in such instances, go for it. For those unfamiliar with the spheres and their application, you can go by the meaning of a card as you know it.

The Assistance of a Demon, Angel, or Deity

The choice of deity or demon you make may and probably does, hold personal meaning to you. However, when deciding which deity to work with in matters of importance; note that each one has a planetary correspondence, which provides further energy alignment for your working when the entity is appropriately chosen. 

Offerings to Deities 

While many believe that the offerings they provide to deities are to please them; ultimately deities are universal mechanisms, and the offerings are fuel to energize them to better align with our intent. 


Though psionics magick (magick conducted through use of a radionics box) is fully capable of running alone, in a powerful and capable fashion, psionics can also amp other magick. No matter what the nature of your spell, you need to try this. Just set your box, or generator if you prefer to call it that, and let it run. If you prefer, you can link the radionics box spell to your primary spell by linking sigil, then they'll work hand in hand. 


It is commonly known and worked with, that the universe provides answers and insight to us when we meditate, due to a connection made with it. The connection, it is logical to assume, works not only through what can be observed, but also in what goes unseen. Eliminating obstacles, is one certain way to streamline, thereby amp, magick.

Servitors and Constructs

Anyone familiar with servitors and servitor tools (constructs) is fully aware of their value to any process, whether occult or other. If not aware of #AmazonAD: what a servitor is, as they are so useful, do yourself a favor and read up on them.


To find incantations you can reference the works of others, you can create your own, or you can channel them. The main thing is that they should be designed to project relevant energies.

(Fill in the Blank), Magick

Though on a blog carrying Google ads we cannot use a certain very short word that begins with S, surely you know which method of magick that Aleister Crowley was big on. That which propels it, stands as the singular most powerful method of magick amplification. It deserves a more in depth explanation; but it's not logical under the circumstances.

In Conclusion

That sums it up; that's the shortlist, that's not a particularly short list. Hopefully these compelling points, made you consider your magick--not just in how they apply to it, but in other ways also. Magick grows along with us, and sometimes it pays to simply poke around looking for ways to improve, right from the foundation up. 

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.



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