Saturday, July 18, 2020

When Demons Interfere, for Our Own Good

by Amethyst Black

At times various people who work with demons, or actually any entity type, have conveyed that they've encountered situations where an entity blocked them from their objective. I don't mean that in all cases they told me personally, though I've heard and read some recounts. But you know, like, someone may go online to purchase those $200.00+ Jimmy Choo shoes they've been salivating over for a while, and lose their Internet connection the very second they go to pay. To some, such things seem random, but the aware know that nothing is random.

The easily spooked are not so much drawn to working with entities, but sometimes they are. It is possible that someone could have a few of these events happen and not see what the reasoning behind them was, and give up on working with entities, assuming they are all tricksters or some such thing. So why might a spirit want to block someone from buying Jimmy Choo shoes? There could be any number of reasons... perhaps the blockee is someone with a big heart, and their aunt who is down on her luck can't pay her electricity bill and is about to be cut off and asks for assistance, and without that shoe money the person cannot afford to help out. Or maybe an old friend is going to call, and that's the money they'll need to go out and have a helluva good time, for a well needed recharge. It's easy to see how it works, and these don't seem to be rare events. What I've noticed is that when this happens to me, the blockage is usually in place long enough for me to entirely change my mind about buying.

Lucifer sigil
Lucifer sigil; public domain via Wikimedia Commons

About one month ago I had a surprise event of this nature. I was sending money to a friend, and as it was time to pay the weather went nuts; thunder and lightning came out of apparently nowhere and my Internet froze up completely. Due to the suddenness it was determined to be a spiritual event. I did get a message from Lucifer concerning what it was about. I'd been asking about the well being of that friend. I'd not asked for updates for a while and there was news--good news. Apparently this was one way to urge me to ask. My friend had been set up, ended up in prison, couldn't afford a lawyer, and the public lawyer didn't care at all about what he was up against. Through meditation I picked up that though his truth did not emerge during previous court sessions, the truth would arise; apparently it could only be suppressed for so long even though he himself was not speaking/acting out. While this particular message does not appear to require prudent money management, in fact it does; as I also picked up that though the truth would arise it would take a while for justice to prevail. I am his only living contact in the real world... I am his sole means of money--the few bucks a month that prevents prison life from being virtually unlivable. With the international monetary exchange and fees to send, the price is high to send it. This means I must prepare my budget according to this news.

Marbas sigil
Marbas sigil; public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Then just the other day something something similar happen... I have a project underway; in the very near future it is my intent to kick off a YouTube channel. There's an inaugural guest lined up, and  really want to get all the kinks worked out concerning interviewing them over Skype and recording the session. Well the first round of testing went fine, but there were more issues to be worked out. Come the second session however, my computer was unable to connect with my practice partner via either Skype or Google Hangouts. There was no reason for it, as nothing had changed. Two sessions we tried--over an hour and a half in total. We did not connect once during that time. Seems like a strange fluke; but how, when nothing had changed? I was overwhelmed with frustration at the time and had to be reminded by a friend to ask spirit what that was about. Marbas stepped forth; he showed me that due to that having arisen, new opportunities would present to me that would help streamline things within my newly chosen pursuit. So a change of timeline would change everything to open up more optimally, as it were. Who'd have thunk it?

Anyway, as our age of spirit progresses, it's becoming easier to see how these simple mechanisms assist us when we are attuned to them and actually allow them to assist. Maybe there's no profound wisdom offered within this post, but then again, for some who are unsure of their own experiences, maybe there is. If you have a similar story to share, please offer it via comments.

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