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Dandelions in Magick and Healing

Dandelion; image from Wikimedia Commons CC by S-A 3.0. Author Greg Hume.

Herb name: Dandelion. Other names are sun in the grass, fairy clock, priest's crown, lion's tooth, swine's snout, fortune teller, devil's milkpail, and wild endive
Family name: Asteraceae
Scientific name: Taraxacum officinale
Etymology: From French, 'dent de lion'
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Planetary: The Sun
Zodiacal: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
Deities/entities: Ra, Sorath, Apollo, Sekhmet, Surya

Dandelions in Magick

The name 'dandelion,' is from French, dent de lion, meaning lion's tooth. The term refers to the coarse and tooth-like edge of mature leaves. Dandelions appear to each be singular flowers, but they are actually comprised of a number of small flowers, clustered together within the structure of each head. For this, their presence supports the spirit of unity, magick targeting teams and groupings, and getting many elements to flow together seamlessly; they are also ideal for any magick targeting an organization.

The dandelion, given both its appearance (looking just like the sun), and its name, is all about leonine and masculine energies and powers. The plant reproduces asexually, with no pollination necessary; for this, an offspring plant is genetically identical to its parent. Hence in working magick to duplicate or clone previous success, or to reproduce a work that another has done, burn some along with appropriate other loose herbs or incense. For this purpose--simple duplication, lavender and thyme are effective accompanying choices, but for many replications, sage, cloves, and nutmeg work. Don't automatically add to dandelion, as it's effective burnt alone. Other herbs may be added if you feel you need a more pleasant fragrance, or to combine further properties contained by other herbs. When training a new co-worker, use some dandelion in your magick to have them more intuitively mimic your working methodology--add lavender here, and you'll get along famously with them.

For those of us who take great pride in our lawns, we know all too well how the dandelion reproduces abundantly. In magick, to increase crop yields, or if you are working on bettering your financial situation, this is where those otherwise pesky dandelions can help for a change. They are also valuable of an asset in fertility magick. Also, oftentimes we do a working that requires magick to travel far; it may be healing magick, perhaps a distance binding for a conjuration, or baneful magick--literally anything. Usually we don't give second thought to the distance a spell travels; however, dandelion helps strengthen magick travelling over great distance. Handy to remember, huh?

Each summer, one thing we can count on is for dandelions to make their appearance. For this reason, one of their powers is to amplify the staying power of magick and spells. Additionally, we all have something we'd love to do--that special wish or dream that's close to our heart. When it's time to move forth in pursuing that dream, a dried dandelion head full of seeds, blow on it and make a wish; then break up the stem and burn it on a tray, with cinnamon and/or cloves, and a sigil you've made for your wish.

When using Hot Foot powder, add some powdered dandelion to the mix. What it will do is send the person farther away; you can't argue with that. Also, what happens when you stare at the sun? ... that's right, you cannot see. Hence dandelion supports stealth and invisibility magick. Add some to your mojo/gris-gris back, to support its purpose, when appropriate.

In Goetic magick by the way, this flower is known to be a suitable offering to the Goetic spirit, Dantalion.

Other Applications for Dandelions in Magick:

  • Whether relative to the body's workings or to the magickal work you are doing: heightens strength, vigour, stamina, and energy of all kinds.
  • For protection magick.
  • While the lion is symbolic of a powerful king and royalty, it is also symbolic of the most powerful Goddess, the Great Mother. For this, as an offering is is a sign of great respect, no matter which deity it is offered to. 
  • Victory in war or battles.
  • Lions are symbolic of pride, hence use it when you are working on something you'd really like to bowl the bosses or your family over with a marvelous achievement on.
  • In higher learning.
  • Nocturnal magick, or an offering to a nocturnal entity.
  • Undying.
  • Speed.
  • In dealing with a worthy adversary.
  • Authority and career advancement.
  • To stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Wisdom.
  • Infant health and recovery.
  • In a situation where someone is likely to take a fall, to prepare a soft landing.
  • To heighten psychic awareness.
  • Seeing magick.
  • Eyesight health magick
  • In visualization magick.
  • In glamour magick/enhancing youthfulness/agelessness.

In Healing Magick

Disclaimer: the following information is not to be taken as medical advice. In all cases when a medical condition is present, we recommend professional advice be followed.

Whether one is consuming dandelions as food, making a tea, or burning them to amp magick, they are a boon in healing. Dandelions are entirely edible from root to top; however, ensure that they are from land that has not had weed killer or insecticide applied to it for at least two years.

Dandelion Tea

The greatest power of this plant, is as a detoxifier; the whole plant is useful, and don't forget, much power is in the root. Tea made from dandelion plant--including the root, can be used as a diuretic, to speed up metabolism, and to enhance proper flow of bile. It can be used in liver cleansing and in general liver health; also, to alleviate inflammation, and to reduce pain. Additionally, it assists in cleansing the blood of toxins, alleviating stomach ache, and reducing bacterial growth. It is known to reduce body levels of candida albicans, as well as yeast and fungus in all forms; and it assists with gall stones and urinary stones.

With long term use, it helps reduce predisposition towards hypoglycemia; it also assists with cardiac edema, general edema, blood pressure reduction, rheumatism and gout, eye health, and boosts breast milk production. Furthermore, dandelion can be used as a laxative, and is rich in beta carotene and potassium; it is said that it is an anti carcinogenic, alleviates anemia, and that it boosts the immune system as well.

When made into a cream or salve, may be used to heal various skin conditions, including acne, to protect against the effects of UV rays on the skin (but is not a sunscreen), reduces skin irritation and inflammation, enhances collagen protein production, increases hydration; and assists in alleviating rosacea as well as eczema.

As an antioxidant, it is an anti-aging serum; and once wrinkles already exist, can be used to reduce them. As you see, as a detoxifier it allows the skin to heal itself from innumerable conditions.

Dandelion Milk

May be used in wart removal, reduces age spots, and assists in the healing of scars.

References for the healing properties of dandelion, and also for recommended reading:

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