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Lucifer and Satan, Some of the Differences Between

Lucifer: Image by Luc Viatour, via Wikimedia Commons (by CC 3.0)

Their Differences

by Amethyst Black

I could not find time to produce a list to contain every known difference between the two (Lucifer and Satan), nor could one person be aware of every difference. With that said, I'll stick to the most necessary observations.

First off, outside of demonolatry, occultism, and magick, Lucifer and Satan are often seen as the Devil; this as religion influenced that view. Not all accept it, and some dispute whether or not the term Lucifer in the bible even referred to an actual entity. However, as spiritual and astral matters work, that it was ever believed that it was an entity, whether it was originally one or not, that thought manifests that entity. In other words, even if the term lucifer with a lower case l does not name a specific entity, and even if he did not exist then, Lucifer still exists because people believe he did based upon that writing. Although said writing alone would do it, so have other writings from that point on.

Is Lucifer Satan? No, but he can be, and he is to some. Hence it can be summarized as that at some point Lucifer's stream overlaps with Satan's. Lucifer can become Satan, and though I haven't yet seen it, I suspect Satan can become Lucifer as well.

On a sidenote: for me, once I became fully familiar with both, Lucifer absorbed Satan. This suggests that Lucifer is more powerful than Satan, but alternatively it could mean that I was more attuned to Lucifer, or that he was more appropriate to my journey. He actually suggested that to me from that point on, he and Satan were to be as one to me. It is a symbolic statement, because it's rather obvious that they are not as one. What did I take from that? that my lessons from Satan had concluded. 

I keep referring to Lucifer as a he, but Lucifer is genderless, and sometimes appears to me as female. Lucifer can be light haired or dark, pale skinned or darker. I can't say if this happens for others, but half the time I work with him he shows as Horus, or at some point morphs into Horus. Lucifer tells me that in fact his female side has a name--Aphrodite. That no doubt will shock some; but at any rate, Aphrodite and Lucifer are one and the same.

Lucifer is believed by most to reside at Netzach, and that's true. But in various contexts he can also be found at Chokmah, and Yesod. He/she has become the beloved of many within our age, and holds prominence within the hearts and pantheons, and at the altars of many demonolators and occultists. They are regarded for their fatherliness, nobility, maternal nature as well, and wisdom; and when called for, even a tough love approach. This one does not support slouches, but does understand when one is in a pickle and stuck. He will show you ways you may not have otherwise considered, to get unstuck. It appears that when female, Lucifer 'adopts' those with no living mother figure.

Satan is another matter entirely. He can have virtually any appearance, and his stream contains much, because the beliefs and concepts surrounding him are huge. So while each of the things I will mention do not concern him to each and every person, they do each exist within his stream.

Satan in the form of Baphomet
Satan as Baphomet

Concepts relative to Satan:
  • He is a deity.
  • He is not an entity, but rather, a symbolic representation of the power we each hold (a view relative to non theistic Satanism).
  • He is the dark energy side of God.
  • He is the judgmental side of God.
  • Though traditionally viewed as male, he is in fact androgynous, and as Baphomet he depicts that best. More on Baphomet: many see Baphomet as a devil figure, but he was actually depicted as being the ultimate sign of balance. 
  • Satan is believed by some to be a tempter.
  • Some believe him to be an adversary... this is the actual title of Satan's office (The Adversary). Hence in ways it is true. However, it is up to the individual to interpret what it means. I see it as being when a person has adversarial matters to deal with, he's a go to demon. For me now Lucifer will come (obviously), but others can deal with Satan directly.
  • Satan is another face of the Egyptian Deity, Set.
  • Satan is a Shaitan djinn.
  • He is a duel aspected being, blending Samael and Lilith (yet to others he is Samael, and to others yet, has nothing to do with Samael).
  • He is believed by some to revel in being given gifts of a dark and grotesque nature, such as offerings of the blood of sacrificed children, or doing 'ungodly acts' in his name. But see, he's regarded as the Devil, so misled people will gravitate towards him due to that. Sigh. Because it's within his stream does not mean that it's what he's about. You can block all that out by simply seeing who he truly wills to be when you accept him for what he is. For the many he is then a benevolent father figure. So then, Satan reflects us, no matter how light or dark we are.
  • Another theory: he is out to destroy our world, and/or universe.
  • He is relative to the Sphere of Thaumiel, and resides there besides Moloch... which is another being he can appear as, by the way. 
  • He is relative to Saturn.

Crowley (paraphrased) said that there is no Devil, and that the concept of him was born out of a confused and 'Black Brother' look at things (a Black Brother is someone who fails to cross the Abyss and ends up with distorted views, of self as God). He also suggested that the Devil was in fact the offspring of the Beast and Babalon, and in that, was their magickal child.

On a closing note--I still remember the first time I called upon father Satan. I was cautioned by many not to do it, because fears within society are deeply ingrained. But there's an old saying--that if something scares you it's probably good for you. Hence despite the many nay sayers, I went ahead and jumped right in before I'd even released the fear. Before I actually did it I kept imagining red eyes--the ones that so many describe that had them nearly jump out of their skin (when they saw him and had not wanted to); that terrified me. So I asked him to be understanding and let him know that I was prepared to be open with him. Man, am I glad I did it... it was a great leg of my journey. For the while I worked directly with him, before Lucifer removed him from my journey, he was the noble and benevolent father that Lucifer has since become.

What the Two Would Like You to Know

They stand apart from the bible, and would like people to know them in a non biblical sense, by their truest of natures.

Though there is definitely more that could be said on this topic, some things need to remain saved for an upcoming article. Hence, that's all for now, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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