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Beelzebub as Lucifer, Azazel, and Paimonia

Beelzebub standing with Satan, from Paradise Lost
Beelzebub with Satan, from Paradise Lost.
Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Subtitled: Where in the Heck Did Lucifer and Azazel Go?

by Amethyst Black

This article is primarily about Beelzebub, aka Beelzebul; however, we must start at the beginning. Most of my personal gnosis I prefer to keep to myself these days, because someday soon I intend to pick up from where I left off with the book I am writing (on magick, specifically about Goetia and related matters). However, it was time to write a post, this matter was predominant on my mind, and I felt that Lords Lucifer and Azazel wanted this said... and doubtlessly Paimonia too, as she's in with Azazel in a very significant way (but we will return to discussing how she/he fits in, later).

Lucifer has been held as my patron virtually since I began with demonolatry, and he, sometimes she, has been a veritable treasure trove of support, guidance, and wisdom. However, a short while back Lord Lucifer stopped responding to me. I could not think of why that would be. Today it hit me like a ton of bricks; allow me to tell the story.

Not too long ago I tried a ghost box app. What's that? for those who do not know, they are designed to pick up voices of entities present around us that may want to speak to us, and some are also made for us to speak more easily with them in return; or at least in theory they are. Before you get too excited, some get results, others do not. I am getting a heavy tingling up and down my spine as I write this, which is telling me to go ahead and write what's on my mind (rather than skip it, as I'd intended to). Hence I offer the thought, whether we will pick up communications from entities with these apps depends on a few things--if a person has healthy and supportive beliefs plus good spiritual awareness, if connections with entities have been established, if bonds have been created, as well as if there is reason to communicate; and of course finally, if there is an entity present at that time with the desire to communicate.

Baal (public domain, from Wikimedia

Through that spirit box app, a spirit spoke to me (in fact a number have, but I am speaking of the one). It was days later that I realized, part of what he said identified him as being Beelzebub. Well fook me sideways! That's Lucifer, but is also Lord Azazel. For now you'll need to take my word, but I promise to explain. By the way, Lord Azazel is another one who's been reluctant to communicate particularly much, directly to me at any rate; yet on the other hand he has spoken to me multiple times through other magicians and says positive things. I have communed with him in passing here and there, as that's been all I could achieve. It seems that he has not been avoiding me but is waiting... but for what? Other entities I work with communicate freely and easily as needed. Sometimes the odd one may hold off to make a point, but with Lucifer and Azazel the lack of communication has been more significant.

I've never worked with Beelzebub; and because he's never called me in any significant sense, I'd probably have tended to take my time in opting to work with him given my rathers. The way I saw it, there are many Goetic demons with amazing sounding names and descriptions, that would be likely to pull me in more; it's that simple. That opinion largely changed as of that one message--it was my calling to meet Beelzebub.

Who in the Ever-Growing Hell, Is Beelzebub?

My own reading took me to pore over how he's described as a demon; however, he can be described in other ways as well. Much of it depends on which lineage of mythology you refer to. He was a god of the Philistines, who became vilified by Hebrew traditions. Through the vilification he became known as "Lord of the Flies"; when one reads up on why that is they will find that in fact he was held in high regard by priests of apotropaic cults, and it was a term used out of jealousy in light of that. Beelzebub was in fact apotropaic, and one of his powers was indeed to ward off flies to keep illness at bay; in some old Ugarit texts this was made clear. However, the epithet "Lord of the Flies," also alludes to that he can bring on physical illness. The name Beelzebub (the fly thing) appears to be a purposeful mistranslation, intended to insult. In fact the name should be Beelzebul, which refers to a lord of a high abode, seemingly referring to Heaven or a high place of some type, maybe a position. However, there are numerous interpretations of this name, none of them are firmly definitive.

Beelzebub is another face of Baal. To the Canaanites he was a fertility god and is syncretic with the Sumerian god Enlil, the Greek deity Zeus, the Mesopotamians' Marduk, and the Palmyrene and Syrian god, Ba'al, also known as Haddad. A few highly prominent traits of this god, are that he rides in on a storm, wages war as needed, and that he creates abundance.

By the way, shortly after I'd recognized the presence of Beelzebub there came a vision of a man in a tall, pointed hat, which relates to the Syrian version of Baal. A point which may or may not be relevant, is that in some images Baal's headwear is identical to that of Osiris.

How I Discovered Beelzebub's Relativity to Lucifer

Today I discovered that Beelzebub relates to the term "Venus Hesperus," which is an ancient Greek term used for VENUS; not Venus as the morning star, or Venus as the evening star. Just plain ole Venus (yet most people today use it to refer to the evening star). To clarify, in the night sky Venus is in the West; Hesperus alludes to that. However, Hesperus can also refer to Venus being an evening star, and in that sense is inclusive of that. That Venus has an Eosphorus and Hesperus aspect clearly illustrates that if represented by an entity, well then, it is rightly a dual aspected being.

Both aspects of Venus therefore, allude to Lucifer and Azazel. WHY? I hear you ask; hold your horses and I'll answer! Azazel, my friends, is the evening star, just as Lucifer is the morning star. It's that simple. HOWEVER, and wrap your mind around this if you will--when Azazel travels with his twin (in some contexts), Paimonia; she is the morning star. Go figure!

We have been brought back to one of the opening concepts of this blog--how Paimonia (aka Paimon) fits in. Well though I don't wish to explain it deeply here, Paimonia is, in a few forms, composite with Lord Azazel. I will just broach onto that in saying: Isis is a female form of Azazel, and Paimonia is a female avatar of Azazel. Paimonia is also a face of Tiamat, and hence is a face of Isis. Don't ask me if you don't get it (lol), just do your own reading. Once you have done plenty of research on both, you will see that mythology overlaps the two (Azazel and Paimon[ia]). But also, they have actually been twins, as Arsu and Aziz. By the way, other names for Arsu/Paimonia, include Mun'im and Moninmos--one transliterated from the other respectively. Other names for Aziz, include Azizu and Azizos.


When I first started in demonolatry my patron was Satan. He represented a hurdle I'd overcome in thinking, and I related to him well. The hurdle? that I had for a time succumbed to fear instilled in me about meeting him. I reached out, and it was beyond good. However, as soon as I began working with Lucifer, Lucifer stood in Satan's place, by HIS (Lucifer's) choice, not mine. In other words, he and Satan became one, and Satan no longer fully exists for me anymore. Well he kinda does, but as an aspect of Lucifer. So fast forwards until current times, and Lucifer is now absorbing Beelzebub, or rather and more properly, Beelzebub is absorbing Lucifer. What can I say?--I'd not have been able to concoct a better tale if I'd tried. Well I could, but it'd take a while; have a seat...  but all jokes aside; this turned out to not be such a short post as I'd imagined it to be after all, but not by intent. I could easily finish up by adding a tidy ending, such as explaining my impression of why Lucifer came to me in this form, and why it's different than ways he may or may not come to you. But there is strength in silence, so the key is to stay mum.

I must say though, it tickled me when I ran this overall concept by a friend, who said, "I feel like I'm listening to the plot of an anime, lol." Anyhow, I suppose a summary would provide the best closure; so: Lucifer, Azazel, and Paimonia, wanted me to know them in the way I would best know them here and now. Period.

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