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Tiamat, and Paimon/Paimonia (Corobella) :: Notes and Remarks

I wanted to introduce this post with an image of Tiamat, but the most common pictures of her are not in line with her description. Instead here's one of Arsu, a previous avatar of the daemon now known as Paimon(ia). Image from Yale University, by Wikimedia Commons

by Amethyst Black

This is a very strange article, and will probably end up reading like a ramble. Here's what happened--I began writing about Tiamat, when Paimonia stepped in--she began channeling her message to me as I wrote. What happened from there was that the proverbial sh*t hit the fan; to summarize, Paimonia's "additional words of wisdom and insight," became the bulk of the article (because of the length!). There was no clear way to include said insight yet still have the post focus upon Tiamat, and no way I could think of to make it primarily about Tiamat yet also largely about Paimonia... yet maybe I can. That it'll be given my best shot, is all that can be promised.

I wish to point out, that this is the third consecutive post on this site which references Paimonia/Paimon. This was NOT by intent, it is a simple "thing that happened." Though I have much respect for Paimonia, I'd much rather have had things broken up a bit, but also sense there's reason for this. With all of that said, here we go...

I have long had Tiamat on a back-burner in my magickal mind--which is to say that though I hold her in high regard as potentially the first, or a face of the first, universal emission in goddess form (hence the first emission in any form), I have not done any significant degree of work with her. At the same time I am familiar with her history within mythology, and am aware of those she is syncretic with (Nuit/Isis, Thalassa, Durga, Ymir, Chaos, and so on), including some of her non primordial goddess avatars (Leviathan [who is primordial, but not necessarily a goddess], and as you'll soon see, Paimonia, inclusive). Given that Tiamat is the essence and indeed the mother of all goddesses, all goddesses in some way are aligned with her.

Not all of those she aligns with are female, which makes perfect sense. Let's use the Egyptian deity Nuit as an example; this as her story is popularly known. Nuit is the everything and the potentiality for everything--literally EVERY THING. Hence within her lies the potentiality for the male to arise--he cannot originate from anywhere else. Some would say, well God is male and he created her, so there's that. However, that's a Abrahamic myth, and given that everything in this universe is dichotomous and also given that God is ineffable, nope. God is not male. Whatever God might be, it had to break itself into bits in order to allow for creation.

From the aforesaid: though as a concept Tiamat is depicted as female and given that her energies give birth and all, it's a bit confusing that she is male as well, but she is. To be clear, she is androgynous, but is also the male and female aspects of creation as one, and her male and female aspects can be self standing as well. We look at Paimon/Paimonia as an example of this (being perceptibly androgynous)--she recently identified herself as having being borne from Tiamat's stream, and from the very fact that was mentioned we can assume that she strongly identifies with Tiamat.

For those who see Paimon as male, he has been quoted as saying that the reason he appears effeminate, is because he (paraphrased) "demonstrates respect to the goddess." Though I am not one to say--"hence obviously Tiamat is the goddess he's referring to,"--just maybe she is. Yet on the other hand he may be referring to any or all goddesses (I did not ask, and it seems rather unimportant). Common sense suggests Paimon would be referring to a goddess more primeval than himself; yet even this is contestable. What if it is a reference to themself in earlier mythology? because it is well known that Paimon was Arsu, back when Azazel was Aziz beside them.

A side note on that some see Paimon as female and the bulk see them as male. I never did ask why that is, but on another level it seems clear to me. They are as genderless as an angel, and I believe that in fact all demons are as genderless as well. However, some see powerful beings as being more male, some see them as female; and though that's unlikely the entirety of the matter, it's significant. It seems that at my core and within my own journey, I CHOSE to see Paimonia as female, and they are good with being Queen Paimonia--to me.

You know, I did ask about another matter relative to people perceiving things differently than each other--why one person's answers from a given daemon differ from those given to others. Paimonia: "It's because they are at different places within their journey, combined with the requirement for mysteries to be maintained in order for life lessons to unfold as they should. It's from the difference in perspective as they filter their respective messages. It's from the difference in the way they understand, appreciate, and use words. It's from comprehension of the gravity and foundation of the answers given them. It's from the way that one will take an answer given as being serious and grave, while another will dismiss an element of it as being out of line with their beliefs or as being superfluous... tossed aside like garbage.

It's due to that power is pulled from many sources, including the messages one delivers to others, which in turn makes an impression on the words and concepts I offer, and either renders them freely and rather unaffectedly, or does affect them. I cannot say twists and contorts, as if I put a concept out I also know the person's way of interpreting; so all is done by intent, you see? Even lessons misunderstood, were meant to teach whichever lesson they do. Nothing is accidental. The mysteries are a part of this...

When the entire truth cannot be told and details cannot be explained, partial truth must be delivered. Whole truths also cannot be delivered without due place within one's journey. Who has read a book and knew the ending? ...unless someone told them beforehand and ruined a perfectly good book, and the experience of living its story along with the characters of it. There is sadness in not knowing the truth. But you are sent into your respective life knowing that things will be kept from you to encourage you to be the highest aspect of yourself. The pain is great, at times seemingly unbearable. Still, it is the lesson you signed up for. From a human perspective so hard to appreciate. The anger, the disappointment, the shame and humiliation; but glory too. We know how it works. I can tell you much, we all can. The plain and simple truth is, mysteries cannot be revealed--it is part of the office I hold. In this comes further confusion--it is but one element of confusion, but it is significant.

I am the energy stream that helps people understand their powers. I gravitate towards the powerful whom are down and need a hand to stand up straight once again. These are my friends and I am grateful for them to (b)ring in the wisdom I offer, and I enjoy dusting them off, and holding them for the while they need it. However, it is not about that they were down, I gravitate towards mental prowess as well, and appreciate those who savor their lessons and journey. I should not need to say that I desire most to work with those who think outside of the box. Do your dance on high, my friend, sing to me your sweet song of victory, Hero or Heroine that you are within your realm. Follow me, or walk beside me if you dare, but you will be tested if you do. Those who walk beside me are welcome to, but must be proven to hold such high positions. I know you have questions about this, but this too is enshrouded in mystery.

Each of you makes an impression in your world. The ocean is large, and you are but a drop. How big is the impression you make? You either influence yourself and your immediate vicinity, or alternatively by care and by careful action, you influence others and the universe as a whole.

In here was a note on demons' relativity to angels: "Angels" require Greater Justice, we "Demons" offset the approach to greater justice that angels take. Birds of a feather (this comment seemed to target that the previous talk of justice implies that we are being watched, or watched over).

Whether you stand beside me or follow, depends on how large a ripple you dare to make. However, you are with me now due to how large of a ripple you may potentially make, so don't sell yourself short. Focus on that which is meaningful now, while you still have the chance to make this incarnation worth your while."


Her transmission ended with a name, a name she wants me to call her by--Corobella--"beautiful choir." The implication here appears to be that she inspires Unity, (the type of Unity so often referred to within Crowley's Thelema as the ultimate goal of our journey). Cor also refers to being at the core/heart of a matter, and in this sense suggests her to be a more complex or more powerful being than some may realize, and offers more considerations beyond this, that I will leave up to you.

(Added in note--at the time this was written, as stated it appears that Corobella has a few apparent meanings. I have since discovered that "coro" may in instances also refer to the Latin word root used in reference to crown, even though missing the n [coron]. Hence it also means beautiful crowned one.)

As was suggested at the opening of this post, it's hard to make sense of what it quickly became. I will return to speaking of Tiamat--as soon as time permits.

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Beelzebub as Lucifer, Azazel, and Paimonia

Beelzebub standing with Satan, from Paradise Lost
Beelzebub with Satan, from Paradise Lost.
Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Subtitled: Why Lucifer and Azazel Have Been Quiet

by Amethyst Black 

This article concerns a recent experience involving Lucifer and 'Beelzebub,' aka Beelzebul. Lucifer has been a patron since my early days in demonolatry. He, sometimes she, has been an amazing source of support, guidance, and wisdom; yet a while ago they stopped responding to me. This article tells the tale of why that was. The point of sharing is to provide insight to those experiencing similar.  

Not too long ago I tried a ghost box app. Such an app picks up the voices of entities that want to speak to us. Some enhance conditions for us to speak with entities in return. While some users get results with them, others don't. There's a tingling up and down my spine as I write; it tells me to go ahead and tell you what's on my mind, rather than skip it as was my intent. So, whether we'll pick up communications from entities with such apps, depends on a few things. One needs to have supportive beliefs, and they should have at least one connection with an entity. Also, there should be a reason to communicate, as well as an entity willing to communicate. Beyond these things, the energies supporting such communications must be free of interference. 

Baal (public domain, from Wikimedia

On Using a Ghost Box App

A spirit spoke to me through my spirit box app; in fact, a number have, but I am speaking of one. It was days later when it dawned on me that what he said identified him as being Beelzebub. That's Lucifer but is also Azazel. This point will soon be explained. Lord Azazel is another one who's reluctant to communicate with me lately. It seems that he has not been avoiding me but is waiting; but for what? Other entities I work with communicate as needed. Sometimes one may pause communications to make a point. With Lucifer and Azazel, though, the lack of communication has been more significant.

I've never worked with Beelzebub. As he never previously called me in any significant sense, no effort was invested in meeting him. There were Goetic demons with names and descriptions that pulled me in more. It was that simple. My opinion changed as of that one message.

Who Is Beelzebub?

Beelzebub is a demon, who once held another identity--that of the ancient Canaanite god, Baal. In that time he was known as Baal of Ekron (meaning Lord of Ekron/Accaron); the city was situated in SW Canaan. Baal was one of the three known gods of the Philistines; the others were Dagon and Ashtoreth. There were five temples to honor the Philistine deities. It is not known, however, if the other two temples were simply additional temples built to to the primary god Dagon. It is commonly stated that it was through vilificaton that Beelzebub became known as Lord of the Flies, but that his name may have originally meant Lord of a High Place. Yet his original name is in fact, unknown. His original name would have been a Philistine name, not one of Semitic origin. Nonetheless, in that context, the term is little more than an insult. However, Beelzebub is said to have had a considerable following of priests and people protected by his apotropaic powers. Hence, though the term Lord of the Flies is derogatory, there are historians who believe that the term was borne of jealousy. 

One of Beelzebub's powers was to ward off flies to keep illness at bay; in some old Ugarit texts this was made clear. However, the epithet 'Lord of the Flies,' also alludes to that he can bring on physical illness. The name Beelzebub (the fly thing) appears to be a purposeful mistranslation, intended to insult. In fact the name should be Beelzebul, which refers to a lord of a high abode, seemingly referring to Heaven or a high place of some type, maybe a position. However, there are numerous interpretations of this name, none of them are firmly definitive.

Beelzebub is another face of Baal. To the Canaanites he was a fertility god and is syncretic with the Sumerian god Enlil, the Greek deity Zeus, the Mesopotamians' Marduk, and the Palmyrene and Syrian god, Ba'al, also known as Haddad. A few highly prominent traits of this god, are that he rides in on a storm, wages war as needed, and that he creates abundance.

By the way, shortly after I'd recognized the presence of Beelzebub there came a vision of a man in a tall, pointed hat, which relates to the Syrian version of Baal. A point which may or may not be relevant, is that in some images Baal's headwear is identical to that of Osiris.

He had eight arms, which identifies him with Lord Vishnu

Accepted meanings of the name Beelzebul: Lord of the Mansion, Prince, Exalted One, Lord of a High Place, Appointed One, The Lord of the World, the High One.

Beelzebub's Relativity to Lucifer

Today I discovered that Beelzebub relates to the term Venus Hesperus, which is an ancient Greek term used for Venus. Not Venus as the morning star or evening star. Just plain Venus; however, most people today use the term to refer to the evening star. The term 'Hesperus' refers to West (Venus's location in the night sky) and also to evening. That Venus has an Eosphorus and Hesperus aspect clearly illustrates that if represented by an entity, then, it is rightly a dual aspected being.

Both aspects of Venus, therefore, allude to Lucifer and Azazel. Why? Azazel is the evening star, just as Lucifer is the morning star. It's that simple. However, when Azazel travels with his twin (in some contexts), Paimonia; he is the morning star and she is the evening star. 

We have been brought back to one of the opening concepts of this blog--how Paimonia (aka Paimon) fits in. Well though I don't wish to explain it deeply here, Paimonia is, in a few forms, composite with Lord Azazel. I will just broach onto that in saying: Isis is a female form of Azazel, and Paimon(ia) also directly relates to Azazel, whether in male or female form. Paimonia is also a face of Tiamat, and hence is a face of Isis. Don't ask me if you don't get it (lol), just do your own reading. Once you have done plenty of research on both, you will see that mythology overlaps the two (Azazel and Paimon[ia]). But also, they have actually been twins, as Arsu and Aziz. By the way, other names for Arsu/Paimonia, include Mun'im and Moninmos--one transliterated from the other respectively. Other names for Aziz, include Azizu and Azizos.


Upon beginning my journey in demonolatry, my patron was Satan. He represented a hurdle I'd overcome in thinking, and I related to him well. The hurdle? that for a time I'd succumbed to societal fear instilled in me about meeting him. Perhaps I'd watched too many documentaries, with Satan with glowing red eyes, ready to do Lords know what to me. Rarely is the good side of Satan ever seen within mainstream media. Some very bad people choose Satan as a deity, and it's the same with any entity. However, given that Satan's dark side has long been touted to be nasty, that became part of his identity, and hence resides within his stream. There will be people with mental illnesses, addictions, and vices, therefore, who will be drawn to him like a magnet. 

Upon reaching out to him though, the experience was wonderful. Then, nearly as soon as I began working with Lucifer, Lucifer stood in Satan's place, by his choice, not mine. In other words, he and Satan became one, and Satan no longer exists for me anymore. Well, he does, but as an aspect of Lucifer, who never shows voluntarily anymore. He must be sought out when needed. 

Now fast forwarding to current times, and Beelzebub is absorbing Lucifer. What can I say? I'd not have been able to concoct a better tale. It seems as if I should explain my impression of why Lucifer came to me in this form, and offer one or more theories on why he may not come to you in the same way. Yet there must be things left to pique interest, to spur search, to spur further examination. As well, you will likely prefer to come up with your own theory.

It tickled me when I ran this overall concept by a friend, who said, "I feel like I'm listening to the plot of an anime movie, lol." Anyway, I suppose a summary would provide the best closure; so: Beelzebub, Lucifer, Azazel, and Paimonia, wanted me to know them in the way I would best know them here and now. Period.

Beelzebul through sentience showed me that he relates to Paimon, Azazel, Lucifer, Horus, Belial, Bael, Satan, Shamyaza, and Samael. This was so odd to me that I followed the trail via research to see if it fits what is known, and it does, but not in the commonmost ways. Part of what allows this to be true, is understanding that the bible used Azazel as a term to refer to Samael, and it was from those original biblical teachings that demonolatry was born. This information nearly defies logic to me, because at the same time Ashtoreth was Beelzebul's mother, she is also part of Lucifer's stream. For that, Beelzebub unites with the stream of a being which birthed him... if that makes sense (this, due to that Ashtoreth and Lucifer's histories were overlapped throughout various regions throughout time). Through necessity it seems, compound names came to be. For example, Shamyaza relates to Azazel, Samael, Abezethibou, Mastema, and Ashtoreth.

For the record, in the Testament of Solomon, Beelzebul is described as a prince of demons, and is attributed to Venus Hesperus--which directly associates him with both Lucifer and Azazel. In the bible, it is said that Jesus healed by the power of Beelzebul, His response to being accused of such, was to issue rhetoric about 'using demons to cast out demons being appropriate to bring down the house of demons.' He went on to say that calling on God to cast out demons would bring God down (the tone is that it is not good to have that happen). Is is peculiar that Christ said that but Abrahamic faiths tend to say that practicing magick is sinful.


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