Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Paimon (Paimonia) :: Thoughts on Magick and Good vs. Bad

King Paimon, aka Queen Paimonia
King Paimon, aka Queen Paimonia

by Amethyst Black

King Paimon to some, Queen Paimona or Paimonia to others, has been known to encourage some of his/her acolytes to engage in black magick on an ongoing basis (once they have already decided to do black magick, of course). Now, to a new magician this may seem bizarre. Here we have a spirit of an elite and noble group--the Goetia, who is encouraging some magicians to do what are commonly seen as "bad things." I have been exposed to enough of how new magicians think, to know that this would weigh heavy on the minds of at least some. For those who are not yet strongly disengaged from mainstream, captive thinking, such an experience with Paimonia or any daemon, may have a tendency to send them back towards "mainstream perception." That is, unless they stop and consider what the underlying message is and assimilate the results.

So to address this directly--1) as a magician, the idea of right vs wrong needs to be dismissed. Yah yah, each person does have the right to define and pursue their own path, that's 100% right. But right and wrong in magick doesn't wash; one can also say--nor does purely dark magick or purely white magick work in one's best interests. Release all limitations.

Why does Paimonia encourage some magicians to engage in black magick? Dunno yet. Your guess is as good as mine. However, I do have an opinion. Regardless of what the majority of mainstream mankind would think, Paimonia is still a noble spirit. Goetic daemons are not predictable; but the bottom line is, no matter what they express or condone it is all to the betterment of us and the greater universe. The trick is only to define how their methodology applies. So if Paimonia encourages me to engage more often in black magick, the lesson in it for me personally may be that I worry too much about being "good," (laughs). Maybe I restrict myself a bit too much in magick, or in life in general. Maybe it's time to break down some walls...

Paimon, as depicted in Collin de Plancy's book (1863)

However, maybe, just maybe, while much of mankind, especially adherents of mainstream Abrahamic faiths, are out doing things to be "good," to appear good, to be viewed as humanitarian, generous, and whatever other things that go against their nature on some level, here is Paimonia showing me in no uncertain terms, that to live with burdens, such as to live a life of servitude, sacrifice and goodness when it is not in one's true nature, is not healthy.

I am not suggesting or encouraging inappropriate or disrespectful behavior (nor, do I believe Paimonia is), nor am I discouraging it; and for the record, NO, I am not suggesting that good is the best way to be. I don't care what your authentic self needs to do--it's none of my business whatsoever. However, we each either have it in us to be good, or otherwise need to experience our own path and journey to a point where we will either decide by our own accord to be good, or decide instead to be whatever else it is that allows us to be true to our specific nature--that may not be encapsulated within the word "good." Why am I saying that--what the heck is GOOD?  Shrugs, and in her mind replaces the word good with the words of mainstream value.

While mainstream society begs us to twist and distort our bodies, minds and spirits, Paimon(ia) says (expressed through this very concept)--you are a dark magician--get too it! It's part of what you do and why you came here. Do The Work!

Furthermore... in spiritual circles it is considered a given that to be in service to others is how we ascend. But what is far less commonly mentioned, is that as well one can ascend through service to self. The path we choose illustrates our nature, even when we cannot yet define it ourselves. In part, I am trying to convey that everything in this universe is dichotomous. Many in mainstream society, on one level strive to be good, and on another level distort themselves in doing so. Hence, in the big picture of society, WE who dare to be free to just Be, to walk the path we chose in the right way to do it--in the way of freedom and liberty, are the ones who help to create universal balance (get that? to hell with right and wrong! instead reinstate balance! justice! freedom! liberty!).


My closing thought? What if we could rectify this world, by always being true, by always working to create authenticity and balance, within and without? Maybe sometimes we should stop and think what's going to serve us and our universe the best--to be good (...errr, of mainstream value), or rather to be real and unrestricted. Also, if you are a magician, are you unrestricted in your thinking? or are you like some? ...black magick is okay, as long as it's not you doing it?

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