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Attributes, Deities and Objects; Things Known to Heighten Energies in Occult Rites


Intensifying Magick; Adding Elements and Properties

by Amethyst Black

Virtually all occultists doing spells use amplification methods; every single one probably does--it's a matter of definition. The specific definition of 'amplification method' is hard to pin down, as all spells have means to propel them, to give them life as it were; and within the properties of whichever mechanism is used to propel a spell, may lie amplification. Hence within the definition of amplification methods, lie herbs, crystals, sigils, symbols, and other commonly used items and processes. Within this article it is the intent of the author to present ones that do not require one to learn into a new genre of magick to understand; so, basic ones. 

The idea behind this article is to present aspiring magicians with ideas additional to their own, that they may not have considered. The bulk of them are not new to the many, but sometimes it is something new beside something a person is totally comfortable and familiar with, that provides the most impact. The information is here for those who seek it. By the way, things directly attributed to Qabalistic spheres have been mentioned only in passing, otherwise they'd be mentioned twice. These concepts are not deeply explained, as thus is the nature of the very word occult. Need I say more....? We are going to begin with some very basic concepts, and move on from there. 

Sigils and Seals

Commonly seen as being different from each other, sigils and seals both descended from the same one Latin word--sigillum. Statues and effigies also were included within sigillum's meaning. It's commonly understood that sigils and seals work; but why do they? Because their energies link into whichever appropriate energy stream to fuel your magickal the process--a wide spanning link into the collective thought power of mankind and the mechanisms of the universe. Not random thoughts or random power, but specific thought power that in your mind you've already identified as necessary, and have applied purpose to through your intent. 


Though it's commonly understood how symbolism works, the full degree of its influence, in all likelihood remains underappreciated. In at least one genre of magick its value is relatively well regarded, as in my conjuring days and within that community, it was a commonly spoken of method of augmenting conjuration magick. However, across the board, it flies well under the radar as being a thing. 

When one looks at any methods of magickal augmentation, they should consider that there are degrees of motivation between low magick and high magick. Though high magick is commonly regarded as complex magick, what sometimes makes magick complex is the amount of effort that goes into it. Effort isn't always convoluted; sometimes it can be as simple as grabbing a statuette or a drawing, and adding it to your altar. Let's look at some common symbolism used in magick; a few, not too many, as this article has to end somewhere. The idea is to have people remember, that anything they add to their magick, increases its power and its connection to universal mechanisms. 

Skull: A skull is representative of communication. Though a skull generally encloses a brain, after death and degeneration, little remains that can be regarded as active. Hence it only represents energies relative to communications, yours going out and also those coming in. For this purpose the skull must resemble a human skull form. The thing is, some skull representations have no lower jaw. It is undesirable to use such a skull, as one cannot speak with no lower jaw. A skull with a fixed lower jaw works just fine; alternatively, a sketch of a skull will suffice. 

Skeleton: Have one on your altar when working magick relating to change, and also difficult change. One also symbolizes resistance, and therefore, breaking through said resistance. A skeleton also heightens magickal energies for reverting something to a state it used to be in. 

Keys: Access to secret knowledge, hidden places, and other dimensions.

Arrow: Speed

A sword: It's symbolic of action, but primarily of the mind. Hence a sword alone is of little power, unless the spell or rite you intend to work is relative entirely to the process of thought, requiring no further action. When further action than intellectual is required, augment with a symbol relative to fire and or physical action. Personally I'd add a pentacle and a lemniscate together, to the mix. A pentacle symbolizes the physical, hence the body, and the lemniscate is symbolic of movement, and incorporates harmony and balance into the mix. 


Most often used with the intent of energy filtration, incense is common to the sorcerer's altar. However, given that it embodies three of the four elements, its power applies in ways other than energy clearing. It symbolizes the physical world and all that is material, by its construction. It burns as fire, and hence embodies fire's attributes. It also smokes, and smoke carries the properties of air. For this, obviously it's an amplification method. Speaking of which, when giving offerings to deities it should be high on one's list, because of its very nature as described. What more perfect of an offering could you give? it's cheap, easily available, and also powerful. Why powerful? --as it has three main elements as its basis, by its nature it is a self standing triumvirate. Three is powerful in occult workings, triumvirates are extremely powerful, hence so is incense. 


Often magickal rites are performed at dark, due to the energies available then; and they require an ambient feel, but also we need to see. As well it's understood that white candles provide a basic level of energy filtration. Candles add oomph to any rite, given that they combine physical (the wax) and fire, with a tad bit of smoke. Naturally, an anointed candle is better than a plain candle. Though great as an offering, and in that sense as an amplifier to demonolatry, incense is more powerful in most contexts. This is just an observation, really, because more often than not both are present in any rite or spell. 

Some when working with spirits, like to keep water near by to filter energies, in the same way that most use incense and/or candles. Ideally they work together, side by side. The incense and candles for the power of three, and the water nearby as the otherwise missing fourth element, to add balance. 

Linking Sigil

We've already referenced sigils, but a linking sigil is different. There's no specific appearance one should have, by the way, it's a thing that a sorcerer creates for the purpose. The intent behind one is that it can link any energy, person or thing to any other energy, person or thing. Ergo when it comes to creating a collection, or perhaps a wall, of power, it's essential. 


The acting out of either the process or the end result of a working via effigy--it's a common thing in some lineages of magick, because it's known to work.

Astrological Attributions

Most effectively assigned to talismanic magick and magick influenced by astrological sigils in other ways, astrological attributes are a huge asset in magick. Aligning magick with astrology became popular from when the Picatrix was made widely known. How it works, is that the movement of celestial objects has significant bearing on what is most likely to happen on earth. A key point here which is not as well understood as it should be, is that without knowledge of astrology one will to some degree be impeded in demonolatry and working with deities in general. There is no deity or demon--angel too for that matter--in existence, that does not have an astrological attribution. 

the moon

Moon Phases

There are four typically used moon phases in magick, but there are actually eight for keener detail. They include the New Moon (new beginnings), Waxing Crescent (personal improvements and expansion), First Quarter (new romance, attracting what you want, bringing back that which was lost), Waxing Gibbous (idea for that which you've been working on but lack enough motivation to complete), Full Moon (most powerful moon phase for the most intense life issues and any issues that require maximum levels of power), Waning Gibbous (diminishing, removing, banishing), Third Quarter (eliminating or bypassing obstacles, and paving a smoother road forth), and Waning Crescent (serious banishings; removing habits, addictions and attachments). 

Planetary Time

Planetary time is chosen in a variety of ways. The two most common are: 1) select a deity to work with, and choose a planetary time by their planetary association. Or 2) select a celestial body, the energies of which best align with your working; and by that body, select the best time to begin your working by. The corresponding hour is selected by way of a planetary hours app.

Qabalistic Attributions

The Qabalah; the very plan of our universe, that outlines the logic by which its mechanisms work. Qabalistic attributions can be chosen in many ways, including by the deity assigned to a given sphere, the color, crystal, herb; and planetary association, and so on.

Tarot Cards

As tarot cards have elemental, Qabalistic, and astrological attributions, cards provide a boost to all spells and rites. Simply choose the Qabalistic sphere relative to your working, and select and apply the relative card. However, in instances there's another card that jumps out and screams, "choose me"; in such instances, go for it. For those unfamiliar with the spheres and their application, you can go by the meaning of a card as you know it.

The Assistance of a Demon, Angel, or Deity

The choice of deity or demon you make may and probably does, hold personal meaning to you. However, when deciding which deity to work with in matters of importance; note that each one has a planetary correspondence, which provides further energy alignment for your working when the entity is appropriately chosen. 

Offerings to Deities 

While many believe that the offerings they provide to deities are to please them; ultimately deities are universal mechanisms, and the offerings are fuel to energize them to better align with our intent. 


Though psionics magick (magick conducted through use of a radionics box) is fully capable of running alone, in a powerful and capable fashion, psionics can also amp other magick. No matter what the nature of your spell, you need to try this. Just set your box, or generator if you prefer to call it that, and let it run. If you prefer, you can link the radionics box spell to your primary spell by linking sigil, then they'll work hand in hand. 


It is commonly known and worked with, that the universe provides answers and insight to us when we meditate, due to a connection made with it. The connection, it is logical to assume, works not only through what can be observed, but also in what goes unseen. Eliminating obstacles, is one certain way to streamline, thereby amp, magick.

Servitors and Constructs

Anyone familiar with servitors and servitor tools (constructs) is fully aware of their value to any process, whether occult or other. If not aware of #AmazonAD: what a servitor is, as they are so useful, do yourself a favor and read up on them.


To find incantations you can reference the works of others, you can create your own, or you can channel them. The main thing is that they should be designed to project relevant energies.

(Fill in the Blank), Magick

Though on a blog carrying Google ads we cannot use a certain very short word that begins with S, surely you know which method of magick that Aleister Crowley was big on. That which propels it, stands as the singular most powerful method of magick amplification. It deserves a more in depth explanation; but it's not logical under the circumstances.

In Conclusion

That sums it up; that's the shortlist, that's not a particularly short list. Hopefully these compelling points, made you consider your magick--not just in how they apply to it, but in other ways also. Magick grows along with us, and sometimes it pays to simply poke around looking for ways to improve, right from the foundation up. 

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.



Renaissance Astrology: Astrological Magick 

The Astrology Podcast: The Relationship Between Astrology & Magic

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A Replacement Rite for the LBRP, With Religion Taken Out of the Equation

LBRP--adjusted for today's magician

Analyzing and Updating the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

by Amethyst Black

Recently it has been rolling around in my mind, that though I have no objections to using the LBRP as is--ideally no beings or even implications of beings of the Right Hand Path should be in there unless balanced by the mention of other beings. For example, the LBRP mentions Archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, and Auriel. There are however, no mentions of any dark entities within it; for those of the Left Hand Path, this is a huge deficit. Is it not true that most occultists and sorcerers are LHP?--either that or middle/no set path; from my experience it appears so. Ergo, why is a rite referring to non LHP/middle path/fully pantheistic ideals, still a staple within occultism? it's really just wrong. 

Many and potentially most, demonolators know that angels are not so light and fluffy and are not necessarily Right Hand Path--ever find a reason to counter one and you may find out. However, due to their association in contexts with religion and dogmatic tradition, we can rest assured that the average demonolator as well as the average Satanist and Luciferian, do not select archangels as preferable archetypes or patrons (erm... although some believe that Lucifer is an Archangel). 

It would be remiss not to state that archangels are far more than their mainstream avatars suggest; they are powerful, and are light and dark. Still, no one needs to explain why their exclusive presence within the LBRP leaves some with a bad taste in their mouth. Sure, we can select another banishing rite, and there are a few that fit the purpose of replacing the LBRP (the Star Ruby and the GBRP for but two examples); but it's the LBRP that has long been popular. The HODG long used it and Crowley used it, and these are the reasons that the average occultist is initially attracted to it, when they are. A simple update or tweak, would go a long way. 

With that said, I've taken it upon myself to create a version of the rite that's more suited to everyone across the board (perhaps with the exception of some RHP practitioners). It was hard to know where to begin. For one example, was YHVH to be removed? ...well, it helps tie the rite in to the Qabalah; however, it is that very same element that people have used to identify source as Yahweh/Adonai; and for that reason it was rather than removed, adapted. Now in the spot where YHVH was placed, is a resonance of what it speaks to us. As it says numerous things it was reduced to a broad concept--'I Am Unlimited.'

Research showed me that there are layers of meaning to each Hebrew word used in the rite. Bible interpreters used an interpretation, the originators of the LBRP used an interpretation, and the only way we can discern what's most appropriate, is to study the words and derive our own impression. Based upon my own study: Atah means 'you,' and to 'cover' or 'wrap.' So from this it seems that the Divinity at hand, is potentially being referred to as an avatar. An avatar for whom or what though? ... all deities, angels, and demons, at the very least, is the feel of it. 

It appears that most interpret that YHVH, Adonai, Eheheh, and Agla, are all references to Yahweh. My take is, that YHVH relates to the four Qabalistic worlds, and to the order and mysteries of our multiverse, Adonai is a word that is plural, so above all it states GODS, not God. Eheheh simply means "I am that I am," and Agla, which is a notariqon for "Atah Gibor Le-Olam Adonai "[You, O Lord(s), Mighty (from) Now Until the End of Time], has a clear meaning. It specifically says Lords, and though virtually all interpreters say that the plural form of Lord has always referred to one God, I deeply question this. That the masses believe something, does not make it true. It is commonly stated that 'any pronouns used referring to Adonai, denote one God,' which doesn't prove anything either. If I knew that God was in fact all gods, I'd still refer to said God as 'he' or 'him,' if talking to someone about him. Unless of course, he was a she.

Long story short--all of the Hebrew terms used in the rite were replaced with resonances--ones that held meaning to me, based upon my own perceptions. Hence if they do not hold meaning for you in places, that's understandable.  

Anyway, perhaps now is as good of a time as any to show you my rendering of the LBRP. Much of it remains the same. However, the one huge difference is that it is written from a perspective that the magician and his actions are God. Oh, and each archangel name was replaced--with an Egyptian god name from the same Qabalistic sphere.


New Banishing Rite of the Pentagram

Facing eastwards: In your mind's eye, see yourself as being huge, like the god that you are. Looking down you see the entire universe below you; earth's size is that of a grapefruit. 

Above you is a cloud of light, blue in color. Push the finger of your right hand, or your wand or dagger up into it. Draw a streak of light down; touch your mid-brow with it and vibrate, "Universal Powers." 

Remember, with each action you take, draw in blue light.

From your brow, trace finger down to your groin, and vibrate "Enter My Kingdom." 

Up to right shoulder. Vibrate "And Favor My Workings." 

Across to your left shoulder, and vibrate "Trued In All Ways, I Am Mighty."

Cross your arms over your chest now, and vibrate "Throughout the Ages, Nema." Nema is Amen spelt backwards. The intent here is to avoid using a dogmatic word. 

Draw a pentagram in the air before you, in blue light. The pentagram for this is drawn as follows: from bottom left point, to topmost point, to bottom right point, to upper left point, to upper right point, returning to bottom left point. The pentagram is aflame. 

Still facing eastwards, lunge forward with left foot in front, both arms outstretched and palms facing down (the sign of the enterer). Vibrate "I Am Unlimited." Then pull your left foot back as you touch left pointing finger to your lips (as if silently gesturing "shush"). Then bring your left arm back down to your side. Right arm remains extended ready to draw next pentagram.

Turn to face southwards. Draw a pentagram as before, once again in blue light. Make the Sign of the Enterer. Vibrate "All Is as One." Retract the left foot, once again touching finger to lips. Return left arm down to side, keep right arm extended.

Turn westwards; draw the pentagram. Make the Sign of the Enterer; this time vibrate "And I Am As I Am." Retract left foot, touch finger to lips. Return left arm to side, keep right arm extended.

Turn northwards; draw the pentagram. Make the Sign of the Enterer; vibrate "As the God That I Am." Retract left foot, touch finger to lips, return left arm to side while keeping right arm extended.

Return to face eastwards. Put your arms out as if you are a cross.

Vibrate "before me, Ra."

Then "behind me, Shu." 

Vibrate "to the right of me, Anubis."

Then "to the left of me, Amun."

Finally, state "around me burn the fiery pentagrams, and inside me shines the six rayed star."


I hope that at the very least, this gave you reason to consider the LBRP and rites like it, in a more in depth manner than we typically do. 

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law .

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As an Occultist, One Simply Cannot Always Be Right

Lucifer painting
Lucifer, painted by Franz Stuck. Public domain by Wikimedia Commons

by Amethyst Black

It's a commonly shared concept that ego has no rightful place within magick, occultism, and spiritual growth. Failure to release the "I" from one's field of perspective will not only fail to assist one in crossing the Abyss, but will also cause limitations within beliefs, and subsequently therefore, in magickal workings.

This did topic not arise randomly, but rather from a discussion thread on a FB page. The thread was about Lucifer; and yours truly made a comment on it about that it was interesting that some people through personal gnosis, extracted from our universe that Lucifer as Heylel is a dual aspected being, of which one aspect is Lucifer, another, Michael Archangel. When I posted my comment on that FB thread about Lucifer/Heylel being a dual aspected being, those who could not imagine it were up in arms. . . why though? so I ask again--is magick not about removing ego from the equation, and also the blinders that we have been taught all throughout our lives to keep firmly on? The way it appears, if I am God of my world, you are God of yours and she is God of hers, how is it possible that we cannot all be correct when each of us achieves different gnosis on the same specific topic upon meditation? If your Lucifer does not have an alter as St. Michael and someone else's does, so be it.

Sidenote: Though a full meditation on the topic was not done on the specifics of Heylel being a dual aspected being, a mini one was done, where I asked if Michael and Lucifer were ever part of a dual aspected being; I asked Lucifer. He showed me his hand making a sign that looked like the 'okay' sign. His finger touched upon his thumb. The message came across that there is a circle like energy to the way they connect, and at one end the entity is very much Michael, at the other is very much Lucifer, and between them is Heylel. However, if one focuses on certain points in the circle, as in where the finger and thumb touch, little to no relativity may be seen. To some placing focus upon one of such theoretically potential meeting points within the circle, they may appear more as brothers or close allies than a dual entity.

A focal point of analysis here, is that when we examine any such conflict of concept within occultism, it's clear to see that if things were actually definable to be as simple as being either right or wrong, that no party within any conflict would have authority, as how would proof be determined? There is not likely anything so simple as right versus wrong though. We live in a vast multiverse; any entity could exist on this and many other planes of existence simultaneously, and be different on each plane. Each entity stream contains a vast array, containing everything ever believed about the entity it concerns. Hence with this known and widely understood, people could and more often should, stand back from engaging in arguments concerning who is right and who is wrong in matters of magick. 

Satan presiding at the infernal council

So far only one example of clash of concepts has been used, but for the sheer hell of it we should consider another: it's clear to see that there is a discrepancy within Satanism, where a fair few believe that Satanism is a Godless faith and that Satan does not exist (they tend to see the Satanic religion as being symbolic of man standing as his own God); then there is another sector within Satanism who do indeed recognize Satan as a deity. Additionally there is a third group amongst the second, who ask us: without regarding Satan as a God, how can one actually harness the full power of Satan? how can one harness the power of a deity that does not exist? . . .

Again the question arises, why does it have to be one or the other that is more correct? What if the deity Satan is all of the power within Satanic magick? What if at the same time, a magician can harness all of said deity's power by assuming it within him from his stream, to employ during workings? We know the answer--both paths are 100% viable, and each choice is perfectly suited to its magician. I mean, within this deity's stream it is recognized that there IS a Satan, and as well that there ISN'T a Satan, as both have been believed through time; but when there is no Satan, man himself becomes the deity and the power. Of course this is being asked only to allow some to see, that in all cases, arguing these topics is rather moot. It's always best to assume that everyone is right, or at the very least, it's not always oneself that is right over all others.

Comments? Feel free to leave them below.

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Symbolic Meaning of the Caduceus as a Symbol :: Hermes' & Mercury's Caduceus

The Caduceus; Public Domain by Wikimedia Commons

The Caduceus as a Symbol

by Amethyst Black

Hermes was the messenger of the gods and protector of messengers, god of merchants and trade, sports and athletes, travelers, and of border crossings and of thieves; as well he was god of eloquence and a guide to the Underworld. The caduceus first and foremostly represents him (in Roman mythology, Mercury), due to the fact that as messenger of the gods, he carried one. When not associated with Hermes, such an object is called a herald's rod. The significance of one is to denote messages of great importance.

What Do the Individual Components of the Caduceus Represent?

The messages Hermes bore for the gods, were sacred; snakes are protectors of sacred knowledge and wisdom. Additionally, snakes shed their skin, which is symbolic of rebirth, or renewal of life. The wings denote speed and the ability to fly. The rod denotes power, as it resembles the spine; and the orb atop of it represents the world, and when considered alongside the rod being a spine, the globe also represents a brain. A spine, when regarded as the sacred djed pillar of ancient Egypt, represents stability. Not part of its actual meaning but still very present, is the fact that the intertwining snakes represent human DNA, and also the chakra system and the flow of kundalini energy through it.

Rod of Asclepius
Rod of Asclepius; Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

What the Caduceus is Not :: An Observation

Though the caduceus was never a bonafide medical symbol, it does resemble the Rod of Asclepius, the true healing symbol; from this point, part of the misidentification of it with medicine may have arisen.

Why was it chosen to represent medicine? Its appearance was based upon confusion. In the 1500s, John Caius used the symbol as he taught and otherwise engaged in medical practices; ergo people assumed that it bore medical relativity. When queried he explained that the symbol he used was not about medicine or a god of old at all. It turned out that he wanted to announce the delivery of important news, along with a salute to due prudence in its preparation and reading, in having the herald's rod present.

Read on to see how alchemical healing can be symbolized by the caduceus (under the heading 'How the Caduceus Relates to Alchemy').

Does the Caduceus Tell Us Anything Else?

It urges us to think of the planet Mercury and also mercury the element. Furthermore, powers that Hermes' caduceus had, not commonly mentioned within mythology are: to put the wakened to slumber and to awaken the sleeping; also, to grant the dying a kind death. Additionally the wand had the ability to revive the dead. Beyond these things, it can relate to the ancient Sumerian deity, Ningishzida, who was forerunner to the Greek Hermes; he was the first known historical figure depicted using one. He was messenger to Ishtar, and used the rod to awaken nature in the springtime. It can alternatively relate to the Egyptian deity, Thoth, as he is considered syncretic with Hermes (Trismegistus).

How the Caduceus Relates to Alchemy

The caduceus has been used to represent the alchemical blend of Azoth.

Paraphrasing Eliphas Levi (from the book, 'Transcendental Magick': "sulfur, mercury, and salt, prepared by the alchemically wise, composes Azoth. It is an all encompassing medicine--for the soul it is reason and justice; for the mind it provides basis for mathematical and practical truth; for the body it is quintessence, as it is gold and light combined." 

To summarize, Azoth is the force and balance behind matters of spirit, mind, intelligence and justice; and also behind healing and medicine. Also implied, in the mathematical and practical foundation of it, is that it will get an alchemist started on any endeavor. Finally, some draw a connection between Azoth, HP Lovecraft's Azathoth (a demon); and Atazoth (a demon), described in Kenneth Grant's works; there are likely as many who believe that any connection is falsely attributed. Unless one makes effort to channel the two beings, they won't find their 'true' answer. My two cents? as someone who often takes time to channel entities and inquire about similar-sounding names, more often than not there is a connection. Alas, I have not yet channeled these.


When one reads this, it's clear to see that the caduceus, though not rightfully a symbol of medicine, is much about that; however, it is not about medicine alone, as is especially made clear by its referencing Azoth. It could perhaps be reduced to this: the caduceus is a powerful symbol of mind, justice, spirit, health and healing, and even of life and death; and let's not forget, messages as well. Some would say that tricksterism should be mentioned too, but my take on that is this--Mercury was seen as a trickster due to the fact that he could find ways to get things done. So shrewdness, not tricksterism.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Snake in Dreams or Visions, and as a Totem Spirit

Snake or serpent
A snake or serpent

by Amethyst Black

The Rod of Asclepius, Ouroboros, the kundalini serpent, the Serpent of Eden; and many other epithets come to mind when we consider snakes. The snake or serpent is an animal spirit totem unlike most others. It is deeply interwoven with mythology; and due to this you probably know much about the snake and its symbolism already. It is our intent to help you find, from what's presented within this post, the meaning of a snake visiting you in your dream.

The Snake or Serpent

This creature in mythology is often used interchangeably with a dragon; the reason for this association is that both are symbolic of pure, raw energy; thus a snake may bear relevance to any energy related issues. Snakes, given that they may be venomous or may bite, seem sinister to some. For this, the snake may appear as an omen urging you to get in touch with your dark side, or resolve shadow self issues.

Sometimes though, the snake urges you to pay attention to those in your social circle who may betray you, or perhaps already have. Additionally a snake is symbolic of lust; and for this it may suggest you are either in need of some 'romantic time,' or that otherwise you are prone to overdoing it and need to derive more substance from your human interactions. A snake lives primarily on the ground, and therefore it urges you to be at one with the earth and nature. At times the appearance of a snake suggests that you be more assertive.

Some people are prone towards walking a darker path, and in some cases a snake may be urging you to examine your beliefs, especially looking at why you avoid the darker paths, as they have so much to show you. Light cannot exist without dark; adding darkness to your path is balancing and liberating; but some really need to walk a dark path in order to thrive.

A snake is symbolic of wisdom, and may be inviting you to explore a matter of learning; the snake's area of specialty is sacred knowledge. If you do not know what it is you are to learn about, the snake is likely to return and show you, or maybe has already planted a seed in your mind that will soon surface. A snake in ancient times was regarded as a protector; think of the Egyptian Uraeus. Hence if you become familiar with a snake as a totem, though you could assume you are protected, it would be wiser to ask them for protection and be certain. Snakes are commonly feared; the message then, is to examine your fears. At other times the snake urges you to be aware that your fears are upsetting your quality of life.

Additionally, the snake shedding its skin, is a sign of rebirth and renewal. In times of difficulty this is a heart-lifting symbolism to see. The shedding of skin can also be seen as destruction, which often must come to pass to allow for new to replace the old.

Ouroboros :: Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Snake as Ouroboros

Generally speaking, Ouroboros is symbolic of phases and cycles, and that the death of one cycle is the beginning of another (renewal); and furthermore, it depicts balance, alchemy, and the great Unity. Ouroboros is also a symbol of fertility, as the tail and mouth are seen as resembling each of the male and female's roles in reproduction respectively.

In ancient Greek mythology, Euronyme was in need of a co creator. Ouroboros was created by the North wind; between Euronyme and the serpent, the Orphic Egg, the source of all creation, was formed and fertilized. After their work the serpent claimed that creation was the fruit of his labors alone. Having his teeth kicked out by Euronyme and being confined to the underworld was his punishment.

If Ouroboros seems relative to the snake you saw in your dream or vision, changing perspective or adding new elements into your situation (alchemy/balance), may bring on improvement and growth. Or maybe pride is causing tension or aggression. Another message is, that there is a cycle going on, and as long as things aren't forced to remain exactly as they are, as long as there is change, there is renewal occurring on some level.

Be productive, do something to bring positive energy into your situation--do that by doing something apart from it (one potential message of fertility).

If you are having trouble adapting within your situation, the suggestion is to allow this inconvenience to birth a new you--to allow a more alchemical and resilient you to emerge. If that can't be done, allow it to birth a subsequent experience to you, which requires an opened mind. However, this is a message of preparing yourself mentally, not rushing in (or out). Ouroboros suggests to observe timespace issues (timing, placement within due process, location, and astrological concepts as you proceed.

In one sense the serpent represents the the mobius strip (a snake can take a half twist), as there is an infinite process going on. However, if you are in a situation where everything is rather consistently heading in one direction or consistently remaining the same, you had best be sure that the situation has your best interests embedded within it.

As the Kundalini Serpent

Kundalini energy is often referred to as the Kundalini Serpent. Rightfully so, as it weaves its way through the chakra system, originating at the base chakra. Its message is one of more advanced spiritual growth, but also urges you to be aware of how you proceed with spiritual growth. For some, moving through this journey comes with phases of significant discomfort. Hence if this concept resonates with you as part of the meaning of the snake in your dream, you are being shown that your spiritual journey is part and parcel of what you are facing now, that your life situation and your spiritual growth, need to be on the same page. Don't move faster in one or the other, in order to avoid creating difficulty--there needs to be total synchronization. Furthermore, it may suggest that physical and mental issues are at least in part, relative to your spiritual journey.

The Serpent Relative to the Rod of Asclepius

As the snake relates to the Rod of Asclepius, its meaning is ultra clear. The message is of healing, or any matter directly relative to healing. Perhaps it may urge you to take a course in that field, to see a doctor or alternative practitioner, or to seek treatment of some kind for a current health issue. It may also urge you to check on the health of another. This snake is an ideal representative for healing, as in ancient times in some regions, the snake was regarded as a symbol of healing; but why? In ancient times it was given that if a being has powers in one way, they also have power to do the opposite. Hence that the snake can be venomous and/or bite, they at the other end of their power spectrum are also healers.

As Medusa

Medusa had snakes for hair after she was punished by Athena. Medusa was punished due to that she'd had an interlude with Poseidon, even though it happened against her will. As punishment for desecrating the temple of Athena, where it happened, she was turned into a Gorgon. As typically noble gods do not force such acts and as well one does not punish a woman for being subject to such, we can deduce from this situation that there is an integral lesson embedded within it. The lesson's elements likely include: refusal to hear the truth, failure to believe, passing of blame to where it does not belong, lacking empathy, narrow-mindedness, perhaps jealousy; and beliefs based on past conflict. Also as is clear in the myth--sometimes false blame is never resolved; that imposed burden may have repercussions that span decades or a lifetime, for the person forced to bear it.

As this tale has no effective conclusion (justice was not rendered), lack of resolution or justice, is another potential meaning. Hence you might consider how these points apply to your own circumstance.

The Serpent of Eden

One is free to interpret the tale of Eden in the way they are predisposed to. However, my view is that the Serpent is on one hand, blame placed externally for the choices one makes. On the other hand it could alternatively be the dark aspect of self, the power aspect of self, advising you to do as will dictates. If the Serpent of Eden tale jumps out at you as being key to understanding your dream Serpent's appearance, it may be urging you to read up in order to better prepare yourself (the apple created awareness) or to otherwise bring yourself up to speed on the matter at hand. It could similarly mean that you should be more accepting of what you already know, rather than pushing it off. It could be telling you that when you shift blame you need realize you are doing so and take responsibility for it.

Another point arising from this same mythological tale, is that the Serpent was punished for his intervention; therefore the Eden tale may be illustrating that you are engaged in activity that will have you facing a consequence.

What is a Totem Animal?

The term Totem Animal is often used when referring to animals in the general sense of this post; however, though a creature or animal that visits you once may end up being a Totem animal, the meaning actually pertains to a creature that has made multiple visits, and one that you relate to over others.

Related Reading

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Saturday, July 18, 2020

When Demons Interfere, for Our Own Good

by Amethyst Black

At times various people who work with demons, or actually any entity type, have conveyed that they've encountered situations where an entity blocked them from their objective. I don't mean that in all cases they told me personally, though I've heard and read some recounts. But you know, like, someone may go online to purchase those $200.00+ Jimmy Choo shoes they've been salivating over for a while, and lose their Internet connection the very second they go to pay. To some, such things seem random, but the aware know that nothing is random.

The easily spooked are not so much drawn to working with entities, but sometimes they are. It is possible that someone could have a few of these events happen and not see what the reasoning behind them was, and give up on working with entities, assuming they are all tricksters or some such thing. So why might a spirit want to block someone from buying Jimmy Choo shoes? There could be any number of reasons... perhaps the blockee is someone with a big heart, and their aunt who is down on her luck can't pay her electricity bill and is about to be cut off and asks for assistance, and without that shoe money the person cannot afford to help out. Or maybe an old friend is going to call, and that's the money they'll need to go out and have a helluva good time, for a well needed recharge. It's easy to see how it works, and these don't seem to be rare events. What I've noticed is that when this happens to me, the blockage is usually in place long enough for me to entirely change my mind about buying.

Lucifer sigil
Lucifer sigil; public domain via Wikimedia Commons

About one month ago I had a surprise event of this nature. I was sending money to a friend, and as it was time to pay the weather went nuts; thunder and lightning came out of apparently nowhere and my Internet froze up completely. Due to the suddenness it was determined to be a spiritual event. I did get a message from Lucifer concerning what it was about. I'd been asking about the well being of that friend. I'd not asked for updates for a while and there was news--good news. Apparently this was one way to urge me to ask. My friend had been set up, ended up in prison, couldn't afford a lawyer, and the public lawyer didn't care at all about what he was up against. Through meditation I picked up that though his truth did not emerge during previous court sessions, the truth would arise; apparently it could only be suppressed for so long even though he himself was not speaking/acting out. While this particular message does not appear to require prudent money management, in fact it does; as I also picked up that though the truth would arise it would take a while for justice to prevail. I am his only living contact in the real world... I am his sole means of money--the few bucks a month that prevents prison life from being virtually unlivable. With the international monetary exchange and fees to send, the price is high to send it. This means I must prepare my budget according to this news.

Marbas sigil
Marbas sigil; public domain via Wikimedia Commons

Then just the other day something something similar happen... I have a project underway; in the very near future it is my intent to kick off a YouTube channel. There's an inaugural guest lined up, and  really want to get all the kinks worked out concerning interviewing them over Skype and recording the session. Well the first round of testing went fine, but there were more issues to be worked out. Come the second session however, my computer was unable to connect with my practice partner via either Skype or Google Hangouts. There was no reason for it, as nothing had changed. Two sessions we tried--over an hour and a half in total. We did not connect once during that time. Seems like a strange fluke; but how, when nothing had changed? I was overwhelmed with frustration at the time and had to be reminded by a friend to ask spirit what that was about. Marbas stepped forth; he showed me that due to that having arisen, new opportunities would present to me that would help streamline things within my newly chosen pursuit. So a change of timeline would change everything to open up more optimally, as it were. Who'd have thunk it?

Anyway, as our age of spirit progresses, it's becoming easier to see how these simple mechanisms assist us when we are attuned to them and actually allow them to assist. Maybe there's no profound wisdom offered within this post, but then again, for some who are unsure of their own experiences, maybe there is. If you have a similar story to share, please offer it via comments.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Dandelions in Magick and Healing

Dandelion; image from Wikimedia Commons CC by S-A 3.0. Author Greg Hume.

Herb name: Dandelion. Other names are sun in the grass, fairy clock, priest's crown, lion's tooth, swine's snout, fortune teller, devil's milkpail, and wild endive
Family name: Asteraceae
Scientific name: Taraxacum officinale
Etymology: From French, 'dent de lion'
Element: Fire
Gender: Male
Planetary: The Sun
Zodiacal: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
Deities/entities: Ra, Sorath, Apollo, Sekhmet, Surya

Dandelions in Magick

The name 'dandelion,' is from French, dent de lion, meaning lion's tooth. The term refers to the coarse and tooth-like edge of mature leaves. Dandelions appear to each be singular flowers, but they are actually comprised of a number of small flowers, clustered together within the structure of each head. For this, their presence supports the spirit of unity, magick targeting teams and groupings, and getting many elements to flow together seamlessly; they are also ideal for any magick targeting an organization.

The dandelion, given both its appearance (looking just like the sun), and its name, is all about leonine and masculine energies and powers. The plant reproduces asexually, with no pollination necessary; for this, an offspring plant is genetically identical to its parent. Hence in working magick to duplicate or clone previous success, or to reproduce a work that another has done, burn some along with appropriate other loose herbs or incense. For this purpose--simple duplication, lavender and thyme are effective accompanying choices, but for many replications, sage, cloves, and nutmeg work. Don't automatically add to dandelion, as it's effective burnt alone. Other herbs may be added if you feel you need a more pleasant fragrance, or to combine further properties contained by other herbs. When training a new co-worker, use some dandelion in your magick to have them more intuitively mimic your working methodology--add lavender here, and you'll get along famously with them.

For those of us who take great pride in our lawns, we know all too well how the dandelion reproduces abundantly. In magick, to increase crop yields, or if you are working on bettering your financial situation, this is where those otherwise pesky dandelions can help for a change. They are also valuable of an asset in fertility magick. Also, oftentimes we do a working that requires magick to travel far; it may be healing magick, perhaps a distance binding for a conjuration, or baneful magick--literally anything. Usually we don't give second thought to the distance a spell travels; however, dandelion helps strengthen magick travelling over great distance. Handy to remember, huh?

Each summer, one thing we can count on is for dandelions to make their appearance. For this reason, one of their powers is to amplify the staying power of magick and spells. Additionally, we all have something we'd love to do--that special wish or dream that's close to our heart. When it's time to move forth in pursuing that dream, a dried dandelion head full of seeds, blow on it and make a wish; then break up the stem and burn it on a tray, with cinnamon and/or cloves, and a sigil you've made for your wish.

When using Hot Foot powder, add some powdered dandelion to the mix. What it will do is send the person farther away; you can't argue with that. Also, what happens when you stare at the sun? ... that's right, you cannot see. Hence dandelion supports stealth and invisibility magick. Add some to your mojo/gris-gris back, to support its purpose, when appropriate.

In Goetic magick by the way, this flower is known to be a suitable offering to the Goetic spirit, Dantalion.

Other Applications for Dandelions in Magick:

  • Whether relative to the body's workings or to the magickal work you are doing: heightens strength, vigour, stamina, and energy of all kinds.
  • For protection magick.
  • While the lion is symbolic of a powerful king and royalty, it is also symbolic of the most powerful Goddess, the Great Mother. For this, as an offering is is a sign of great respect, no matter which deity it is offered to. 
  • Victory in war or battles.
  • Lions are symbolic of pride, hence use it when you are working on something you'd really like to bowl the bosses or your family over with a marvelous achievement on.
  • In higher learning.
  • Nocturnal magick, or an offering to a nocturnal entity.
  • Undying.
  • Speed.
  • In dealing with a worthy adversary.
  • Authority and career advancement.
  • To stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Wisdom.
  • Infant health and recovery.
  • In a situation where someone is likely to take a fall, to prepare a soft landing.
  • To heighten psychic awareness.
  • Seeing magick.
  • Eyesight health magick
  • In visualization magick.
  • In glamour magick/enhancing youthfulness/agelessness.

In Healing Magick

Disclaimer: the following information is not to be taken as medical advice. In all cases when a medical condition is present, we recommend professional advice be followed.

Whether one is consuming dandelions as food, making a tea, or burning them to amp magick, they are a boon in healing. Dandelions are entirely edible from root to top; however, ensure that they are from land that has not had weed killer or insecticide applied to it for at least two years.

Dandelion Tea

The greatest power of this plant, is as a detoxifier; the whole plant is useful, and don't forget, much power is in the root. Tea made from dandelion plant--including the root, can be used as a diuretic, to speed up metabolism, and to enhance proper flow of bile. It can be used in liver cleansing and in general liver health; also, to alleviate inflammation, and to reduce pain. Additionally, it assists in cleansing the blood of toxins, alleviating stomach ache, and reducing bacterial growth. It is known to reduce body levels of candida albicans, as well as yeast and fungus in all forms; and it assists with gall stones and urinary stones.

With long term use, it helps reduce predisposition towards hypoglycemia; it also assists with cardiac edema, general edema, blood pressure reduction, rheumatism and gout, eye health, and boosts breast milk production. Furthermore, dandelion can be used as a laxative, and is rich in beta carotene and potassium; it is said that it is an anti carcinogenic, alleviates anemia, and that it boosts the immune system as well.

When made into a cream or salve, may be used to heal various skin conditions, including acne, to protect against the effects of UV rays on the skin (but is not a sunscreen), reduces skin irritation and inflammation, enhances collagen protein production, increases hydration; and assists in alleviating rosacea as well as eczema.

As an antioxidant, it is an anti-aging serum; and once wrinkles already exist, can be used to reduce them. As you see, as a detoxifier it allows the skin to heal itself from innumerable conditions.

Dandelion Milk

May be used in wart removal, reduces age spots, and assists in the healing of scars.

References for the healing properties of dandelion, and also for recommended reading:

Proper Use of Dandelion Roots, Leaves, and Flowers (in alternative health), by Brigitte Mars 
Dandelion Herb Benefits
Health Benefits of Dandelion Root

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Lucifer, an All Encompassing Deity, Part II

Azazel, in another time and place, was known as Venus Hesperus. Public domain file via Wikimedia Commons.


I can easily say, both parts of this article (Part I and Part II) were challenging beyond belief to write. They were written within this most perplexing time within modern history (Covid-19!?). Also, there are many names, various historical settings, past and present visions involved, and historical references to review to see if my impressions of visions ring true, and so on. Above all though, if one hasn't yet looked deeply into this specific topic, they may not comprehend how the avatars of these beings (Lucifer and those around him) are so consistently repeated throughout mythology. It's nearly unfathomable how they are shades of the same. 

Upon reading the whole thing from beginning to end, you may find that some points vaguely or even outrightly conflict. My response to anyone saying that, is this--not everything can be seen from the same perspective at all times; and as well, there are multiple dimensions in our universe. Beyond that, it is what it is. Take from it what you can, leave what doesn't resonate. What most will gain from this article, I believe, is the knowing that Lucifer is far more complex of a being than they imagined possible.

This article is not entirely about Lucifer like part one, but is more about the beings around him and his relativity to them.

by Amethyst Black

Who was Lucifer in Greek and Roman Mythology? Did He Have Family?

As discussed in Part 1, Lucifer is Phosphorus. Within Greek mythology, Phosphorus's mother was Eos (Roman, Aurora), the Goddess of Dawn; her consort and Phosphorus's father, was Astraeus the God of Dusk. Lucifer as Phosphorus was half brother to Hesperus (Roman, Vesper), known to the modern magician as Azazel; Hesperus's father was a mortal by the name of Cephalus. Within Roman mythology, Phosphorus is an aspect of Vesper--meaning to say that they were not identified separately.

Lineage Details:

Phosphorus had sons, Daedalion (Dantalion) and Ceyx (Shax); Daedalion had a daughter, whose name was Chione, other times Philonis. It may serve Goetic magicians to know, that Halcyone, Ceyx's wife, was Allocyn--known to us today as Duke Alloces.

Daedalion is a complex being, and has sub aspects that intertwine with the streams of Kali, and also Caim (aka Cain); and given that Caim links to each of kings David and Solomon, Daedalion does also. Now jumping over to Wiccanism for a moment, Lucifer had a daughter, Aradia, by Hekate (aka Diana Lucifera, or Diana the illuminator); and this myth arose, as did others from within Wicca, from Charles Godfrey Leland's 'Aradia, or the Gospel of Witches,' 1899. Leland did not write the book; the text was passed over to him by a sorcerer-witch he'd met. Leland believed that the text of the book originally belonged to an olden witchcraft sect from western Italy. However, others suggest that the text was entirely fictitious, or was folklore based. 

Aradia, is an anglicized version of the Italian name 'Erodiade'; and in Italian mythology during times long before Leland's book--from the early middle ages on, there were beings with it and similar names. They were considered avatars of Diana, hence Aradia was not only born of Diana Lucifera but actually was her in another way. Aradia herself was depicted as a Saint-like figure, who gifted the lower castes with magickal arts, thus enabling them to forge better lives. 

Phosphorus had two daughters with no cited mother, Stilbe and Leuconoe. Little information can be found on either; but Stilbe is syncretic with Blodeuwedd, and Leuconoe is syncretic with Lleu Llaw Gyffes, who is male. For the record, within Welsh mythology the two married; while Lleu was away Blodeuwedd had an affair and subsequently conspired to have Lleu killed. He survived, but he slew her love, Gronw Pebr. Goetic demonolators know Gronw as Ronwe.

Some references cite Hesperus as having been father to the Hesperides; and though this was breaking away from more mainstream themes (perhaps brought in to band-aid new storylines), it is still part of his stream, hence is no less true. Now, making sure you don't become confused with how this all fits, we began discussing Lucifer-the-Greek-god's offspring, then looked at his offspring through the eyes of Wicca and also Welsh mythology. There is one more child--he had a daughter with Lilith; her name was Naamah. I won't say much about her here, but she was cited in some accounts of mythology as mother to Asmodeus, with his father being Shamdon. 

Concerning Naamah--in some accounts she was Asmodeus's mother, but in others was his consort. However, it is possible that Agrat Bat Mahlat was actually Asmodeus's mother. Naamah is also another aspect of Lilith. 

Sidenote: It's extremely coincidental that alternative avatars attributed to entities so far, resemble their current name in some way. This is not typically the case.

Self Birthed, Again

In Part 1 there were multiple examples of Lucifer and Azazel being self birthed, and here is yet another. Phosphorus and Hesperus are lower octaves of their parents (given that they are each gods of dusk and dawn). Why would gods of dusk and dawn birth themselves as lower octaves of the same? The parents as primordial beings are distant; so in birthing themselves anew they move closer to mankind--them henceforth at Yesod, are able to assist us more effectively.

One needs to be very clear in meditating these matters. For example, Lucifer agrees that he is Phosphorus, but says that Phosphorus is not Lucifer. He also states that Azazel is Hesperus, but Hesperus is not Azazel. To clarify, these terms mean for example, that Hesperus is an avatar of Azazel, but Azazel is not an avatar of Hesperus. How does it apply? If you are dealing with Azazel, he has alternate avatars that include Hesperus. However, if you are dealing with Hesperus, any alternate avatars he has, do not include Azazel. It goes to show, that one has to be aware and observant when communicating and otherwise working with spirit.

The Morningstar, or Is It Evening Star?

Each term refers to one aspect of a larger dual aspected being, that personifies Venus. In ancient times the planet Venus's two aspects were viewed as being separate celestial objects, and later on they were seen as one. For this, two entities that would have otherwise been one, represent said planet. The Babylonians were amongst the earlier civilizations to see morning and evening Venus as being the same planet, but it took Greek civilization a while to join the dots, as it were.

Sidenote: In some civilizations, Venus was the morningstar and Sirius was the evening star. 

Now, this next concept requires a delicate touch to convey correctly... as touched upon, Phosphorus and Hesperus, are a dual aspected being. When they are, they tell me they are properly Aphrodite. Why? because when Venus was discovered to be one planet, that name and entity personified it. However, the term Hesperus is also used to describe Venus as both morning and evening star--not because it's correct, but through common usage. Hence given that our thoughts and beliefs fuel and shape things on some level, they convey that it's relatively true to say that Azazel contains Lucifer, but it is a weak statement to say that Lucifer contains Azazel. It is the strongest statement to say that Aphrodite contains both Lucifer and Azazel, because whether we believe it or not, it is so.

Additionally, given that Ashtoreth and Aphrodite are avatars of each other, Ashtoreth can stand in place of Aphrodite in many contexts, but not in all. As Ashtoreth relates to this topic though, she may represent Venus as a whole, because it was one of her roles to rule over it (as perceived in the Levant and Eastern Semitic civilizations of yore). In that sense, Lucifer and Azazel are sub aspects of her, rather than her equals within a tri-aspected being.

"Lucifer can be dual aspected or even tri or quad-aspected when including Aphrodite and/or Ashtoreth, (and others can be present in place of any of them)." 

Note, that when viewed as a dual aspected being, both Lucifer and Azazel may be parents to the same offspring; hence you may read that Hesperus/Azazel is Daedalion and Ceyx's father; however, given that Azazel contains Lucifer but it's not as true that Lucifer contains Azazel, it would not be correct to say that Lucifer could be father to the Hesperides. ...and, gosh, it's bizarre to say that.

An interesting point on Daedalion, was that upon the death of his daughter Chione, he was turned into a falcon (some say hawk), by Apollo. This suggests that when I see Lucifer turn into Horus, he actually becomes Dantalion/Horus. This underscores the idea of at least some entities being transitional, like planets.

There were other brothers to Hesperus and Phosphorus; together the Astra Planeta (wandering stars or planets) were: Eosphorus (Venus [Agares]), Phaethon (Jupiter [Amon]), Phainon (Saturn [Beelzebul]), Pyroeis (Mars [Vine]), and Stilbon (Mercury [Gusion]). The Goetic assignations are not concrete, and seem transitional. It was conveyed to me that some Goetic spirits are octaves of others, and that this point combined with transitions, are ongoing phenomena which must be considered as one works to assess hierarchy.

Is There Support to the Theory that Azazel is Hesperus?

Yes. A point that was touched upon in part one needs to be dredged up again to explain it though. Azazel is understood to be Aziz, aka Azizu (Palmyrene). Azizu traveled along with Arsu. In that context, Arsu was the morningstar and Azizu was the evening star (Hesperus). I remind you too, that the same description applies to Shahar and Shalim; they are different names/descriptions for the same beings, but as worshiped in different regions.

More on These Entities as Twins:

Arsu is Lucifer, Aphrodite, and also Paimon.
Azizu is Azazel, Ashtoreth, also Paimon.
Shahar is Arsu, Lucifer, Aphrodite, and also Paimon.
Shalim is Azizu, Azazel, Ashtoreth, also Paimon.

In this sub-section, we are observing these beings as twins.

It's worthy of consideration that Venus as the morningstar is traditionally male, and as the evening star, female. In some contexts though, such gender attributions simply do not fit--such as with Lucifer (androgynous) being morningstar and Azazel (male) evening star. Each of the entities named above, has been seen as morningstar and evening star; hence the only differences between them are the elements of their respective histories that are not shared. That may sound stupidly redundant of a statement; but my point is, that they have been overlapped so many times throughout various mythologies, there is a core identity that belongs to each of them (and also others outside of the twin sets, including but not limited to, Attar, Ruda, and Resheph).

Other names for Arsu when viewed as a twin, include Monimos, Munim, and Pollux. Another name for Azazel in twin context, is Castor.

This information, though a lot to digest, is necessary to gain clear understanding of Lucifer.

Aphrodite, a personification of planet Venus
Aphrodite is a personification of Venus in its entirety.
Wikimedia Commons image, by CC 2.5. Author, Sting.

Lucifer as a Female

When Lucifer is self standing he can be androgynous or male, and his stream mirrors that of Ashtoreth, who can be androgynous or female. As previously broached upon, when viewed as female he is Aphrodite.

Lucifer has demonstrated numerous times, by the way, that in Egyptian mythology, he is Horus (you will see later on, that he also has a lower octave in Sopdu).

Aphrodite, but one example of: Horus, Aphrodite and Lucifer; a tri-aspected being. The whole is Aphrodite. In this context they can be seen as, well imagine the Fleur de Lys... two outer leaves, one inner. On one side is Lucifer, on the other, Horus; in this sense they represent light and dark, passivity and will (think Hoor paar kraat compared against Ra Hoor Khu--passive is strategic and enlightened; hence is another way to be strong), also many other dichotomous contrasts. In the center is Aphrodite, who is love, but also a tempering factor to dualities.

There are a wide array of female deities Lucifer relates to when considered to be dual aspected and inclusive of Azazel. We won't venture far in this direction, but one example deity that immediately jumps to mind, is Al Uzza, whom we will soon consider.

Speaking of Azazel, and this is going off on a wee tangent, but he can be linked to Isis as well. In an Eastern African culture and dialect, Kalenjiin, the name of Isis is Asiis, and is understood to be Aziz/Azazel in another way. Reference: 'Isis and Asiis: Eastern Africa's Kalenjiin People and their Pharaonic Origin Legend: A Comparative Study'; by Kipkoeech Araap Sambu.

More than once through mythology, Samael's stream has overlapped Azazel's. In the Zohar, the being referred to as Samael, further in is referred to as Azazel. This name changeover has been described as an error in translation. However, as mentioned in Part 1 of this article, once thought, written, or believed, it's so. Hence whether it was written as truth or in error really makes no difference. Additionally, Shemyaza, the mysterious and powerful dark angel who 'knows the name,' is another face of Uzza/Azazel.

Uzza is also a face of Abezethibou, whose name was used interchangeably with those of Samael and Mastema in ancient Judaic mythology.

Al Lat, Manat, and Al Uzza
Al Lat, Manat, and Al Uzza
Public domain image, via Wikimedia Commons

This next little bit was written from gnosis, then was removed due to how it makes me feel as far as consistency with the rest of the piece goes. I subsequently asked if it was okay that it was removed; and Metatron said it should be returned. Hence:

(Al)Uzza was often part of a triumvirate, alongside Al Lat and Manat. Nothing you'll find upon research may support parts of what will be said, but Al Lat is a face of Horus, that is combined with his female aspects, Hathoor and Sekhmet; remember that Horus is Lucifer in another way. Manat is a face of Metatron, who is genderless. Al Uzza is Lucifer, Aphrodite, Azazel and Ashtoreth (and in other contexts, others mentioned elsewhere in this two part article set; I'd gladly compile them for you, but repetition is such a drag to read). Like many of the beings around them, their streams overlap significantly.

Concerning Relativity Between Al Uzza, Samael, and Metatron

Restating a point: Samael and Azazel are faces of Metatron in some contexts. Some of you are probably wondering why it says here that they are avatars of Metatron, instead of the other way around (an LHP perspective?). I'll offer this--Metatron is known as the lesser YHVH. One of his names identifies him/her as Shekinah, the female aspect of creator, or of creation if you prefer. Metatron told me that (s)he is Primeumatron. Read that again, the specific spelling (the 'r' is not a typo). Yes, he is the great mother, but is not limited to that. As a matter of fact, he has an avatar in Michael Archangel as well.

Lucifer also has an avatar in Michael. How? Lucifer relates to the Palmyrene deity Aglibol, Michael to Malakbel. Lucifer conveyed to me that he is Aglibol and Michael is Malakbel. The connection between the two makes them aspects of the same being, but separated into two self standing beings. The grouping of Aglibol, Malakbel, and Baalshamin gives the feeling that Baalshamin is Metatron. Whoa though, just when things start to come clear, we realize that this trinity was worshiped in regions where Al Lat and her cohorts were regarded. Hence, Manat is Metatron. Metatron confirmed my suspicion here, and showed that their sex and identity was assigned relative to whichever persona their stream was aligned with in a given context.

Sidenote: In a more recent piece, it surfaces that Hathoor too, claims to align with Metatron.

Back to the main topic now... Uzza is about power, and within mythology can also be viewed as a garden; hence 'the garden of power,' as the name is derived from 'Aziz', meaning rugged and powerful. Aside from the name, how is Uzza suggestive of power? Well, we have an idea now of how powerful Metatron and Lucifer are, but as well, in Gnosticism, Yaldabaoth/Saklas/Samael, is the demiurge; apart from that he is seen by many as the head of demons. Each of the beings mentioned and also their female avatars, reside within the garden of Uzza; ergo its a setting rife with power. And, while speaking of these most powerful demons; rather than consistently add their counterpart's names to the pot, such as in this case, Ashtoreth, Aphrodite, and Lilith, etc., suffice it to say that when their absence is felt, the intent is always that they are included. Point being--there are too many names in use already.

As Ashtoreth Descending

Some say that Ashtoreth descending, is in fact Lucifer. We've already covered that Ashtoreth and Lucifer are aspects of a greater being, but he's specifically seen as her descending now. What does the phrase mean? ... in Canaanite mythology, at the conclusion of each fall season the god Baal traversed down to the underworld, and his descent was seen as death; the earth's failure to produce crops during the winter was also seen as death. Ashtoreth was seen as a goddess of both sensuality and fecundity. She made her descent to romance with Baal, and in that, life would be restored in the springtime. The practice was not limited to the gods; their followers mimicked their interactions in rites to honor them. It would be remiss not to point out, that in that time the rites of those people were by today's standards somewhat savage, and would involve not only the immolation of children but also jaunts with sacred rented women in worship groves (sigh, must be careful of wording on Blogger). However, they were not the only culture to do such things; they were though, one of the later cultures still doing them. This gives hint as to why the female face of God was written out of the bible.

Yahweh had a female aspect, Asherah, who contextually aligns with Ashtoreth. It's hard to understand why the rites ancient Canaanites used to honor her, would have anything to do with her being banished from some lineages of belief. Man is a sensual being, and in that civilization and at that time it was acceptable to immolate children (regardless of that it is very wrong today!). If those ways were not acceptable as a facet of anyone's God, they rightfully should have chosen a more appropriate God to them, or given his female aspect a different face. Yet at the same time it was okay that women and children were oppressed in very real ways by Yahweh (again, carefully worded due to Google's TOU), and that animals were sacrificed to him.

As the above was written, there was a very strong impression coming through, that Asherah was used at times as a means to move forth from an unwanted pregnancy. Today we have sophisticated means by which to terminate pregnancy. Maybe they had primitive solutions, but what about after the child was born? To do what they did may have seemed like a viable solution. Not acceptable to us, but it seems that they were still emerging from a 'hunter gatherer' mentality. 

Note: I used the name Yahweh where others would use the word Baal. Why? because in my impression, all of the higher God figures that came from that general area of the world, were variations that emerged from an earlier impression of a higher God. Hence, that I was referring to Abrahamic faiths, it was more appropriate to use the name Yahweh. But for later evolutionary observations and semanticist arguments, Yahweh and Baal are one. 

By the way, did you know that in Sumerian lore, one of Ashtoreth's powers was the ability to turn men into women and women into men? Today there is more blending of sexual identities than ever before, and some believe it's the age of Lucifer. Well, it is the age of Horus (per Thelema). And given that both Ashtoreth and Horus are faces of Lucifer, it makes sense. (Maybe the concept would need to be viewed in a different way to make complete sense though--as Lucifer/Ashtoreth descending to our dying Earth during our age...?). Within this it appears that it is a necessity for the sexes to understand each other more--even if it means each taking on attributes of the other in order to do that. A bit of a ramble there; it was placed for a reason--offering something to mull over, but only for those who wish to observe it.

One point was purposely omitted to keep the above explanation simple. However looking back it should be observed, because it is so very pertinent to these specific times--that the Aeon of Horus is believed by some to end in a cleanup of civilization. In that context, Horus finds what still requires removal in order for our world to improve and ascend, calls Set in, and Set does whatever needs be done to break down the remnants of the old Aeon (of Osiris); this allows for the new aeon to be rung in. If I shoved this in with the above... well I did try and it was a riot.

As the Devil

As is light, darkness is a definite part of Lucifer; if one chooses to work with his dark side, it's certainly there and waiting. At the same time a being with light and dark aspects is not a Devil, but rather, a being with both necessary aspects of a duality. He's an excellent choice of demons to work with, no matter what the nature of a task may be.

As a Fallen Angel

Whereas some see Lucifer as being a fallen angel, others do not relate him to the bible; hence he does not fit that description for them. Lucifer being described as a fallen angel, in a sense depicts the Qabalistic breaking of the vessels and the events surrounding it. When the vessels broke due to being incapable of containing unlimited divine light, the universe had to restructure. In this, Lucifer moved from Kether to Yesod. While the bible interprets this as being a fall and a disgrace, others view it as Lucifer being moved into a position to help and guide mankind.


There is no one face of Luciferianism; within it lie a range of traditions and practices. There are those who regard Lucifer in their own way, either as a deity or a demon; this is typically from a Left Hand Path perspective, hence the main thing is to honor him rather than to follow a set tradition. Some perceive a hierarchy in line with a particular view of Gnosticism, where Lucifer is God and Satan is the demiurge; however, Lucifer can instead be placed as the demiurge with another as God.

He is by some regarded from a perspective of demonolatry rather than Gnosticism, in which case the demonolator leans towards knowing about Lucifer through he himself; some conduct magick empowered by him. Though the typical Luciferian celebrates him in their own way, sans dogma; there are temples honoring him, that do offer set teachings. However, they are not like mainstream churches, as their structure is designed to encourage participation in various occult and magickal practices, including awareness and spiritual growth.

At the Vatican

There has long been a statue of Lucifer at the Vatican. I do not know the facts of the statue, and the claims one commonly comes across, vary. Some say that it is there to depict Jesus rising from chains, others say that the Vatican makes little attempt to cover the reality of it being Lucifer. Regardless of what anyone says, it's there and is obviously Lucifer.

As Beelzebul

As broached upon in part 1 of this two part set, Lucifer is a face of Baal, and in that he is a face of every aspect of Baal. One of Baal's aspects was Baal Zevuv, which is Beelzebul, or Beelzebub. Ergo Lucifer is a face of Beelzebub.

Triumvirate: Lucifer, Ashtoreth, and Beelzebul

As per my own gnosis, Lucifer, Ashtoreth and Beelzebul, are together a trinity. When this trio is combined, they are a dynamic force that moves through Hod, Netzach, and Yesod; in this way they are a face of universal wisdom, doing divine work. Together they respond to calls from those removed from comfort, or perhaps it's clearer to say, suffering hardship of some kind. Each one has its own resolve to help someone recover. To call upon them, meditate them as a trinity and let their names filter through.

Yet Another Triumvirate: Lucifer is part of a powerful triumvirate apart from what's been mentioned so far (I added in the word powerful because all triumvirates are powerful). He did not want the precise nature of the triumvirate divulged--he said it is for those who seek the knowledge. The knowledge that hints on how to discover said triumvirate, is within this article, and is not complicated at all. The most powerful trinities are comprised of the Sun, Moon, and Venus.

As Jesus's Brother

Some lineages within Abrahamic faiths, regard Jesus and Lucifer as brothers; but not necessarily as kin. It's viewed as that God is the father of all; hence they are brothers.

Lucifer as Sopdu
Sopdu, yet another of the many faces of Lucifer.
Wikimedia Commons by CC 2.0. Author, Woodsboy2011

Deities Relative to Sirius

It was mentioned earlier in this post, that Sirius in some contexts, is seen as the evening star. The Egyptian deity Sopdet is the embodiment of Sirius. Sopdet is mother to the planet Venus, symbolized by her son, Sopdu. Sopdu thusly relates to Horus and Lucifer. Sopdet/Sirius is consort to Orion/Sah (aka Sha)They as a trio are equated with Isis, Osiris, and Horus. Sirius can also be personified as Hekate, Cerberus; Atlas's daughter, Maera; Europa's dog, Lailaps; and Anubis. Sirius is the Dog Star, hence there are some dogs and dog handlers associated with it.


Even with all this said about Lucifer and those who parallel him, there is so much more. There are especially more tasty tidbits to share on Lord Azazel, and for that, hopefully in the not too distant future we can take an in depth look at him.

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