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How to Invoke or Evoke a Goetic Demon :: Basic Beginner Instructions

Asmodeus Sigil
Asmodeus Sigil

By Amethyst Black

Finding Your Days a Little Ho-Hum Lately? Solution: Invoke a Demon!

Recently I was asked how a practitioner new to Goetic magick could get started working with Goetic spirits (some prefer to call them demons), i.e., how they could invoke one. The best response that could be given will vary, and should be entirely based upon the recipient's level of experience in other areas of magick, especially in dealing with spirits. However, this post will present in a way that will address as many practitioners as is possible.

This very simple tutorial post was written with the fairly new magician, yet one who is familiar with performing their own protection ritual and any other rituals they may use in magick, in mind. An example of such an optional ritual would be LBRP (a banishing ritual)--which by the way I do not automatically recommend to everyone, as it's more logical to control one's thoughts than leave everything up to external devices. In other words, KNOW going in that you don't need protection; KNOW going in that you won't deal with impostor spirits, as it is indeed that simple. That said, any magician would be somewhat remiss, or foolhardy even, to not have a protection ward up all of the time. This as being surrounded by other magicians, sooner or later you'll run into someone who is going to magick you, or get so upset they'll psychically drain you with the strength of their focus/thought/magickal energy... the point here being, that if a magician tries hard enough it is a potentiality for them to affect you, despite your solidity of knowing.

It must be said though, choose a ward that does not interfere with your magick; and if you like, also choose one that blocks out certain entity types (I prefer not to, as each one presents an opportunity to learn more). Choose or devise one that lets magick and any of your own willful energies and natural energies through, that only blocks whichever chosen energies. With that addressed, let's get back to the topic at hand, shall we?

The person who asked me how to invoke their first Goetic spirit, asked me specifically how to invoke Asmodeus (aka Asmodai); so he'll serve as an example. Note that I favour to call them spirits rather than demons; this is due to my personal view of Goetics, which all I'll say on that right now, is that if we separate them from their mainstream-Christian imposed vilification they are simply old gods/universal mechanisms. Now, the way the tutorial is worded refers to the end result being either invocation or evocation, meaning, that whether the being manifests inside the mind, outside of it, or as an apparition in a scrying mirror, the work will be considered successful.

Asmodeus, aka Asmodai


First off, don't do this on a lark, don't do it without any magickal experience, and absolutely don't do it if you have mental issues. Finally, if you do it, YOU take responsibility for it. If  you engage in magickal acts it is your responsibility to know everything you need to know. You screw up and you are legally and all other kinds of responsible. Do not, I repeat, do not come to me for help. I used to coach people who ran into issues, until I discovered that many don't listen. Who has time for that? I don't.

Before you begin with the ritual part, read up. Make sure you have a general awareness and knowledge of who and what Goetic spirits are. Also, if you subscribe to the "scary demons" description that some attribute to them--you know, when people say things such as--"if you work with Goetics, some day you'll owe them and will have to pay", do yourself a favour and rethink that. People spout such nonsense all the time, but just walk away from it. I would not advise proceeding with that belief set. Our beliefs create our respective reality, thus you don't want to go that route.

Getting down to business: You could invoke Asmodeus in a number of ways; the one I'd most recommend is, to prepare your space for your rite--darkness, candles, incense, whatever you like. A black scrying mirror if it serves you, or any mirror or sphere; and have his enn and sigil handy. Be aware that for best results working with Asmodai, your head must not be covered.

Asmodeus's Enn: Ayer avage Aloren Asmodeus aken. Here's a link to a video by Satan and Sons for pronunciation

Chant Asmodeus's enn for a few minutes--go by feel but about 3 minutes is suggested. You can chant the enn just the once, or can return to doing it later on if you face any blockage in invoking him.

Meditate the sigil for a while, and do so until you are familiar with the details of it. Then mentally focus on drawing Asmodai to you. This alone may serve as the connection--meaning to say that you may see him at this point (whether that be today, or if you repeat these steps again after today).

If a connection is not established, then try manipulating the sigil, scrying, or both. By manipulating the sigil I am talking about investing your focus heavily into it, becoming one with it. Handle it in whichever way feels good, but really mentally connect with it. This last bit works in most cases, it's just a matter of how long it takes, which of course will be different for everyone.

When  you see Asmodeus, be aware that if he feels that you need to be tested for any reason, he may show as a scary looking character. All I can say is, suck it up, it's part of dealing with Goetics. If a scary looking spirit upsets, you shouldn't be doing this.

Once you have the demon with you, the ball is in your court... be prepared; know what you want to do, where you want to go from there. The first few interactions though, are best spent connecting with the spirit. After your connection is well established you'll probably be full of ideas, as making that connection will serve as a source of inspiration for future communications and interactions.

A note of caution--you may have friends who want to try it too, and they will need to be guided with appropriate care if you assist. Some people do have fears and other perception issues, that make dealing with entities a harsh reality for them. This is the exception rather than the rule, but still, avoid making it your problem. Only help people that you know can handle it, and only as you yourself develop enough experience and gnosis to assist properly.

Furthermore, if you are one of those lonely introverts looking for a spectophilial relationship, well for one thing take my advice--it's an unhealthy thing. It may be satisfying for a while, then will lead you to a knowingness that ultimately you need to find your place within society, if for no other reason than to activate your place within the network of mankind. This is not about right and wrong, but rather, getting one's best foot forward to rejoin Unity, to make the whole process shorter and simpler. On the other hand, if  you must engage in spectrophilial relationships, the proper advice to give would be to stay away from Goetics if that's on your mind. These are the old gods, not toys. On the other hand, when properly respected one can have a friendship with one or more of them.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law


**What is it to rejoin Unity? When we die we either return to earth for the same lessons we are supposed to be learning now, or we join with the great nothingness (Unity), which is the target goal for us as spirits. To rejoin Unity, in theory we need to release ego based drives and think from a basis of universality... not programmed group-think, this is entirely different. It isn't about thinking like a sheep, but rather, involves to act in favor of one's own higher will, and to defend the right to do so; and at the same time involves respecting the free will of others. This is a base concept of Thelema philosophy, but not just it, some other faiths and philosophies use it as well.

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