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Why Are Magicians Often Poor? What Can Be Done to Create Change?

Why are magicians poor?

Subtitled: The Magus with No Money

by Jude

Why it is that many magicians are poor, or at least, not wealthy? This could be an erroneous judgment call, because as a rule people don't announce their financial statuses on social media. But based upon what we do see, this appears to have a basis in reality.

Why Do They Have Financial Issues?

As my own theory goes, initially people are drawn to magick to overcome obstacles in their life. Hence people who become magicians, as one potential obstacle, are likely to be facing financial issues. How it works, is that as a result of the energy they expend they either prosper or fail to prosper. What comes to them is directly in response to what they put out, the same as it works for everyone. They have an energy frequency that is achieved through their thought and action. Some claim that it cannot be their own actions causing their hardship, as they've tried every resolution and nothing's improved. Yet we do create our own reality. When people end up in that maze of financial or any misfortune, it's difficult to find a way out.

How Can They Create Improvement?

It's safe to say that most people have analyzed their plight with great care. However, in doing that there is some tendency to neglect external influences. Yes, there are those who place blame entirely externally, but that's another matter.

So here's what to do... keep in mind I suggest this for everyone, including myself. To be frank, I have Lyme disease which leaves me tired. When I do my magickal work I am less tired and am more likely to attend to things magickal and otherwise. But sometimes I simply don't feel like it, and this is the nature of being human. Hence I speak to you as a co-journeyer, certainly not a guru (laughs).

And with that said, here are the things I'd suggest we keep an eye on in order to extricate ourselves from difficulty, especially financial:

1) Examine your views on money, this including any thoughts that are poverty related, such as chronically complaining about the cost of things, or buying items only when they're on sale even if you need them before that. Or passing up the chance to visit someone because it costs gas, or to take a gift to a dinner host to keep another few bucks in your pocket. Or have you ever caught yourself complaining, "that's for rich people," or some other relative thing to suggest that you are not rich, or that rich people are not good people?

2) Pay attention to who is in your innermost circle. Are they negative or positive thinkers? Do they tend to see the bright side or the downside of things? Maybe you yourself don't have poor money-related thoughts, or have over come them; but does one or more of those around you, have a poverty mentality? Block out all their stuff with shielding. As you block though, allow an otherwise free energy flow.

Lose those who energetically hinder you, from your inner circle. If you cannot easily walk away from them repel them by magick. And if you are in a circumstance where it's not easy for you to distance yourself from someone with a poverty mentality, consider calling on the Goetic demon Dantalion to change their mind. Many of you viewing this at least dabble in baneful magick. There will be some however, who feel that what I just suggested interferes with free will, which is by definition black magick, and may feel that "black magick is this or that"; but the truth is, black magick is what you make it. You can make your journey through life and magick easy or hard, and it begins with your mind, so control it. Keep your thoughts positive and focused when you do any magick where you feel there may be a potential for fallout, and never let that concern stop you from extricating yourself from a situation. Sometimes there are few other ways to move out of a current mire. Anything worth having has a price. Working out has a cost--pain. Its payoff is worth it. Going to the grocery store costs--money, time, gas, inconvenience, etc. But you get to eat. Getting married has a cost... you get my point. Black magick is no different.

Aura Healing, Space Clearing, Cord Cutting, etc.

3) If you've undergone trauma or psychic attack, your aura may need healing in order to pull things back together. LBRP at least three times a day for as long as needed, and in that way your aura will be enabled to heal itself. You are vulnerable without your aura intact, so this is a biggie.

4) To deal with ancestral issues, use cord cutting. This will allow you to distance yourself from your ancestor's energies, thoughts, actions and mistakes.

5) Do energy clearing; Cleanse yourself, your home, your office, everywhere. Magickal baths work wonders for personal energy cleansing; bells, singing bowls, and smudges (especially ethically sourced palo santo), are great for space clearing. Energy clearing needs to be done on an ongoing basis; more so as one begins a phase of it. Other solid alternatives for energy clearing include burning dragons blood resin incense, or frankincense and myrrh. For periods of especially heavy energy, consider adding a pinch of asafoetida to your incense. It stinks, I won't lie, but it removes everything you don't want from within your space and personal energy field.

6) Block out any baneful magick or psychic interference entirely. Create a ward, also mentally reject banefulness--tell yourself that it doesn't exist in your universe. If you can't wrap your mind around that, do the work. LBRP regularly, use a hex breaking spell, create a ward; do whatever you feel you need to do.

7) Pay attention to what you do to encourage money to come your way. The less you do, the less money will come your way, it virtually goes without saying. People inherently know this, so if  you aren't doing all you can to draw money to you, then it may be time to consider if you are either depressed, or somehow energetically challenged. There could be something within your environment energetically stunting you; it could be anything. Random examples would be: the ley of the land under your home, or electricity towers or lines interfering. If energetically challenged you can fix that with LBRPing and spellwork. Keep in mind though, that there may be someone near you who is energetically stifling you, and this can happen whether they know they are doing it or whether they don't. If this seems to be the case, remove them from your environment; if you can't, make sure to energetically protect yourself. If you're depressed, seek professional help.

Use Affirmations, or Sigils?

8) Affirmations: to consistently repeat positive affirmations may cause confusion. Your subconscious knows the truth. With you announcing you are rich while your subconscious mind has been trained to perceive lack, it's only logical that turmoil will ensue. You can work to reprogram your brain by strategically placing sigils designed for the purpose, within your environment. If you like you can ask Dantalion to help you with subconscious reprogramming. Dantalion's greatest expertise lies in changing thoughts and perceptions, and includes other mind related work. 

Draw Money: Use Rituals, Sigils, or Have a Deity or Daemon Assist

9) Do some money drawing magick. Call on Clauneck, Bune, Lakshmi, Ploutos, Plouton, Hathor, Venus, Satan, Jupiter; or Mercury/Hermes (Mercury or Hermes, esp. for those in business). Heck, call on them all at once; if nothing else it will be a heck of a party.  NOT. Just kidding. Focus is key; no need to get carried away.

10) Keep charged, money drawing sigils around you.

Other necessary work that could and should be done, is to meditate this issue, either to the universe or to your patron deity; needed answers will come. Don't expect your deities or demons to do all of the work for you. They can help considerably, but if you don't create change of your own, you aren't likely to experience long term success. And periodically do a spot check. Where does the focus of your attention lie, on problems or solutions? On the hell and or blockages you face, or on creating more beauty for yourself?

That's enough to think about for a while, so ciao for now.


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