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The Potential Message of Lilith as Hekate, in one Isolated Incident; by Jude

Hekate tri-form statue
A tripled formed Hekate statue. Wikimedia file; public domain

Dear Facebook Friend;

I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty of answering your most evocative question on my blog, but I do so without revealing your name, and write with the utmost degree of sincerity and respect. You asked an open question within an FB group environment, stating that you normally commune with Lilith, but the last time Hekate came instead and you didn't quite understand why. You also pointed out that you'd read an article that shed some light, but felt that there may have been some relativity to the fact that you've been paralyzed since 2018, within her visit. Your question was not to me personally, but yet I was moved by it, hence this is my response...

Though it is not being suggested that you were previously in a state of stasis, nothing good comes to one in such a state; at best people get by when things stay the same. However, there is much to be learnt through change. Sometimes the universe shakes us up with a serving of less than well received change; some comes a bit later in life. It seems that when an aggressively life changing health situation such as you are dealing with comes later in life, the person has their past and their less challenging physical level of ability within it, to compare their current situation to. That smarts.

Consider this, if you will. Imagine your life like the holographic Nintendo type game it truly is. To reach your best level of self, your mission in this lifetime, either you win by natural instinct, or the universe steps in as a tool to jump start you to win. The universe handed you the cheat code. It's not what you'd have asked for, but still it's what happened.

Look at Aleister Crowley, his health challenge came to him relatively early, he had asthma. His solution was to master his mind and body to the extent he could. He did yoga, played chess, meditated, became a seasoned mountain climber, and so much more. He took drugs, and did not deny himself heroin--which was one of the few viable ways back then, to relieve oneself of that kind of pain on an ongoing basis. Most don't remark on the depth of pain Crowley suffered; heroin was definitely called for. Partially because of his heroin use, he became one of the greatest magicians of all time, and also perhaps partially due to it he became one of the most prolific authors of all time. At the very least he didn't let his medical heroin usage become an obstacle to him. Asthma was to him as a grain of sand to an oyster--enabling him to create a pearl, or rather, many of them.

You've asked about Hekate. Here's how I see things. I have mentioned before that I have done numerous meditations while working on my own depiction of Goetia hierarchy. Though most would not consider Hekate a Goetic, in my perception of the hierarchy she is relevant. What I can say is that in my own gnosis, at the highest levels of spirit there is not a lot of difference between one being and the next, meaning that there are not strict borders between them. One entity can easily adopt some traits from another or blend with another or become one with them. So when Lilith shifted you to Hekate, that was her showing you that at that/this point in time, she was/is Hekate. Many do not know this but darker flavoured magicians most often do--when it comes to magick and occultism, Hekate is one of the darkest goddesses. All dark goddesses are aspects of Lilith and also of each other. Lilith is an avatar of the unknowable godcluster energies, as obviously they are both male and female. They are light, dark, male female, up, down, in and out, etc, ad infinitum; my point is that as they are Lilith, they are also Eve, Samael, Adam, and so on and so forth.

Lilith, John Collier painting
John Collier Painting. Wikimedia file; public domain

The message you were expected to get from Hekate coming to you as part of Lilith or instead of Lilith, however you see it, is probably exactly what you got (I'd probably tend to see Hekate's presence as being a gift of love and empowerment from Lilith, but it's your journey). When we seek answers and are resonating with a certain deity as we consider, they'll usually lead us to find what we seek. I read some of that article (the link you posted) and a few things jumped out. It underscores that Hekate assists women to empower themselves, to stand high amongst men within a patriarchal society, to make their own way apart from the general way, she helps find answers and helps one to illuminate themselves, she can help one to discover reason to center their emotions concerning their physical body; she is goddess of all crossroads of challenge, and perhaps above all, she is the dark goddess--like Lilith, Babalon, Kali, Ashtoreth and others... when ready She will beckon you as it's your time to cross the Abyss (the last two points are from my own gnosis rather than the article you brought up). These things should help you identify why Hekate is with you.

Learn all you can from Hekate/Lilith. Call her to you when you magick. Make offerings to fuel her and to let her know your appreciation for her. Meditate to her sometimes. In these ways you keep your connection to her vibrant and alive. In magick Hekate is amongst the shortlist of most knowledgeable deities and daemons.

In ancient Egypt she was Heqet; this illustrates that just as she is a goddess of death, she is also bringer of life. Her presence strongly suggests there will be a birth in your life... birth as in a tarot Ace type meaning... there will be an opening of energy that will be ripe to start something grand and new, and what you do with it is entirely up to you, what becomes of it is entirely up to you and the approach you take and the energy you invest into it. As well and for what it means to you, Heqet is a goddess of revival and renewal.

Hekate coming to you is a blessing. If it were me I'd be honored. As the answers you seek all take their place within your own gnosis, you'll feel the same. I get a strong feeling of necromantic magick being ideal for you... what do you think? ... Why do I ask? Because it's one of Hekate's "things" in magick. Beyond that, what is the message of Hekate's triple form? What would be the message of her/you as the maiden, the mother, and what will be her message as you become the crone? Sounds like some deep meditating. What does her moon goddess form tell you? It urges me to think of the messages of The Moon tarot card... one being, when life leaves one bewildered, to sink into the depths of the subconscious to find answers; meanwhile simply strive to be water, conform to your environment like water to a cup and in that way, accept. I also can't help but draw a correlation with Lucifer in her being relative to Yesod, but no elaboration will be provided, as this article would become too long.

No one's suggesting it's an easy journey; but it's as much about the journey as the goal, which one never reaches--it's the Fool's journey; once we get to Kether, we turn around and come back. We can't find the reasons for everything, this is a part of what is ineffable; the ineffable is not a god, or is it? Yet we are that god too.

But one message of ineffability is--not to limit oneself through applying words of self description.

Darkest Blessings to you, and thanks for letting me have the floor. 


In publishing this piece, my intent was to illustrate how to break the components of experiences such as this person's, down into more easily analyzed bites; and also to provide an example of how to grasp messages relative to the visit of a deity or daemon.

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