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The Deer as a Spirit Animal and Totem :: Dreams and Visions

A fallow deer
A male fallow deer


The deer has a nature that does not change, and its traits and ways provide its message to the individual receiving a visit. It may appear only fleetingly to deliver its message to someone; and to others it may appear periodically through their lifetime--when this second instance happens, it is generally considered the host's totem animal.

Considering the Deer as a Totem Spirit

by Jude

The most prominent set of deer traits of character are, kindness, compassion, gentleness, and caring. Both male and female deer are known for their beauty; both male and female are noble in appearance.

The deer is a harmonious being; it is accepting of its surroundings, compassionate, and nurturing and content. However, at the same time deer are prepared to fight, to stand up for themselves when a situation calls for it. Both male and female deer may battle for their standing within the hierarchy of their herd. What's the message here? That at times people will come at us full force or encroach onto our territory, and may even try to destroy our peace. Even as peaceful beings we can set matters straight though, using force moderately as required.

From their environment (as sustenance), and within their community, deer take only what they need. Thus they are fair, and for the most part don't interfere with the needs of other deer.

Most generally speaking it's the males who have antlers, and deer antlers are symbolic of a few things. Antlers represent our spiritual journey, and the choice of paths we can take at any time while traversing it. Also, antlers symbolize the branches of our family tree, and the ancestors adorning it who are likely to watch over us. Additionally, given how tall antlers are they speak of higher states of awareness and spiritual growth; and furthermore they symbolize trees, which embody strength and stability.

If you've had a dream or vision involving a deer, you may want to consider matters where one or more predominant deer traits apply. It could be that such issues are currently up for you to scrutinize and consider changing. Or, perhaps otherwise it's being suggested that you've recently outgrown or overcome barriers in these areas, and are now moving on in a way that will serve you better because of it; and the deer in your vision swung by to give you a high five, as it were.

In Interactions with Others

The appearance of a deer urges you to be kind, considerate, understanding and tolerant; not only for the good of others, but also to have your own path unfold in a more optimal way. The deer does not require a reason to be kind.

In Relationships

Deer tend to stay in relatively small groups, and their respective groups (male or female) are limited to same gendered deer. The females raise their young separated from the mature males, and sometimes will remain in the company of their grown female offspring and subsequent grandchildren. In relationships, deer can represent the loyalty and closeness of female to female or male to male connections; this in turn speaks of reciprocal care, loyalty, and affection. However, if the person receiving the vision is experiencing blockages in a matter of loyalty or nurture, their vision may be suggesting that they examine why that is, what their part in it is, and what to do about it.

In relationships as well, the appearance of a deer may suggest that when there is distancing in an intimate partnership, the person may consider investing more time in activities with their platonic friends for a while. This could be for the comfort while adjusting to a new phase, or may alternatively be to create space for the partner, who may need time to reflect, heal, or reset. Developing new interests and new ways to feel good when things get tough, is a healthy idea; not all healing takes place on fast forward after all. Sometimes when things get tough we develop attachments to the negative feelings that offshoot the issue at hand. When we focus elsewhere those energies diminish or disappear.

Along the same line of thought, deer migrate when the season changes or when food is not easily available. If a circumstance gets tough, the appearance of this animal may urge you to consider whether you need to take some time away from your own circumstance. The distancing will allow you to get a far clearer view of the big picture, and allow you to see if and even when, the time is right to return.

In Health

Generally the deer is a healthy being, that succumbs to few potential illnesses. If the deer has a message for you about health, it's worth considering your diet and/or activity level. Deer may be relatively active, or less so. Any potential message aligning with this, may suggest for a person to engage in some activity even if they feel limited in that sense. The deer eats entirely natural and appropriate foods, and only as much as they need; which we can all take lessons from.

In Money

Though deer don't need money per se, the deer has everything (s)he needs at virtually all times. Any hardship he encounters of this variety, will be fleeting. If harder times continue deer will migrate, which could be a lesson in ongoing blockages of this kind.

In Self Esteem

A deer always looks tidy and dignified. If you do not feel good about yourself, follow their example. Get dressed up even if staying at home. Do whatever it takes to feel your best. Put on a silk smoking jacket to sit and watch TV. Treat yourself to the best you can sensibly afford at all times. Take yourself out to a nice dinner alone, or go on a shopping trip for fine clothes when the budget permits. However, at the same time it would be remiss not to add, that appearance means little if one does not feel good about who they are and their behavior towards others.

A fawn
Good fortune! A fawn

Fawns and Yearling Deer

Seeing a fawn in a dream or vision, at times suggests of someone playing on your naivete, or that a situation is not likely to play out well due to what remains unbeknownst to you. Alternatively the vision of a fawn may suggest for you to remain passive for the time being; this as there is an evolutionary process in the works, and taking action before the ideal point is reached will not serve.

A nice thing about seeing a fawn is, if you have just embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey or career path, it's being suggested that you made a right choice and that good fortune will likely become of it. If the success comes further in, it may be a yearling deer you'll see to glean the same message. Another message of the yearling is, that a situation or a person has managed you in some way, for long enough. Maybe for some reason you needed taking care, of or needed a mentor, or maybe you've been in a comforting situation for a time. The yearling tells you that you have outgrown that, and that it's time to move on to greener pastures; it's time to take care of yourself henceforth.

Further Insight

Deer are observant; their fine skills of observation serve them in protection. Observation skills serve in an additional way for humans, such as when someone is experiencing hardship or causing hardship for others. Through using observation skills as we deal with them, we can determine what the underlying source of the matter at hand is and deal with them more compassionately.

And speaking of observation, the reason hunters use tree stands is because deer tend not to look up when they sense danger, as threats from up high do not standardly occur in their environment. So if you see a deer in a vision and it seems fine yet you sense it's in danger, that may be your cue to consider that a hazard you are facing or may face, could be from somewhere you'd not expect danger to originate from.

As well, a deer needs to be ultra observant at night; thus it must rely on senses other than eyesight in order to remain safe. Thus deer represent higher psychic awareness and intuition. If you are not using, developing, or trusting your own intuition, this is your cue. Intuition directly connects to spiritual growth. Therefore the appearance of a deer suggests that we are growing in spirit, and also urges us to note the relativity of our spiritual growth, to our development of deer-like traits.


The deer in all likelihood came around to urge you to examine heart chakra issues in your life. We each glide through days, acting sometimes propelled by emotional impulses or character quirks instilled by past trauma. Sometimes when caught up in the fray we forget to separate ourselves from the emotional impetus; and when we don't do that we may end up hurting others based upon what we feel. This syndrome is more likely to happen to someone who has been hurt often, over a long period of time. The deer understands, and urges you to be like him or her; so calm down and center, and do what's best for all involved.


A big thank you goes out to my friend, Adam K, for adding his two cents to the pot.

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