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Radionics and Psionic Magick; What Are They and How Do They Work?

Radionics box
Radionics box. Wikimedia file; user: Eliyahu747. By CC 3.0

The above image shows an example of the type of box and paraphernalia used by healers back in the early days of radionics. Today similar boxes are used, both in magick and healing, but you won't likely see vials sitting next to them.

Subtitle: A Simpler Way to Magick

by Jude

Amongst practicing magicians and witches, psionic magick is only a moderately common practice. However, amongst those who do practice it, its power is duly acknowledged and and valued. A radionics box is the instrument most commonly used to conduct psionic magick. However, one can use other devices, such as a symbolic Hieronymus machine; or a wishing machine, where they can use digits instead of other types of "wish" input; or they can otherwise use digital programs. It's not precisely the same concept, but the same general results may be obtained from working digits with a frequency generator as well.

Psionic magick is valued in healing, and it's where the practice gets the lion's share of its attention. It's hard to know why it's not more popular amongst magicians in general, given the results that one gets working with it. What's my theory on why that is? you may ask. Well, I've heard magicians ask before, "what kind of magician would resort to digital processes, and omit the legwork, the ritual work, the understanding of occult laws and processes, and so on, that one is exposed to with other types of magick?"

In response to that, my own opinion (and likely that of most psionic magick practitioners) is, if one can have access to powerful magick, fast working magick, and as accurate magick as any, does it really matter what form it comes in? To use any magick, including psionics, certainly one is not limited to using only the one kind. Working with a variety of magickal processes is invigorating. In my own experience, at times my deity and demon crew have even helped out by showing me creative ways to use psionics. However, for the purpose of succinctness, this post will revolve around basic psionic magick information. Furthermore, that one "resorts to digital processes" in magick, does not mean that they do not read on occult topics.

Who Developed Radionics?

Radionics is a practice that was first introduced as a concept by Albert Abrams (1863–1924). Abrams, throughout his career held various medical positions and was regarded within medicine as a consummate professional. With that said, even with all of his achievements within medicine, what he was best remembered for besides creating the practice of radionics, is his claim that through using the various devices he created, he could diagnose and cure virtually any disease.

It was Albert Abrams' belief that disease was not caused by cell imbalance, but rather, by an imbalance of the electrons of the atoms within diseased tissue. It was a controversial concept in his time, as was his theory that energy radiating from diseased tissue could be sensed after passing through a healthy person or along a length of wire. We still don't know if these things are true, as science can prove things when it's possible to do so, but when concepts are "disproven," the results can change at a later date. Sometimes even the results of what has been proven change as more is revealed.

What Is a Radionics Box?

It is a box shaped housing, and it has dials, at least one, but may have many more than that. Six, nine or twelve, are the typical numbers of dials you will find on these boxes. They generally have a witness plate and a target plate. On the witness plate is placed a picture or description, of the person, group, or object receiving the spell. On the target plate is placed a write-up or sigil or what have you, relative to the intent that is being put out towards said person.

There is a third plate, usually a circular plate of resin, now let's look at its purpose. Before the spell is transacted, a digital value for it must be selected. There are various ways to do this, each person teaching psionics will probably be prone towards using a different approach. My own is this, to have both plates loaded, and to then to rub my fingers briskly back and forth across the resin plate until I feel stick (some will feel tingle rather than stick). The dial is stopped in the position with most stick. Once each dial is set, I'll acknowledge that the spell is set to go and will tap my machine lightly with a wand and say, "so mote it be."

There are alternate ways to select the digits used as well. If you don't feel confident determining which digits are stickiest, try using a pendulum. Write numbers out on a paper and see which one your pendulum veers towards, to determine each dial's setting. Upon completion of a spell, it's important to set the dials back to zero.

Radionics in Magick and Healing

To use a radionics box in psionic magick, the description given in the previous paragraph describes how it's done. In healing it works the same way. Let's not go any deeper into using healing magick, because magick is my thing over healing. I will add one point though. You can take an herb or even a picture of an herb or expensive pill, and sends its energy to a recipient. Disclaimer: I do not recommend that people do this. I recommend that people see physicians; period.

When reading up on this topic one is sure to find references to radionics and psionics being quackery. However, some very effective practices cannot be encapsulated by modern science. The fact that how a device works cannot be pinpointed by today's scientific principles, means nothing when something works; and radionics does work. It works like all magick works, implanting an intent into the universe. Everything in this universe has an energy frequency; the intent in this case is delivered in digital format.

What's Inside a Radionics Box?

A radionics box is not an electrical device; and it is hard to discern precisely how it works given its construction. It has potentiometers, wires, and quartz crystals. Anything else is optional. Some create their boxes with nothing but dials, and claim to get results. It sure sounds like quackery; but what if it's not so simple? Maybe its effect is not a placebo one--what if psionic magick creates a digital connection to another dimension, where anything is possible via digital processes? (The example being just one of many possibilities). Who really knows.

It's important that as magicians and healers we keep our minds open, and investigate tools that call us. Is psionic magick for you? You decide.

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