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What's with Celebrities Covering One Eye or the Other? Is It an Occult Thing?

Celebrities, one eye covered
Celebrities with one eye covered

A blog reader asked:

Hi Jude, I'm having great pains in not understand the left & right eye concepts in terms of the music industry. I play guitar, and study self & mind every day of my life. I'm not sure about all this illuminate [sic] lingo, but I am completely aware that musicians such as Madonna, Eminem, Lady Gaga, etc., all have photographs of themselves covering one eye. The problem is sometimes they cover the right, and other times the left! Then they do triangles (eg., Jay-Z, then a circle with the 3 fingers to represent 666). I don't have any problems with this other than not understanding which eye to cover up & why.

At first I thought to cover the left because that was the moon eye, so it would be darker, and perhaps the right eye would represent the left brain of creativity, over the logical right brain (hinting that these people are illuminated or enlightened, to the sub-conscious mind of the public watching).

Then recently I watched Madonna 2019 with a patch on her LEFT eye with a cross (x) on it; so I got confused again.

As I said, I'm in pain from not understanding. I would love if you can help me with any insight. Is it something Aleister Crowley has done? I just don't get it. Or is it just literally both (eyes)?

Your write up mentioned that the left was darkened; then it also said the right was stolen? (I think). Maybe that is why both sides can be darkened; or is it stages of illumination? Perhaps one's good or one bad?

Thank You for your time,

Note: the question above was edited in a minor way, but its context remains unchanged.


Jude Responded:

Hi A****, and thank you for your evocative question. Truly, all I can offer in return is my own opinion. :::Sigh:::, but the problem with opinions, is that everyone has one. Celebrities don't discuss these signs openly and frankly, so defining them is open to interpretation. The activity you have referred to (as you touched upon), is believed to have connections to multiple topics, including occultism, religion, the Illuminati, and others. I believe there are multiple reasons they cover an eye and would like to address that, and will also discuss why they use the triangle. By the way, all explanations offered within this post will be mere hypotheses, as none of it can be proven.

The primary reasons for making the gestures are probably relatively benign. For one thing, they make great and provocative photographs, and as well, generate much talk. On the other hand, we don't really know what's going on behind the scenes. And, beyond just these gestures, it's hard not to notice that celebrities in the performing arts frequently provide other types of references to the cluster of topics previously referenced, and also Freemasonry, MK Ultra (and similar concepts), Satanism, etc. It's but one possibility that their strings are being pulled by the so called Illuminati, which would explain the triangle, as the eye in the triangle-form All Seeing Eye symbol shines like the sun; it thusly refers to illumination (as does an eye when not shining). The 666 sign may also refer to the Illuminati, as there is a connection between it and the so called elite classes; it is after all, a sign of materialism in its most basic sense. However, it's also possible that these signs in most cases are being used freely and without coercion.

It's also possible, as hinted at in some magazines, that celebrities often are brainwashed. This sounds like absolute horsepucky. However, once a person meets someone who is actively being manipulated/brainwashed by any of the associations of the elite classes and hears of how it works and how far reaching it is, though they may try to push it out of their mind in order to make sense of this world, there it stays. Rather than quote anyone, I'll say--I believe that those stories about celebs and newscasters being brainwashed and handled are true in cases... maybe even far more often than we can imagine. But back to the main topic now. The fury of some is definitely aroused in celebrities making these signs. In any industry where attention is required, if they aren't talking about you, you aren't important. Good talk, bad talk; you know, it's attention either way.

Which eye to cover: In my humble opinion, it makes little or no difference. Let me explain. The eye being covered obviously alludes to one or the other of the eyes of Horus or Ra. The left eye is the eye of Horus and has attributes of the moon; the right eye is the eye of Ra, and has sun attributes. Is either good or bad? Not really. For starters, in occultism there is no good or bad, there is only that which serves and that which does not serve, and there is balance. Both polarities of anything--that at a surface glance appear good/bad--are simply parts of the same greater whole. Now an evocative thought: if a person is covering their left eye, are they referring to their left eye or their right? The only one who could know is the one doing it. Covering the left eye could refer to the tale of losing it, but it could also refer to actively using the right eye.

In fact, this question appears to align with, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Yet even more so, it seems that rather than not knowing which specific thing is being alluded to in covering any one eye, one is, rather, led to concern themselves with any and all matters relative to the symbolism of seeing either eye covered. Even seeing it done is illuminating in that sense. Those who have little to no interest in occultism, will find themselves investigating it to discover more. This promotes liberty and free thought, and helps remove restrictive thinking.

In reference to your observation about right and left brain and related messages: as you said, the left eye is relative to the right brain, and vice versa. So the right eye covered, in theory would refer to the left eye being used, and thus would suggest right brain thinking; which subsequently suggests intuitive awareness and greater awareness. However, in recent years it has been scientifically substantiated that a human brain does not favor using one hemisphere or the other. Why would anyone want, on the other hand, to ever refer to left brain thinking? Only one potential reason I can think of... that perhaps their logical thought is implanted by someone else--that they see the world according to, errr, whom...? I see no other reason to allude to left brain thinking here. Reminder: It's an observation of potentiality, I do not suggest that it is necessarily a message being put out.

Now, let's take a look at the tales relative to each eye.

The tale of the eye of Horus: Horus and Set were fighting; Horus was furious over the fact that Set killed Osiris, his father. During the fight Set ripped out Horus's left eye and distributed the bits all over the land. Depending on which historical account you read (each area of Egypt had their own version of most myths), either Thoth, Hathor, or Khonsu restored the eye. Thereafter Horus gave the eye to Osiris as an offering, which brought Osiris back to life. Thus the left eye is associated not only with the moon, but also creating balance, healing, renewal, the golden ratio, miracles, manifestation, magick, protection, devotion, and personal sacrifice. Normally passivity is relative to the moon, but strangely enough has no place in how this tale relates to the eye. The nature of passivity must be assumed by the qualities of the eye itself being female. As a parallel, covering the left eye can also refer to standing up for what one believes in.

The tale of the right eye; the Eye of Ra.

Here, rather than write it again, I'll just quote myself from another article:

"The right eye of Horus is relative to the attributes and power of the sun, and also to Ra. Horus's right eye, to us when we look at his image, is the one on the left. It can be a self standing entity, and also is personified as or associated with: Bastet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Tefnut, Nekhbet, and the goddess Wadjet. At times Sekhmet was sent forth as 'the Eye of Ra,' to fight those who rebelled against him. That's why the Eye of Ra has darker connotations than the Eye of Horus." 

With the aforementioned, the primary messages of the right eye, are relative to managing the eternal chaos of the universe--sorting it out to create a grander plan. To explain it, in the article referred to via the previous link, there's a comment about keeping Apophis (as chaos) from interfering in the grand creation of the universe. Quoting myself again:

"Bastet, who is also seen as an eye of Ra, is in an eternal battle against Apophis. It is Apophis's aim to destroy the universe that is being built and constantly worked upon. Imagine the universe as a box of Legos, and mankind and all deities are working to make something grand from the pieces. Now imagine Apophis trying to shove the Legos back in the box... Bastet's job is to keep him from interfering." 

How does the aforementioned fit into this topic? It refers to how the right eye outrightly demonstrates the power of the female. This tale presents a small conundrum, just like the left eye did. It's the more male eye, but it's a goddess demonstrating power here, kind of like the female qualities of the eye turned inside out, in a sense.

Summarizing the messages of the right eye: goddess, female power, illumination, consciousness, awareness, war, vengeance, aggression, asserting power, courage; and again, magick, and the golden ratio.

As a Thelemite, the aforementioned tale is of utmost importance to yours truly, and as such it seems the most likely basis for the covering of either eye. However, there is another mythological possibility; let's consider Odin for a moment:

How the story of Odin's one missing eye may relate: Odin was the Norse god of wars, battles, victory and death. He was furthermore the god of wisdom, prophesy, poetry, and magic. He had only one eye. The other was gone because he wanted something so badly, that he sacrificed that eye in order to receive it. What he wanted was knowledge. Though this mythological tale may be what the covered eye is alluding to or a factor of it, it is not necessarily higher knowledge that celebrities are indicating they make big sacrifices for. Which eye Odin lost, however, is not known for certain. Thus if referring to this, either eye could be covered.

And here's an absolutely different perspective on the covering of an eye: Zechariah 11:17 (KJV): "Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened." --this, if being alluded to, is a clear reference to allegiance; but to whom? As well, it suggests that covering the right eye may at times refer to having turned away from Christianity. 

There's another reference in the bible, but to the darkening of both eyes; it's in Genesis 20:16. The King James Bible says: 16To Sarah he said, “Look, I have given your brother a thousand pieces of silver; it is your exoneration before all who are with you; you are completely vindicated.” It is believed by some to mean that Isaac was perhaps given money (by King Abimelech of Gerar) but also had his eyesight gradually taken away from him, to rectify what he and Sarah had done. Others believe that the curse was applied because Sarah did not wear some type of veil, that was perhaps required to be worn by married women in those times.

A rendering of the All-Seeing Eye

Let's take a closer look at some of the gestures used:

The Triangle gesture, based on the All Seeing eye, or the Eye of Providence: In many faiths and philosophies, the All-Seeing Eye (the Eye of Providence) is used to represent a greater power, especially a creator power; and also omniscience. Many bridge this symbol to Freemasonry or the Illuminati. However, its origin lies in Christianity. The same symbolism though, refers to a solar god, which would be Horus. Strongly suggested is illumination, also manifestation.

A plain triangle can refer to the Greek letter Delta, which suggests change or transformation.

In occultism and magick, the triangle is representative of the Supernal Triad, and thus divinity, a divine trinity, creation, and a supreme being realizing itself; also, in crossing the Abyss to get to that Triad, relinquishing one's ego. The triangle is a strong symbol of manifestation, and thus is well used within magickal sigils and seals; even as a hand gesture it carries the power of manifestation. The triangle also refers to power, because trinities are powerful. Furthermore a triangle refers to calling in spirits and energies (invocation and evocation). A triangle can refer to the cycle of life, birth and death (in any order), and also mind, body and spirit. It can also refer to moon phases, which can in turn refer to phases in other things (such as transformations, so commonly suggested by popular symbols used).

Aeister Crowley in Magician's attire
Aeister Crowley in Magician's attire, with hat depicting the Eye of Horus

In Crowley's Thelema philosophy, the triangle sign is the elemental sign for fire, and represents the goddess, 'Thoum-aesh-neith.' However, also in Thelema, this moment in time, or rather our entire age, stands within the Aeon of Horus; and the primary function of Horus's aeon, is to introduce freedom to live by ones true will, in freedom and liberty. Integral to doing so, is to remove the remnants of Osiris's aeon of patriarchal society, of which the greatest oppressors are patriarchal organizations, including mainstream churches. Crowley had no personal agenda against churches, but deities passed news through him that the age of patriarchal authorities will ultimately be relegated to a past tense. This does not mean that women will rule, but rather, that equality will be the mean. Read more on that here.

How does the Aeon of Horus fit into this topic? Well, when the covered eye represents Horus, Horus is connected to Ra (Ra is an aspect of Horus, as Horus is an aspect of Ra), Ra is connected to Atum. Atum is the creator. The triangle represents the creator. The triangle therefore, represents the Aeon of Horus. But at the same time, I am not suggesting that this is something that celebrities or their superiors are putting out there, but rather, that Spirit finds its way to bring in change, and finds ways for us to see that change is underway. So while celebrities, handlers, Illuminati, and whoever else, may be putting this stuff out to get media attention, Spirit may be using it as a device to remind us that change is well underway in this Aeon of Horus.

As another point--these symbols are magickal. It's possible that celebrities (or some of them) are aware that they can conduct simple magickal acts through using them, such as manifestation, and potentially psychic vampirism (and no, I am not suggesting that any or all celebrities are psychic vampires; we are merely looking at potentialities, and also examining theories already offered by others). Read on to see why psychic vampirism was mentioned at all.

The diamond sign. Though not referenced within this article, the diamond sign is becoming more and more popular. It is a sign of money and power, and was made popular by the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Meaning of 666: Refers to the biblical sign of the beast, Aleister Crowley, Satan, materialism, bondage, greed, the earth, mankind, carbon, and DNA. It also hints at Lord Shiva, who destroys the cosmos in order to rebuild it. Some believe that Shiva is an alternate personification of Satan, as one of the many epithets concerning him, is "The Lord dwells on the Himaavat Mountain 666." However, the connection to Satan may be made in naivete, as this number if researched relates to Satanism, but also connects strongly to the sun. In that, the suggestion is simple and quite innocent--that light and dark aspects of being must be embraced in order for one to become enlightened. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, the 666 sign potentially references the Illuminati, given that it is a direct reference to materialism.

On another note, why the 666 sign gets some in such an uproar needs to be more closely examined. All religions and faiths should be equal. It is the work of mainstream religion that the name Satan strikes such fear. There is no need for that. Many assume that being Satanist or celebrating a pantheistic faith which includes it, makes someone a terrible person. There are good and bad people in any faith. Satan is the other half of God, in some ways, for those who believe in a God. It just has to be, because it would not be possible for a deity to be All and also be entirely benevolent.

The 'Okay' sign around one eye: It is a vague representation of the 666 sign, so it may or may not by intent carry a similar message. But it does have its own function, which is protection from the Evil Eye, and also, it is another manifestation sign. That either eye is referenced, hints at illumination. As well the Okay sign is understood by some to represent female genitalia, which is why it is used to ward of the Evil Eye; this as one of the traditional gestures to protect oneself from it, depicts same. In one rendering of this same gesture, the two primary fingers used are not touching.

Meaning of the Evil Eye/Devil Horns sign: though not directly relevant to this post, it's a question that will arise in the minds of some (given that it's another mysterious sign). It looks like devil horns, so it is cool, mysterious, and Satanic. However, it's actually also a method of rebuking the Evil Eye. Being looked upon with ill intent (aka being given the Evil Eye)--as many onlookers do without realizing and others do knowingly--is known as a means of cursing. Thus making that horn sign, is a way to rebuke the curse-like energies they are as celebrities, constantly barraged with.

Meaning of X (on Madonna's left eyepatch): An X refers to striking something out, a saltire cross (bondage); and also, the meanings of the gebo rune (gift, partnership, give and take, recognizing what someone's done for you, honoring the gods in return for blessings; skill, equality, good fortune, etc). That in Madonna's case an X was worn over an eye, refers again to illumination.

Also not referenced with in this article, is the butterfly, which has been a popular symbol amongst the Gliteratti, in recent times. This is quite important of a clue though, as it strongly suggests mind control. It refers to breaking down of the persona in order to create a new one. As the butterfly represents transformation, it aligns with one message offered by other signs.

I am currently reading Thomas Karlsson's book, Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic. On page 156, he makes a comment, that the constant adulation directed at celebrities, creates a void inside of them. In other words, the more they get, the more they require. Instead of the standard way of feeding one's spirit, they use all of their energy to feed the outer form to gain more adulation. The inner substance diminishes, and as Karlsson suggests, eventually virtually ceases to exist. He posits that as spirits they become hollow; he compares them to vampires. Though to some this comment doesn't fit in here, it's been my experience that Spirit shows timely observations as I write, and it seems my duty to share. As well, maybe there is a connection. Those eye symbols are magickal (as already stated). A psy vampire could pull energy using one as a device if they wanted to. However, it's just as true that they could do it without... so who is to say?


Prominent within the message of these signs seems to be manifestation, self protection, sacrifice, bondage, transformation, subservience, enforced loyalty; hidden secrets, perhaps including secret circles; and a clear statement that the life they get to live, comes at great cost. As well, illumination is strongly represented. As good a bet as any is that it refers to those who pull the strings as it were, being illuminated. Contextually it only makes sense. However, it could rather mean that certain celebrities consider themselves enlightened (it was very hard for me to write that without making a snide remark!).

As a magician, one thing that stands out prominently to me, is that many magickal concepts work both forward and in reverse. Let me provide an example of that. Let's say that I as a demonolator decide to call upon a demon who in parts of old history was said to kill children. I then know that if anyone in my family had a child that was very ill and potentially dying, this would be a sensible demon to call upon to save them. Because their powers work both ways. So if a celebrity is using a certain gesture as protection and was coached to do so by someone with arcane knowledge, they may also understand that they can send out the Evil Eye the same way. The point of doing that would be to avenge, also to discourage further Evil Eye attacks.

Imagine as well, if you will, being a public figure and being watched 24/7 damned near. I'd use magick to discourage that. Just saying...

To the reader who asked the question that brought this post to life: Hopefully this article answered some questions for you, A****. All I would suggest to you in choosing which eye to cover is this--pick an eye, any eye. Okay, that was said to be cute. Don't cover an eye, or alternate which eye you cover, would be logical suggestions. Truthfully this whole para was said to be cute... you're gonna do what you're gonna do; and all the more power too you!

On a sidenote--there's one thing I avoided in this post, that's promoting hysteria of any kind. What is my own impression of what's up with the gestures? Primarily, gratitude symbols to those who pull the strings. Some amount of being cute and playing up to the media, manifestation magick, and self protection. Anti mainstream religion sentiment being expressed at times. Not necessarily anything sinister. However, I do know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the elite classes employ mind control, and even the children of the elite classes are subject to it. Where and how this factors in, I do not know.

A partial secret revealed: Someone I once met who was a subject of mind control throughout her whole life, said, even given the horrors she was subject to, to break down her mind in order to recreate it, she would not have passed up the experience given the choice. Because, and in her words, "the powers she developed and the life she lived, made it worth the cost."

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