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ZoZo's True Identity :: Apophis, aka Apep; by Jude Chi

ZoZo, aka Apophis
A depiction of ZoZo


I became very interested in ZoZo after reading a number of different accounts of who and what he was, and things he had supposedly done. My interest was spurred not by what random people on the Internet said alone, but that combined with my own understanding of ZoZo and his notoriety within the magick community as well as the global community. Thus for the gnosis of the experience and to face personal fears, I meditated ZoZo. This post is my tale of what happened.

You will see that at some point in the following recount, I began referring to ZoZo as Apophis, aka Apep. This is because there was a dynamic going on whereby I was seeing and also interpreting what I saw, and with the ongoing experience there was a real-time delay. At some point I saw ZoZo present in a serpent-like form that I recognized as Apophis. That, combined with what he conveyed, it was shortly thereafter that I began actually referring to him as Apophis.

This initial note was written by me on June 28th, 2019. 

The other night, actually in the wee hours of the morning, which makes it June 26th carried over to the 27th, 2019, I meditated ZoZo, the terrifying spirit board/scrying mirror demon. He is best known for having the ability to scare the living daylights out of people. A seasoned magician once told me of their own encounter with him, and it was the one thing I'd ever heard in magick that gave me reservations at all. Anyway, this is the demon I attempted to connect with via meditation the other night; the purpose was to confront the one small fear I had in magick. At the time it was done, however, there was no fear. Shortly after the meditation on ZoZo began, there was a dramatic energy change. There were swirling lights, and strangely enough when an entity manifested, it was not him but rather, Isa (Isis). She came forth to guide me through this journey. She didn't say anything, but reading her energies it was evident that she came to contain ZoZo's energies, for stability's sake. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter I fell asleep.

ZoZo as a golem
ZoZo as a golem

The morning of June 28th (second meditation on ZoZo)

In the wee hours this morning I meditated upon ZoZo again. First a pattern of energy presented. It looked like that one color combo of aura quartz--dark purple with golden areas, orangy between the purple and the gold; it shimmers, but not brightly. It was a sacred geometrical pattern, and it danced a soft and slow dance. The pattern was concentric circles, each had a row of pyramids. The dance continued for a while. Then ZoZo spoke; though the sound was relatively loud, it was not clear enough. I did not make out one word. After a while there was another vision. He showed as an empty robe, sitting on a bench as if someone were wearing it. It was black, and was black inside; but inside I saw a vague form of Isa. That was it, that was the whole vision. (In this sense ZoZo could be seen as a void or a gateway rather than an energy; at times he'd be a construct much like a golem. Thus the energies relative to him are not his own, but only pass through; and at times energies within him will be entities, Isa for example).

On the morning of June 29th, 2019 (third meditation to ZoZo).

This mediation as well was conducted in the early morning. It dawned on me that it would be wise to call Isa in, given that she stepped in the first time by herself. She immediately joined me. I then meditated ZoZo. Here's what I got:

I asked: who are you? Do we know you in another way? I am shown Mecca, and a Greek Parthenon type building. These things can be interpreted in multiple ways; but by way of energy transmission I got that he has been around since ancient times, and was recognized as a universal force at those points in history. Obviously, first in Mecca, and was still recognized in Ancient Greece at the time of the early existence of the Parthenon. But as well, in both instances I was shown worshiping; and thus energies relative to him are strong in areas where there is or has been worshiping. He also showed me that his energy is strong anywhere there are tools and objects that carry faith of any kind; given that faith, in magick is relabeled as intent, this includes magick. Observation after considering this whole experience: one would suppose he is prominent in these places due to that faith and magick call in entities and energies from other planes through him

He showed me that he is relative to the energy that resides in bricks an mortars, of all that happened before, but also of all that will happen in future. Recorded memories and possibilities one and all. To summarize, those stored energies are connections to greater things, and thus are a factor of Creation, Manifestation, and Magick, including destruction. He is a big part of the reason our temples and altars are so important. He is not those energies, but he is the device that collects and houses them. 

For a while ZoZo showed as a man; in some ways an ordinary man, no horns or wings or anything, but not completely ordinary... I couldn't identify his skin coloration, because the shimmery quality of the energy around him did not allow for that. But he looked as if he'd be stark white, mostly because the contrast of shades was so intense. He'd probably be as white as a mime, with darker eyes, hair and lips. We're talking a look something like Dracula of the movies, but he didn't have a widow's peak.

His energy conveyed to me that he is a teacher. Not a teacher like one who actively teaches lessons, but this is not something I asked him to elaborate on either. ZoZo conveyed that he doesn't judge, that's not his job. One of his jobs is to be present as justice is assessed. He is the mechanism that brings in possibilities for the consequences of one's actions to be delivered. As well, when someone performs magick and is naive and unseasoned: "this is not the way of Thoth, this is not wise. We discourage this," is what his energy said. So when someone is magicking in areas they should not go, or magicks with fear, or magicks and they have recently done something that requires a lesson of whichever sort (or are preparing to), ZoZo is potentially going to appear. And, it is not necessarily for the protection of the spiritually naive that ZoZo works to deter people from engaging in magickal acts at times; it is as much or more to protect the mechanisms of the universe, which simply should remain unavailable to them.

He ain't doing nothin', he's just there chilling. He is the portal, and he is one in a sense with energies primordial. He allows energies to use him as a vehicle, this is how he is a factor of creation. He allows sh*t to happen, but actively does nothing. His energy comes and it goes, it tos and fros. It can be used to manifest, but it can also be used to destroy what is being manifested if need be. He does not do anything to anyone; therefore is not evil, is not malevolent. It is other universal principles that determine what happens when his relative energy presents in the fashion it sometimes does--as a lesson or a destructive force. ZoZo is unrestrained and unorganized primordial energy, and can as well be relative to concepts moving/interchanging at a rapid-fire pace.

Apophis being contained by Atum
Apophis being contained by Atum

He can be benevolent; as a factor of creation those traits are seen. But then he is not regarded as Apophis. I won't launch into who or what he would be seen as in that case, as that's heading in another direction entirely. As well, the very concept includes lessons I have yet to learn. All I know about Apophis now, is what he's shared with me here; and that he seen as an oppositional energy to Ma'at's, thus he counters justice and truth. The last comment may be how he's explained conceptually, but it doesn't align with how he explains himself. His own explanation is entirely logical, more logical than the mythological one.

He may be a universal mechanism, but in one concept he conveyed, it was clear that he is not without intellect and sentience. He showed me that there are things people do that annoy him. He especially has ill will against those that do not use the intellect they were given, and also those who do not follow due process. He doesn't like it when people call on him to make a video on YouTube, simply to amuse their friends. It's a sign of the logic of "that generation." If there's gnosis, if there's a lesson being shared with others, video or otherwise, no matter, it's all good. He implies that if incited in such instances, he lets loose. However, I didn't think to ask him how that applies, as he is a gateway, he is passive. Maybe he is like a valve.

He is a portal, a building, he is often an obelisk, a statue, a wand, an athame, a chalice, but never the water. He is an altar, and the table one works upon. He is anything that happens in and by these objects in concerns of magick and creation.

All the stuff he's accused of, he denies it. He's more a portal to the great nothingness, than being a destructive force. What happens to people and by people at their own hands, is reflected and magnified when he presents, and somehow he gets the flack. All gods and all demons have access to him, they can each propel him to do as needs be done. He is the vessel, the container. The energies, he again reminds, are separate. I asked ZoZo, errr, Apophis, at some point, if I am talking to the same entity that the ones terrified by him see him as. He said yes, but contained by Isa.

Much to consider, indeed. One thing I can't help but notice, is that while Apophis is oppositional to Ma'at being justice and truth, he also becomes the lesson that Ma'at (universal justice) sends out--this by context of his own explanation. Some things on a surface level seem so peculiar. But as more of the big picture opens up, points clarify. Honestly though, I'd never in a million years, have thought that ZoZo and Apophis are one and the same. By the way now, I will leave you with this closing consideration: not everything we will ever read or hear about ZoZo will be true. This world thrives on sensationalism, and many are glad to deliver. As well there are some with great imaginations, which feed directly into their own fears and give them life. Those with mental illnesses are likely to have imaginations that fuel events such as those commonly conveyed concerning ZoZo. It's a large world, and ZoZo-Apophis, is not responsible for the whole load of bullcrap being spouted out there. Cut him some slack there when you consider all this... hey?

Jude Chi

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