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Positive New Beginnings? What's Up With the Aces of Tarot?

The Tarot Aces

The Aces of tarot; they are considered by many to be parallel to the idea of having a portal open up to take us towards our respective objective. With aces, one's will is always part of the scenario; they must take the necessary steps and actions to move through that proverbial portal, otherwise the available energies won't take them too far.

But what if that's not how it is? What if it's not a positive new beginning, and furthermore, how does dignity (upright, reversed, etc) apply to reading aces? Is there even such a thing as an ace upright or reversed? Aah, now we are moving towards what I'm getting at...

In my humble opinion, an ace (i.e., any of the tarot aces) is the sign of a new beginning. It's not a good beginning nor a bad one, it's a beginning. Uninterfered with, universal energies are kind to us. But if we allow thoughts to interfere in a negative way, we'll see the beautiful and pure ace energy that opened up to us, become polluted. Yes, it's that simple; this is the primary message of the aces--to mind your thoughts if you want any or all of the things typically associated with the aces to avail themselves to you. If one manages to think thoughts that will serve and holds beliefs that will serve, that door remains open; energies will support their endeavors. The minute they let their mind roam to the negative side--SLAM! Okay, maybe that was a bit sensationalistic, but in fact, the positive energies start corrupting.

Before, I may have overgeneralized a tad in saying "all of the aces." In fact the Ace of Swords' message differs; this as by its very nature it includes the message already presented here. Thus when you see it, it leans more towards telling you, "okay, by now I should have your complete attention 'cause we've been here times before with similar lessons... walk this way please." Point being, that the Ace of Swords' nature is very much one of, "try something different this time"; the something different applies to matters of thought, intellect, and setting things straight (recovery).

Unfortunately though, in this world it's hard to control our thoughts, and as well we have to resist the negative thoughts passed onto us by others. Speaking of negative thoughts though, for some the layers of negative thinking are so deep, that they are not only hard to work through but are also hard to recognize. I recently heard someone say (in response to me labeling their thinking as negative on a topic), "no, I really don't think negatively, but my life experience has taught me to view things this certain way, because I KNOW what's going to happen based on this type of circumstance." Sadly, many of us have been in that place and have had to recover from that mindset. Onwards and upwards, as they say.

No Reversed Aces

Why no reversed aces? Oh you can read with them, it will serve its purpose. But in fact reversed or ill dignified aces don't make much sense, because the message of each ace already suggests for us to watch our thoughts on a topic. Ultimately, a reversed ace could only mean, to watch your thoughts and subsequent actions on whichever topic, so reversed aces serve as gross redundancies... either that, or in theory, an ace reversed could say that a problematic way of looking at a topic has been relegated to a past tense.

I really wanted to keep this post short and sweet, so that's enough to consider for today. Thanks.


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