Friday, April 12, 2019

Adramelech :: A Vision, by Jude Chi

Adramelech, sun deity


The point of sharing this is the same as it ever is when I divulge more personal visions... to let people know how simple (and also fulfilling) it can be to decipher their own visions, but also to share whatever is revealed from within the vision's content, such as in this one for example, where Adramelech reveals things about himself and Anamelech, and also releases some insight into how this universe works.

The Vision

I was sitting in the tub, getting ready to soak for a bit. I had something on my mind--I'd just opened a new Facebook demonolatry group, and was needing to publish some content there. I had been heavily occupied with writing here on my blog for a while, and consequently had been leaving magick waiting in the wings. It was time to get moving on a new magickal endeavor to have something current to write about and post; hence I was mulling over in my mind what the nature of my next magickal process would be. The lights were dimmed before getting into the tub, as that's required for me to have visions; and in the tub is one of the two most common places my visions happen. Sorry, can't tell the other (I could, but it's kinda weird).

I perceived a name, not audibly, but as an energy transmission; it said "Adramelech." And then there was an apparition. Adramelech showed first as a rose within a six pointed star, and his star stood within a series of undulating energy waves. When the rose dissipated, there were rays emanating from a point in the center of the star. For a while the six pointed star changed to a pentagram.

Adramelech conveyed that as he is the star, Anamelech is the waves. He conveyed that when they are summoned together, they are as one. When required separately they still empower each other, as one cannot be without the other, just as light cannot exist without dark, up cannot exist without down. So if one were to call on Anamelech, they would also call on Adramelech, whether or not he'd be seen, and vice versa. Together they are both male and female, also neither. The rose in the center was a personal message to me, to call my attention to a matter.

He showed me the type of marigold that has both golden and burgundy petals; which gave me the impression that the flower resonates with his and Anamelech's combined energies, and even resembles the star and waves I saw. It was clear that said type of marigold is a suitable offering to them.

The Message Adramelech Had for Me

The rose at the center of his star as he presented, was identical to the one at the center of the Thoth Three of Swords card. He also showed me the Wheel of Fortune and the Four of Wands. The Wheel of Fortune was spinning backwards, and then it turned into the Four of wands; those small flames were getting fanned in the wind. This referred to that an issue which arose earlier that day was heavy on my mind yet, and offered that lingering on the disappointment caused by said issue, adds fuel to the fire. Basically I was being urged to accept that it happened and not fight against the past. "Use it as an opportunity to bring in new change, and go more with the flow!" is the feeling I was left with.

Next he showed me an image that was much like the Thoth Six of Swords... four swords in a saltire cross, then over them another sword coming down from above, one up from below. The top and the bottom ones represent the thought and action required to break through confines. At the same time I got an impression of protection, and also that I'm being guided to learn what is needed to move forth more smoothly.

Then I was shown the Three of Swords once again. By energetic resonance, it conveyed that the universe (or, our Self connected to it) throws disappointment at us in response to us getting stuck in a rut. We perceive such things as the disappointments they are, but they are in fact favors, is the impression I got; as without them we'd often not have motivation to pull sh*t together in a necessary way.

I asked Adramelech if he and Anamelech are in fact separate or as one. He showed a glowing orb in the palm of his hand. He said "much like the Sun and Moon." The orb was in fact both the Sun and the Moon in rotation. But then he also showed, like Earth and Stars, with he as Spirit. So that covers all five points of his pentagram (earth, air, fire, water, and spirit). Given the fact that Adramelech is in fact a solar deity and Anamelech is lunar, the nature of their initial appearance is a bit confusing; yet at the same time they are free to show up in any form they please, and it was a simple way to draw my attention to that both were present as one entity. Perhaps in time more will be discovered on why that specific appearance.

Beyond the visions, Adramelech conveyed to me that he is willing to assist in rectification. It came across that when one focuses on that which is "other than good" for a tad too long, energies collect around them. Those energies manifest that which does not serve the magician. Created by faulty thinking and subsequent action, they after a while meld with the foundation his life is built upon if not adjusted. So when one is surrounded by energies that work against them, to help create a new way forth, Adramelech is the one to call upon. If the magician has brought those who prey upon his weakness or cause it, into his life, Adramelech can assist the magician to create change. If the magician prefers instead to upgrade the energies around themselves and create improvement through protection, he can assist also. He likes to help get a person in their right space, their right comfort zone, and sometimes rules must be broken, as it were, to achieve this. He can give, and he can taketh away, is how it comes across; it depends on how one looks at it.

He signed off by showing me a Unicursal Hexagram. Given I am a Thelemite, I took it to mean he regarded that, and was saying "93s."

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