Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Brief Commune with Thoth, About Skyscrapers

Egyptian deity Thoth
Thoth, the Egyptian deity (courtesy of Dreamstime by CC0)

Speaking with a God

by Jude Chi

This very short post, conveys the content of a brief commune between the Egyptian Deity Thoth and myself, which transpired early this morning. Nothing within it seems important to share, but just the same it is my compulsion is to share it. There is no telling what someone may glean from it; we obtain our lessons from the smallest of things sometimes. Perhaps as well, this is to let people know that those such as myself, born and raised with little to no psychic ability, can develop it, no matter how old (it was the earlier part of my middle ages that I began working on awareness). Or maybe it would comfort people to know, that in times of difficulty or confusion, that it's possible to speak to deities, as well as other spirits and entities.

In this post I won't go into what deities are to me, but I will share this--some believe they are symbolic representations and energy embodiments of universal laws and mechanics, others believe they are representations of godsource; or even that collectively, all gods are God. Some believe they are aspects of our higher self, others believe they are egregores; and some see them as more than one of these things. Nonetheless, here's how this particular experience with Thoth went:

Me: Thoth, it has been a while since I've heard from you or seen you. You've been unresponsive, and I've started to feel you've abandoned me; but I am not sure, thus I ask. Are you here? What's going on?

Thoth: Shows me an image, tall skyscrapers all around, as seen through a fisheye lens. He says "I am here, I am building. I am building tall, towering buildings."

Me: What for, who for? Are they for me? for you? for the greater good of mankind? What?

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Thoth: They are buildings.

Me: What is their purpose?

Thoth: At some point you will have built buildings of your own.

Me: What will that achieve?

Thoth: What we have built will be as one. What you have achieved will meet with what I have achieved. So I keep building. (This marks the end of the commune).


It seems obvious to say, but I'll say it anyway--buildings hold things of value; larger buildings, more of the same. Buildings such as he showed, are foundational for projects yielding wealth. His buildings were all significantly different from each other, indicating a variety of rewarding projects. Additionally, and a little on the sinister side, Thoth's message hinted at The Tower, of tarot. Unfortunately, sometimes old structures, old ways of thinking and old ways of doing things, need to be deconstructed in order to make way for new and better. Just the same, it was a real boost to get this message.

This experience, as all of such communes with deities and spirits are, was exciting and revealing. From what was said, it could be deduced that potentially Thoth could help support growth and stability for anyone; but who knows. I hear some say--"but Jude, that's not how egregores work." All I can say in response to that though, is that we truly don't know all of the powers they do and do not have, nor even do we know precisely what they are. Just the same, it's my intent to follow his advice and his lead as a role model, and get to work on building some mighty, tall buildings... if Thoth only serves as inspiration, that's just fine with me.

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