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The Ace of Swords, RWS and Thoth Tarot Card Meaning

The Ace of Swords, RWSThe Ace of Swords, Thoth
Meanings Upright, Ill-dignified, and Reversed, rx
Rider Waite Smith, and Thoth

Occult Name: The Root of the Powers of Air
Ace of Swords in timing: One week; or the season of summer
Kabbalah: The airy aspect of Kether
Reading with Playing Cards: Equivalent to the Ace of Spades

The Ace of Swords Meaning

Though the Aces are all considered positive omens, the Ace of Swords comes across as less so. It identifies with the other Aces in the way that it possesses the raw essence of its element and suit. Where it differs, perhaps, is that to get to the positive new beginning that the other Aces express so strongly; sometimes, and perhaps often, we may first need to take action to extricate ourselves from a predicament. Sometimes it's simply a matter of making a tweak or two that allows us to to begin on a fresh, new page. This card offers a sense that victory is possible provided that the right steps are taken.

Other times, and relatively often, this card tells us that we have made it through a troublesome circumstance and have come out on top, or that our initial assessment of how to move forth was right on, and we're where we need to be.

The Ace of Swords carries with it the properties of air; it is therefore much about logic, truth, communication, justice, education, learning, intuition and knowing; and on the downside, turbulence and unpredictability. Its primary messages would be for you to use logic and reasoning; to see the truth as it is and to accept it; and to know that you have what it takes to win regardless of the fact that it may not seem possible. As well, sometimes we delude ourselves in denial of the facts before us. When we do, we muddle the truth of our circumstance, our world, and our identity; this card warns us to stay away from that dark, unforgiving place.

The Ace of Swords Dignified and Upright

  • Use logic, reason, and analysis, in order to reach success.
  • An epiphany - you discover the solution to a troublesome issue.
  • Breaking through a blockage in communication.
  • Coming out on top despite obstacles.
  • A truth is discovered.
  • A thirst for justice.
  • Take action based upon what you know.
  • Prepare to negotiate against those who stand in opposition.
  • The battle begins.
  • Be forthcoming; lay the truth on the table.
  • You found out what seems to be the truth, but there might be more.
  • Recognizing or accepting your part in a matter.
  • An altercation within.
  • Freedom to proceed as planned.
  • The trouble lies in lack of understanding; it's up to you to learn what you need to know.
  • You have a preconceived notion of what a situation will be like, but it is a false one.
  • Cautions you to stop and give a serious assessment to what you are doing, as on some level it's wrong for you.

The Ace of Swords Ill Dignified and Reversed

  • May refer to stress or anxiety issues.
  • You are focused on the negative side of a matter or are worrying too much.
  • Is suggestive of legal issues, court cases, parking tickets, a need for you to obtain a lawyer, and so on.
  • An injustice has been transacted.
  • A poorly chosen action.
  • Intellectual inequality.
  • Lies have been presented, or perhaps the whole truth has not been told.
  • An opportunity has presented, but perhaps it's not that wise of a choice for you; think it out carefully.
  • You are offered a job that is too boring or lacks challenge.
  • You completed a work that was not well aligned with its intended purpose. A replacement work or other solution will be required.
  • Be prepared to play hardball in negotiations.
  • May portend of a loss in a given circumstance.
  • A change for the worse.
  • Ongoing confusion.
  • Disguised animosity.
  • Poor communication.
  • A problematic situation.
  • Impotency.
  • Verbal cruelty.
  • A harsh truth.
  • Poor judgement, either against you or by you.
  • Feeling the cards are stacked against you.
  • Pointing out harsh truths or exposing what lies hidden is not acceptable to others; you will be labelled a renegade if you proceed.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

RWS image is a Wikimedia file from a 1909 deck originally scanned by Holly Voley 

Thoth image copyright (c) US Games Systems Inc.; AGMuller; O.T.O.

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