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The Ace of Swords, RWS and Thoth Tarot Card Meaning

The Ace of Swords, RWSThe Ace of Swords, Thoth
Meanings Upright, Ill-dignified, and Reversed, rx
Rider Waite Smith, and Thoth

Occult Name: The Root of the Powers of Air
Ace of Swords in timing: One week; or the season of summer
Qabalah: The airy aspect of Kether
Reading with Playing Cards: Equivalent to the Ace of Spades
Astrological: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

The Ace of Swords Meaning (RWS & Thoth)

The Ace of Swords is more complex than most cards, thus a different approach than usual will be taken to explain it (i.e., this post is long). While the Aces are all considered positive omens, this one comes across as less so. It identifies with the other Aces in the way that it possesses the raw essence of its element and suit. Where it differs, is that to get to the positive new beginning that the other Aces express so strongly; sometimes, we may first need to take action to extricate ourselves from a predicament. Sometimes it's simply a matter of making a tweak or two that allows us to to begin on a fresh, new page. This card offers a sense that victory is possible provided that the right steps are taken.

Other times, this card tells us that we have made it through a troublesome circumstance and have come out on top, or that our initial assessment of how to move forth was right on, and we're where we need to be. Its primary messages would be for one to use logic and reasoning, and to know that they have what it takes to win, regardless of that it may not seem possible. As well, sometimes we delude ourselves in denial of the facts before us. This card tells us that when we do, we obfuscate the truth of our respective identity, universe, and spirituality.

The RWS Ace of  Swords

A hand reaches out of a dark cloud within the Ace of Swords. The sword it is holding has a crown, and there is an olive branch and palm foliage hanging from it. The dark grey cloud refers to heaviness of thought, which denotes a matter of difficulty; that the cloud (and the sky) are neutral in hue, references impartiality, or neutrality. The white rays emanating from the hand depict illumination, understanding, purity, and also new beginnings.

The sword is dual edged; one side is just, the other may hack wildly and cruelly out of fear. (The blue refers to intelligence, reason and logic, wisdom, loyalty, and stability. The white refers to intuition, innocence and purity, illumination, light, and sincerity). The sword itself is both a weapon of war and a weapon of peace. Sometimes it takes such a tool to bring peace about; but not in actually using it, as war begets war. It is in the presence of the potentiality for counter or greater issue (threat of war), that sometimes peace is established. Within this concept lies the recommendation of standing one's ground, and contextually speaking, that's to defend their will.

There are Yods floating about, they have fallen from the skies. Yods represent Divine energies and Divine consciousness, and also awareness. In these things exists the potentiality for magick, in the way that magick is consciously creating change that aligns with one's will. They also represent the path of Yod, which connects Chesed to Tiphareth (the path of the Hermit); a significant message in this, is that true justice serves the Unity (everyone). Six is a number of perfection and completion (there are six Yods).

The sword entering the crown, speaks of sexual union, which in turn alludes to the uniting of opposing forces; and the crown itself refers to victory, mastery, and Kether. The olive branch is symbolic of peace, goodwill, friendship, and strength; also crop yields, and in that, abundance. As well the olive branch alludes to a teaching from the Talmud, which goes "Better, let my food be as bitter as an olive from the hands of G-d and not as sweet as honey from the hands of flesh and blood"; this quote references truth. The palm frond refers to victory, peace, longevity and immortality; from this emerges a message that victory is achieved through persistence. We see small hills in the foreground, which denote that through life's ongoing journey there will be issues at times. If we look at them as being mere challenges, we can move beyond them. If not, each one becomes a mountain, that can block us until we learn to see it differently. Astrologically speaking, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius refer to mental acuity, diplomacy and tact, and communication skills.

The Ace of Swords Thoth

The symbolism of the Thoth Ace of Swords, is as rich as that of the RWS; hence here the symbolism will be explained symbol by symbol as well.

The three orbs symbolize: a triangle (strength), a pyramid (spiritual growth); and also the three Qabalistic triads. In this context there is an intellectual flow originating from Kether, passing through each of the triads. This urges one to consider how thoughts affect what manifests in their world, and also what needs to be deconstructed thoughtwise--which is, naturally, that which serves to stunt rational and harmonious thought and action.

The sun's rays shine upon water. The water shown is emotion, which in and of itself does not allow for rational thought and action. However, the sun's rays shine strongly upon the water offsetting it; visually speaking, it is a setting for inspired thinking. The scene is surrounded by clouds, which represent problems, fears, and destructive thought being broken through; they are tinged with the indigo of wisdom, which spawns solution. The crescent moons, in that they represent moon phases, allude to time; and they depict the female aspect within creation, which adds another aspect of harmony to this male card. Additionally, they symbolize intuition.

The word "Thelema," states that true justice aligns with will, and as well does not block the will of others. The crown itself refers to Kether. The twenty two rays emanating from it refer to the paths of the Qabalistic Tree, which speak of spiritual growth, and also an ongoing journey resulting in enlightenment. The serpent represents traversing the 22 paths, and in that, infinity; it also represents knowledge, wisdom and mastery.

To summarize the this card succinctly, it could be said that one's thoughts and subsequent actions can align with one's true will, and thus will support them in their endeavors and to grow spiritually, or conversely will counter them and stunt them in various ways.

The Ace of Swords Dignified and Upright

  • Use logic, reason, and analysis, in order to reach success.
  • Discovering the solution to a troublesome issue.
  • Breaking through a blockage in communication.
  • Coming out on top despite obstacles.
  • Discovering the truth. 
  • A thirst for justice.
  • Take action based upon what you know.
  • Prepare to negotiate against those who stand in opposition.
  • The battle begins.
  • Be forthcoming; lay the truth on the table.
  • The querent has been told what seems to be the truth, but there is some left unknown.
  • Recognizing or accepting one's own part in a matter.
  • An altercation within.
  • Freedom to proceed as planned.
  • Creating peace through just action.
  • A new and better phase opens up due to just action.
  • Mastery in administration.
  • Justice in thought.
  • A just assessment, without outside influence.
  • Serves as a reminder, that the faults one sees in others as they judge, mirror their own faults. 
  • Leave outmoded ways of thinking behind.
  • "Getting on the same page," with someone.
  • Acquiring knowledge that will support improvement and change. 
  • Cautions a person to stop and assess what they are doing, as on some level it's not serving them.
  • The trouble lies in lack of knowledge; it's up to the querent to learn more.
  • Put emotions and fears aside, gather needed resources and knowledge, and communicate your case clearly. 
  • Learn to ignore the noise and distraction that others bring into the situation; maintain focus.
  • Gather resources, study, and prepare to communicate well; you'll be facing mental acuity.

The Ace of Swords Ill Dignified and Reversed

  • May refer to stress or anxiety issues.
  • Focusing on the negative side of a matter, or worrying too much.
  • Is suggestive of legal issues, court cases, parking tickets, a need to obtain a lawyer, and so on.
  • An injustice has been transacted.
  • Unfairness.
  • A poorly chosen action.
  • Intellectual inequality.
  • Lies have been presented, or there has been misrepresentation.
  • An opportunity has opened up, but perhaps it's not that wise of a choice; think it out carefully.
  • Completed work was not well aligned with its intended purpose; a replacement may be necessary.
  • Be prepared to play hardball in negotiations.
  • May portend of a loss in a given circumstance.
  • A change for the worse.
  • Ongoing confusion.
  • Disguised animosity.
  • Poor communication.
  • A problematic situation.
  • Impotency.
  • Cruelty.
  • Verbal cruelty.
  • A harsh truth.
  • Feeling the cards are stacked against you.
  • A project, venture, or career choice that lacks challenge or stimulation.
  • Pointing out harsh truths or exposing what lies hidden. This is a caution, as the path of the whistleblower is not an easy one. Make sure it's worth the cost.
  • A poor judgement, either by or against the querent.
  • When judging someone harshly, consider that they may in fact be innocent.
  • One has a preconceived notion of what a situation will be like, but it is a false one.
  • Outside influence affecting an outcome.
  • Refusing to see the truth of a matter.
  • Overthinking, overanalyzing.
  • Acceptance of the truth after a period of denial.

Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck®, known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright ©1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck® is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

RWS image is a Wikimedia file from a 1909 deck originally scanned by Holly Voley 

Thoth image copyright (c) US Games Systems Inc.; AGMuller; O.T.O.

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When Your Magick Isn't Good Enough for Others (SJWs Gone Wild)


A post made with the intent to shut down two SJWs run amok...

Subtitled, I don't give a poo what you think, but don't you step on my blue suede shoes...

by Jude Chi

2019 has carried in with it, still active remnants of the social justice warrior (or SJW) mentality. Hopefully it'll all soon dry up and blow away. The SJW phenomenon has put a new spin on the concept of self entitlement, that has become so common within recent times. Said self entitlement fuels a strong sense of self righteousness, and provides certain individuals with a belief that their view of what's right or wrong, is the only view that there is. Normally this author would not care, but for what happened yesterday... we'll get to that soon enough.

I have long been a spirit conjurer, and have delighted to be a true perfectionist as well as an ethical craftsperson in my chosen area of magick (ok, well it is no longer my only focus in magick, but it was my first love). I'm speaking about the art of spirit conjuring and binding. I have done far more than can be shaken a stick at, and feel my input into the art has helped evolve it to a new level; partially because at the time I began there was a message delivered to me by divine transmission--a set of numerous points to be considered when preparing spirit bindings. As it was delivered I was urged to share it with the spirit conjuring community, and I did. There was a message delivered along with those points, that those who would not take heed of them, would be served a demonstration of the error of their ways (from divinity?). Some listened, some did not. That's how it is; not my problem what anyone chooses, I was not appointed overseer or any such thing--nor would I have accepted to be if I'd been asked.

By the way, I work with deities and demons, do spirit and entity bindings, cast spells and do various other ritual works, commune with Goetia spirits, and also perform radionics and psionics magick. I meditate daily both morning and night, and have multiple visions each day... so many visions because I worked hard to achieve psychic awareness; no mean feat indeed. Oh yes, I missed one point, I am a studied occultist. A few months back I began a hiatus on much of my online activity, and fully immersed myself in studying. Okay, that's a basic, synoptic overview of who and where I am in spirit keeping; though it was where I entered magick, I have moved far beyond it. You will soon see why these points defining me in magick, were brought up...

Candle burning
Yesterday in a FB demonolatry group, there were two individuals whom upon reading a comment I'd posted that did not align with either of theirs, tried to rip me a new one; this post is my response. I call them SJWs because they were trying to impose their belief that they were right, onto me; and because the response I provided was not suitable, they were fully intent on defaming me in that public setting. It is because they said things grossly untrue about me, that I respond. The initial post on that thread, was from a fellow who was asking about unbinding a demon from a jewelry item. Most that participated in the discussion held that it could not be done. These two were saying that it should not be done--this because as it was bound to the ring, it was obviously (to them) not a demon. The way they described their beliefs was as follows: a demon cannot be bound to a ring or any inanimate object, because a bonafide demon will not allow it. So if an entity was bound to the ring, it's an evil spirit rather than a demon. I am not sure what the remainder of their thought was, but it seems like it was, do you really want that kind of spirit around you when you release it? or something similar. But I may be wrong on that one point.

Because that's patently untrue (according to my own experience), I piped up; and when I did the two in question verbally attacked me. I could delve into and respond to each accusation made, if I could even remember them all (laughs), but no, there's no point. I will address the one main thing they accused me of. I will state here and now, I have successfully bound all kinds of beings to objects, demons inclusive; but not in the way that comes to mind for many when they read that... this is a delicate operation and liberty and free will must be regarded to be of utmost importance.

First, it was proposed by them that I am not aware enough to be doing such work. I have already provided my credentials, and though I can't prove that--take it or leave it, 'nuff said.

Secondly, it was proposed that given I am not aware that demons cannot be bound, I must be a phony, or as they put it, a scammer.

Thirdly, and this is the icing on the cake that defines them, they said--"even if you do have lots of experience, so does EA Koetting, and he's the biggest scammer of all time," or something very much like it; I am paraphrasing as I no longer can see that page, I removed myself from the group. By the way, sorry, EA, just using the point to illustrate their gross self aggrandizement... attempting to build themselves up by knocking others down. 

Anyway, here's my open-letter response to what the two nay-sayers said:

I have no idea of why anyone would think that another magician's reality would need to align with their own. There is no need for that kind of thinking; it's limiting and restrictive.

Here I am operating as a magician in my own corner of the universe, and if you had not stepped on my toes would not have even likely taken a second glance in your direction, unless you had something to teach me. Why? Because I take responsibility for my own actions. I do not need to make others believe the same. When I countered what you said, it was not to have you believe my ways are more correct; it was rather to let you and others know that YOUR reality is not the only reality, and to provide knowledge that the rite referred to could indeed be performed with success and without regret. When one is truly immersed in magick, they just know that not only is their reality not the sole version, but there in fact IS NO REALITY AT ALL; our entire everything, from our family pet, right out to the greater universe, is nothing but a holographic projection.

Now here, for this thing on why you claim you cannot bind demons because your demons disapprove, and why I can. First, there is no proper response to this, only theories. Given that I can communicate with demons and deities, and given that I have never heard so much as a peep against the work I do from any, here's what I'd naturally assume. (I mentioned this during your attack on me, but you were rebuking): As previously stated, I was given by divine transmission, a list of guidelines, to be considered when preparing binding rituals. What does this mean? It means that IF there is a way to do it, I am definitely one of the magicians who knows the right way.

Yes, there will be and are other magicians as aware as or more aware than myself, who can pick up these divine transmissions and follow them or that inherently know them, were taught appropriate methodology, or who are told by demons themselves the finer points; and they can do bindings correctly too. Demons let me do it because I follow instructions, all of the guidelines revealed to me. I was being provoked into disclosing said guidelines yesterday. But here, I did my part in sharing said info when it was released to me. I had my copy stored on FB and was planning to share it with them, but during recent FB updates, they dumped some old posts--it's gone!  (Update: since posting I found the regulations post; anyone wanting to see it can contact me).

Let's get this right... YOU are magicians. There IS a way to do it. If it does not meld with your reality to do it, then by all means, Don't Do It! That's your reality and you are entitled to that. However, if you want to do the work, you have to go in and meditate to receive the guidelines. If you bother, I can guarantee you, sure as poo, that your demons will let you bind them to whatever the heck you want to bind them too, so long as you ask them first if they agree to the binding and await an affirmative response; and bind using appropriate methodology.

The sole point to this post, is to make it clear that I am master of my universe, and no one will sully my name. Yet also to remind people that, as one of my Facebook friends so succinctly put it, you cannot say that in magick something cannot be done. If you fail, try again, try another way, try five other ways if you must. Sometimes, and the case in point is a perfect example, it may seem like something cannot be done. I mean, one or more demons supposedly said so, the two claimed (naturally that was taken with a grain of salt). But, why did the demon say that? What are you doing to cause that? Why do I get yes and you and perhaps others get no? These are points to be investigated when working magick. Not everything is so absolutely black and white.

And as peculiar as this may seem, I am tired of this, have nothing more to add, and rest my case.

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