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The Wands Suit of Tarot

The Wands Suit of Tarot

Element: Fire
Direction: South
Gender: Male
Speed: Fastest of the suits
Qabalah: Atziluth

The Wands Suit of Tarot

Cards of the Wands Suit of tarot, relay messages concerning all we do in order to better our respective life experience; additionally they refer to the energy, passion, and force, which must be present in order to get things moving and see things through. The Wands cards relate to enterprise, social circles, spirituality and awareness, thoughts regarding necessary change; and all that drives us. They may relate to the spark of a new romantic attraction, the drive to compete, and also to having a vibrant, positive predisposition; conversely when these things are not present they can provide us with awareness in that sense.

When you engage in negotiations to facilitate a better circumstance for you and your family, when you participate in a creative project that feeds an inner passion, and when you act to defend yourself, your efforts fall within this suit. Also, anything to which you apply your will fits in here. More rightly put though, acting on matters that stem from one's True Will, is a fundamental theme of the Wands cards. What is rightfully best for you, not what you have decided on a whim, is how best to describe one's True Will.

The axiom of the element of fire is to use the will effectively. The will and the ego are strongly associated, as illustrated by the statement "I will"; and ideally they should be prepared to accept wisdom emerging from the subconscious mind in order to benefit from its guidance.


When dignified, this suit's cards tell you that you are effectively managing matters of will; i.e. that you are doing what needs to be done in order to keep your world peaceful, harmonious and productive; your self image is in order, and you treat others decently well, and effectively restrain passions from flying you off to Never Never Land. When ill dignified, Wands speak of lack of action, negligence, recklessness, and the destruction that can be caused by letting passion and will (but certainly not True Will), like fire, burn out of control. And one more thing - ill dignified the Wands often portend of delay, or of a need to delay, or to slow things down.

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