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The Swords Suit of Tarot

The Swords suit of Tarot

Element: Air
Direction: East
Gender: Male
Speed: Second fastest of the suits
Qabalah: Yetzirah

The Swords Suit of Tarot

Maybe the Swords suit of tarot gets a bad rap... is it really so bad? We know that it's ruled by the element of air, we need air to breathe; so we can safely say that air is a good and positive thing, as to disagree, we may well be dead. Also, new, fresh air moves out old, stale air; this process allows for positive change to occur. Messages from the Swords cards can indeed be positively or negatively aspected, as with the other suits. And with that said... messages from the Swords often relate to matters we find vexing--problems, people who cause us problems, making monumental decisions, and so on.

Many issues in life involve forethought and contemplation, logical planning, making efficient judgment calls, and problem solving. At times we fail to do things right the first time around. When matters come back at us because they require a better class of action than what was taken the first time, they will often find their way into the suit of Swords. Furthermore, when we find ourselves vacillating on a decision, the cards within this suit urge us to consider justly.

Though it is commonly stated that the suit of Wands is the one most closely identified with spirituality, if you contemplate the matter, the Swords cards are strongly spiritual as well, and perhaps to some, more so when it comes to the imagery. Looking at a clear blue sky (air), it seems as if you could reach in and touch Divinity. As well, air being opposite to earth, and earth being all that is mundane, it potentially leads one to think that air therefore, includes the far end of that which is not mundane. By the Qabalah though, Atziluth, spirituality, and fire, are Wands territory. Still, it's no great wonder that some lineages transpose some or all attributes of the suits of Wands and Swords.

The axiom of the element of air is to know. Know that you will use logic, forethought, and sound strategy, and your outcome will be a good one. If you feel less than competent in an endeavor, to know suggests that you have the option to learn, to gather resources, to communicate your needs to others, and so on.


The cards of the Swords suit when dignified, may refer to matters such as: beliefs, thoughts, using logic, allowing for change, orchestrating your life with harmony, effective communication, and using intuition. Also, liberty, justice, fairness, and balance; possessing a viewpoint free of limitation and restriction, cutting through problematic issues; and victory. Ill dignified, Swords cards can refer to cruelty, manipulation, being harshly critical, corruption, stagnant and restrictive thought, shallowness, bragging, avoiding to make a decision or to take action, using intellect to poor ends, injustice, resistance, lying, etc.

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