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Tangerine Quartz; Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Tangerine quartz cluster (copyrighted)
Tangerine quartz

Tangerine Quartz :: Bringing in Sunshine

by Jude Chi

Tangerine Quartz combines the properties of quartz with those of the color orange, and therefore primarily targets issues relative to the sacral chakra. Furthermore, the color orange embodies the qualities of the colors yellow and red. This is important to observe, as for example, red and yellow as separate colors, may have significantly different metaphysical properties to the color orange in instances; the difference is that in orange the various properties come together as a blend, as it were. Naturally, creating an awareness of the specific properties crystals have in detail, allows one to work with each far more effectively.

Quartz, as we know, has six basic properties, which as a reminder, are to amplify, store, focus, transmit, transform, and structure. This particular grouping of traits means that virtually no matter what you are doing, quartz will help you achieve it. As for the color orange, it is a color relative to the sun and its energies, joy, pleasure, self esteem, creativity, enthusiasm, persistence and fixity of purpose, success, stimulation, physical strength, endurance, wealth, desire, and awareness in matters of Self.

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Common applications for tangerine quartz are: to assist in countering the blues and depression, to to draw money and to support career and other successes, to aid in matters relative to the Self, incite passion, inspire creativity, raise self esteem, resolve guilt, bolster courage, to address inner child issues, and to motivate. In healing, to draw sun energies, enhance physical strength, support immune system response, and to aid metabolic function.

One lovely trick some use, is to take a small piece of tangerine quartz and place it in their wallet to draw money. I do the same, but have it wrapped in a piece of paper with a bay leaf.

Too much orange power can result in temper and aggression issues, blockages in trusting people, and having people tend to be repelled by one's arrogance and/or self centeredness. In such instances one should ideally engage in chakra meditation to seek harmony and resolution. Too little orange and one may question self worth, feel belittled and/or overshadowed by others, or be perceived as needy; this too may be addressed with chakra meditation.

What Tangerine Quartz Is

Quartz qualifies to be called tangerine when it has a certain hue of orange, which is fruity and on the brighter side. When such a stone has subtle coloration, it is usually called pink quartz, even when its hue is orangey. The coloration of tangerine quartz can be held inside the quartz or can be an external coating. The coloration is caused by iron. When an orange stone's coloration is not of a tangerine hue, it is called hematoid quartz. Be careful when cleansing pink and tangerine quartz, as the outer coloration may in time wash off in some instances. I'd recommend to cleanse them with selenite or smudge.

You will at times see it written that tangerine quartz only comes from one certain mine in Brazil, and to some extent that is true; yet it is not 100% true. That is the mine which first discovered tangerine quartz, and crystals from there look significantly different than most from elsewhere. The mine is called Santinho.

What Hematoid Quartz is

Basically, if quartz has an iron coating or has iron inclusions within it, it is hematoid quartz. From this we can see that if quartz is orangey but not tangerine in color, it is hematoid.

What Tangerine Aura Quartz Is

Another stone with very similar properties to tangerine quartz, is Tangerine Aura Quartz. It has all of the properties tangerine quartz has, and has the additional properties of the vaporized metals applied to its exterior, which provide its coloration. The metals most commonly vapourized to coat quartz in order to create this stone, are gold, iron, and copper. Gold is a spiritual metal, and its properties support healing work. Copper supports circulation, detoxification, vigor, and also mental clarity and aptitude. Iron shields one to negativity and psychic attack, and supports courage and physical strength; like copper iron promotes mental sharpness.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

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