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The Disks, or Pentacles Suit of Tarot

The Disks, or Pentacles suit of Tarot

Element: Earth
Direction: North
Gender: Female
Speed: Slowest of the suits
Qabalah: Asiyah

The Disks, or Pentacles Suit

The Disks, or Pentacles suit of tarot, concerns all that is relevant to us on the earth plane. Relevant in which way? you might ask. The Disks cards refer to things both material and intangible; but when intangible, we still work with them or refer to them in the mundane world. Furthermore, the Disks cards relate to efforts to gain materially, to reach our goals, and also our efforts to preserve what we have.

In essence, this suit demonstrates the pathway to success, in making clear the connection between our beliefs, and our place and success within a seemingly material world.

When our view of the world is harmonized, we easily gain materially, when it's faulty we tend to face blockages. Our outlook combined with our beliefs determine how we respond to this world, so this is only logical. Fortunately, the cards of the Disks suit help us to see when we need to make adjustments. Additionally, Disks, or Pentacles cards hint at which things will bring us joy, and also things that'll motivate us. This suit at times concerns our attitude toward material possessions, i.e., whether we are generous or stingy with them.

The axiom of the earth element is in maintaining silence. In being silent you are mimicking the ways of the Earth itself; in doing so you keep your powers compacted. When we discuss our passions and ambitions with others we transfer energies that should fuel us, thereby diminishing them. Silence, is therefore our power. As well, silence is a metaphorical analogy for patience, acceptance, and stillness; which could also be described as the way of the Dao.


Dignified, the Disks suit cards may suggest ways to create the life you'd want to live. Ill dignified, of course, there may be something missing that's necessary in order for you to create an ideal path there. As well, dignified Disk cards speak of material gain, effort, kindness and compassion, motivation, that which you treasure, physical beauty, and generosity. Ill dignified they may represent loss, clinginess, stinginess, habits and addictions, laziness, dirtiness, and unappealing ways.

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