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The Cups Suit of Tarot

The Cups suit of Tarot

Element: Water
Direction: West
Gender: Female
Speed: Second slowest of the suits
Qabalah: Briyah

The Cups Suit

The cards of the Cups Suit of tarot show us that we have good reason to keep our emotions and feelings in order. One could, for example, be mired in hardship, with no simple solution available by which to extricate themselves. The cards of this suit remind us that meantime they could be managing their reactions, and be attempting to create perhaps better long-term energetic mirroring, and should also work to maintain balance and peace in spite of anything further that may arise. The less wise alternative, of course, would be for them to stew on negative feelings, and even allow their emotional reactions to guide them in making choices and deciding whether to take action or not take action. The bottom line is, that to live life on our terms, to experience stability, harmony, joy and abundance, we need to be in control of our emotional responses to life events. Why?...

Cups is the suit of Water, and it relates to the world of Briyah of Qabalism. It's the world where ideas of what will manifest, begin to take form. Thus without a doubt, if one steeps themselves in negative emotion, that's the fastest way to manifest more events which create further negative emotion.

Imagine life as like a succession of swimming pools, each situation and relationship represented by one of them. You get out of one pool, dry yourself off and move on to another. If you don't dry off well enough and change your clothes, you may ail in some way, or may drag that excess wetness on to your next situation as baggage. Ha - okay, okay, I am not the best at drawing parallelisms, but it gets the idea across anyway...

The cards of this suit refer to such feelings as love, happiness, sadness, forgiveness and so on. In managing emotional responses to events, interpersonal situations and relationships strengthen, and one can more definitively act in their own best interests. One thing about emotions, is that they are highly prone to change and are many a time fleeting. Which leads one to consider if it's even wise to ask the cards, for example, how someone feels about an issue or a person at any given time.

The Cups are ruled by the element of water. The axiom of water is to dare; the suggestion is for you to rein in your emotions and dare to move towards your goal, despite having being wetted by a veritable sea of emotion at times.


Dignified, the Cups refer to positive feelings and emotions, intuitive awareness, creativity and imagination, attraction, emotional stability and centeredness, and being able to act in all areas of life without emotion impacting your choices. Also, choosing to respond to your world in a positive manner, making effective interpersonal connections, and giving and accepting love and affection. Cups may also refer to an event being short term.

Ill dignified, this suit refers to suppressing feelings, emotional imbalance, life and relationship impediments resulting from emotional issues; emotional battle or upset, carrying emotional baggage forth, etc. Cups cards ill dignified may at times refer to imagination getting carried away, someone having a bleak outlook, or a situation being fleeting.

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