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Crowley Myth #5 :: Is Aleister Crowley George W. Bush's Grandpa?

Barbara Bush/Aleister Crowley
Barbara Bush's photo side by Crowley's. People oft chose shots with the two in similar poses etc, to add weight to that Barbara is rumored to be Crowley's daughter. 

Many say that Barbara Bush was Aleister Crowley's biological daughter. But the evidence (or lack of it) is clear to see, and...

No Matter What Anyone Thinks, it Just isn't So

by Jude Chi

It is commonly bandied about, that Barbara Bush is Aleister Crowley's daughter. If that were true, former president George W. Bush, naturally, would be his grandson. But is it true?

Analysis: ❌ This is false.

What can be said about this "myth"? How did it originate? How did it become so popular? Is there any basis to it? Let's look at these things, and see what light we can shed on them. It is my duty through this article to prove that Barbara Bush is not Crowley's daughter--that is, at least as much as it's possible. Though there's no proof or any logical reason to believe that it's true, it's possible that anything could have been written between the lines of documented history.

Where did the idea that George W. Bush is Aleister Crowley's grandson, originate from? The concept was first presented in 2006, through an article published on April Fool's day, no less. The article states that the blog author researched this on some level, and offers that the initial premise the article was founded upon was that Pauline Pierce, Barbara Bush's mother, was friends with Nellie O'Hara, who lived with Frank Harris in Paris at the time this would have unfolded. 

Ultimately, a lot of reading was done on my part, that yielded this: there is no evidence whatsoever, to support that Crowley was Barbara's biological father, and no evidence supporting that Pauline encountered Crowley. Furthemore, if one scouts the Net for research purposes, what they will primarily find on this, are instances where people've quoted pieces of the April Fool's article, not realizing it was one. I came across a seemingly convincing article or two, that ultimately cited no sources of proof whatsoever, or pointed at snippets from books citing no sources of origin. To imagine, to some that constitutes proof.

Question: An imaginary tale thrown out as a prank, is all there is to this? Answer: Nods head. I am afraid so.

Any articles wherein people insist that Crowley is Bush's father, dig deeper into the theory that Crowley actually met Pauline. But to repeat, this cannot be substantiated. The closest we can get to the truth, is what is quoted on this Gizmodo article. Within it, author Tobias Churton, who read Crowley's diary, said "but I had not seen the name of the lady in question in his diary." "Crowley was very well known in artistic circles in Montparnasse and was highly gregarious, so the chances of the lady being charmed by AC, as many other women were, is high; but there is no direct evidence, that I am aware of, that could lend conviction to the hypothesis that the lady’s pregnancy was the result of a passion for AC." Churton added that there were gaps in the diary; however, that too proves naught.

One point that screams to be made here, is that many who write articles on this, are doing it entirely to produce sensationalistic pieces; so factuality is not a prime requisite. It has been said a few times over, that "they have the same eyes." Well let's analyze that one small point. One, it proves nothing. Two, Crowley was heavy into heroin due to his asthma, and one gets a sense from looking at his photos, that the buggy eyes are aligned with that. I am no physician or healthcare worker whatsoever, but looking at Barbara Bush's photo hints to me of Graves. So my mind, which takes on a comedic slant at the best of times, goes--"that AC had issues with drugs that made his eyes prominent in later life, and that Barbara Bush potentially had thyroid issues that made her eyes prominent, is proof that they are related? Phffft!!..."

The Truth:
People, and primarily mainstream religion communities, have long worked to desecrate the memory of Aleister; and naturally this phenomenon is the only fuel such fallacies need to propel them. He may not be regarded as a hero, but he was a high achiever and left the world of occultism and magick with much to consider. Additionally, he left the world of faith with Thelema as a philosophy. AC was a bold and proud man; he'd have been proud to state that Barbara, or any other child for that matter, was his if it was true. Bottom line is, it is nothing more than a superficial notion to say that Crowley was George W. Bush's grandpa.

I issued a query to the prank blog post's author, and his now paraphrased response was: "I've admitted this many times. The article was published on April 1st, and I never thought anyone would take it seriously. Unfortunately, this country is filled with conspiracy-crazed people, who are emotionally wedded to a belief in 'evil bloodlines.' It is sickening.

In part, that April 1st article was intended as a test. I wanted to see if anyone would take the logical first step that any Journalism 101 student should take -- a step which you yourself have taken. In short: I wondered whether anyone would write to the author and ask 'Where did you get this information? Did you make it up?' 

The piece was published in 2006. In the 12 years since then only TWO people have taken that logical first step. You are the second. That fact says something about the state of our culture."  ~ J. Cannon

Though this post may have failed to outrightly prove that Barbara was not Crowley's daughter, it brought to light that the entire premise was based upon a prank, or in other words, an outright lie. To underscore the point--without that prank, this whole theory would never have been born.

And to conclude this piece, a quote from long term OTO icon, Bill Heidrick, who said (in his classy, tongue-in-cheek style) in response to my querying him on this: "As near as I can tell, it's BS, not BB. For that matter, it doesn't make a bit of difference how many people believe it for whatever reason -- advertisements for fad products to the contrary, the more people believe some silly bit, the less likely it is to be true. The world's great religions are a major case in point -- since they all contradict one another (often themselves internally), it is no issue how many people believe they will go to some sort of heaven or hell for picking or not picking an arbitrary nit. 

As to the Crowley-Bush allegation, it's not worth a DNA test on Jerry Springer -- Springer probably wouldn't want it anyway because the subjects in question are no longer available for a food fight. Absence of evidence creates a presumption of doubt, rising to falsity in cases of lascivious political interest; and Crowley was much given to acknowledgement of his offspring. If Crowley had done, he would have said.

I haven't seen anything in the extant Crowley diaries about a Pauline Pierce. In any event, Crowley marked his diaries with particular symbols to indicate various forms of sexual activity, and just meeting someone would not be an indication of anything but a meeting and whatever else was written down. You can't get Crowley from a toilet seat!"

As for me, Jude, the blog author, my concluding thought is this--this piece has presented as close to the entire truth that could be gleaned at this point in time. Yet as has long been the case, people will want to rebuke it, turn their backs on it. Perhaps that's because without having someone to attribute the Devil persona to, this world is too difficult for many to make sense of.

** I have permission from Bill Heidrick to quote him, under the condition I make it known that he will not be available to respond to comments.

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A Basic Money Drawing Candle Magick Spell

"The best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees, I want money, that's what I want..." 

 ~ The Beatles, from the song "Money (That's What I Want)" 

Draw money, draw prosperity candle magick
Draw money, draw prosperity candle magick

Get Some Positive Financial Energies Flowing Into the New Year!

2019 is sure to be the best year ever--let's do it

by Jude Chi

We are entering into a new year, and what more could a person want than to become more wealthy, more prosperous, and more successful? That would hold true anytime, but there is no better time than right now, given that this entry point into the New Year is an ideal time to reach out to a better future. What we are going to do here, is a candle magick spell to draw money and prosperity. Candle magick is simple, and is referred to as "low magick." The terms low magick and high magick, refer to the amount of preparation, complexity, occult knowledge and tools etc., one requires to engage in a rite.** As for candle magick, anyone can do it. Round up what you need in advance, and that would be candles and holders; the candle colors are as recommended below, and one or more tangerine quartz pieces. As well grab an oil of your choice to anoint your candle with.

#AmazonADLink: Chime Candles for Spell Magick

If you are using chime candles, consider cutting each in half for shorter burning time. If you bless your candles, bless them beforehand. Blessing/not blessing is an individual call. I prefer not to bless, but rather, to send all non-serving energies out of the candle, and call fresh energies in from the Sun. Select a red candle and an orange one, a green one as well if it pleases you, but that's optional. The orange and the green ones hold energies relative to wealth and money drawing. The red candle is the catalyst, or the amplifier, as it were.

You may for economy's sake use only one orange candle, or a white one which replaces all colors. If you use the three colors suggested, place the orange and green ones in front of the red one, to create a triangle formation, as to do so intensifies spell power.

Carve the words "draw money" into each candle, and/or any other relative words or phrases that are powerful to you. If you wish to carve "success," or "prosperity" as well, that's fine, because the appropriate energies are present. Choose your words carefully before you carve.

Tangerine quartz (copyrighted)
Tangerine quartz example pieces

Have one or more pieces of tangerine quartz seated near the candle holder base. Anoint the candles with whichever oil works for you, but of course certain ones are more appropriate to such a spell, such as bay leaf, basil, thyme, cinnamon, and clove. Anoint the candle from tip towards its horizontal middle, as this spell draws energies to you (for spells that send away, you anoint from the base towards the tip). As you light the candle, keep your intent in mind, which is that you are drawing lots of money and success, on an ongoing basis. Notice that the spell's intent is in a present tense--you ARE drawing it, it is NOT stated as "you WILL draw it." If you say you will draw money, you are not drawing it now. To put it in the present tense puts a definite start time on the order, which is now. Keep your focus on the candle for as long as you can--the entire burn time if possible.

Do not stare directly at the flame, diffuse your vision if you gaze for long. Once the entire procedure is done, say "so mote it be," to conclude the intent. If there is anything left of the candle after, bury it outdoors; the idea is, it is like a seed you are planting. Thought to keep in mind: this seed is different than most in that it is self sustaining; it won't need water, etc.

Optional other: Burn dragon's blood incense to further amplify energies, if you wish, and/or have clear quartz crystals near the candles. As well, if the desire strikes you, you can make a sigil and a spell note, and have them sitting under the holder as the candle burns. When done, either burn the sigil and the note, or bury them, with or in place of any candle remnants.

Money drawing, prosperity drawing sigil (copyrighted)
Money drawing/prosperity sigil

An example sigil

To use a sigil is optional. However, the more detail one uses in a ritual, the more power the rite will hold. I made an example sigil, using the phrase, "Drawing to me now and for all time, all money, success, and assets available to me. This order remains strong." It was written on paper, all the vowels were struck out, and all repeated consonants were struck out; the process left one each of the remaining consonants. The consonants were arranged into a formation that was pleasing to my eyes.

Hint: Letters need not repeat within your sigil. If you have an N, an M, a W and an U, a W could cover for all, reducing the number of letters used within your sigil significantly (all letter forms mentioned can be found within the W). Another example, if you are using upper case and have an O and a Q, use the O only, and make a tail on it to add in the Q. Again, T can be found within a capital H. The letters do not need to be right side up or any which way within the sigil, nor do they have to be right side forward; meaning that a lower case d could serve as a lower case b or p. Use whichever case you want, by the way. The point of mentioning this, is that very simple sigils work best, so these ways to reduce how many letters you use are important. For balance in form at times, however, you may want to use repeats, and that's okay.

An example spell note

A written spell could be anything your heart desires. Traditionally however, they tend to be written somewhat poetically, or have some sort of impressive flow. So you could write:

"This wealth of positive energy, 
ever flowing, is mine,
Bringing me success, abundance, and financial prosperity,
now and throughout all time
So Mote it Be"

Keep in mind though, that if you are no poet, to be satisfied with the wording is the important thing. It doesn't have to rhyme or sound poetic. In such spells, avoid writing negative orders. Do not state what you do not want, only state what you do want. If you want to be rich, you for example do not ask not to be poor, and this concept applies to all spells. It works this way because you want wealth, not poverty, to be the key request in your spell.

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 **Yet in some lineages of magick the description varies. One example is that in Thelema, high magick is that which aligns with one's true will, and low magick does not align with it. In Thelema though, low magick can sensibly be used to remove obstacles that block one to achieving their true will.

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Tangerine Quartz; Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Tangerine quartz cluster (copyrighted)
Tangerine quartz

Tangerine Quartz :: Bringing in Sunshine

by Jude Chi

Tangerine Quartz combines the properties of quartz with those of the color orange, and therefore primarily targets issues relative to the sacral chakra. Furthermore, the color orange embodies the qualities of the colors yellow and red. This is important to observe, as for example, red and yellow as separate colors, may have significantly different metaphysical properties to the color orange in instances; the difference is that in orange the various properties come together as a blend, as it were. Naturally, creating an awareness of the specific properties crystals have in detail, allows one to work with each far more effectively.

Quartz, as we know, has six basic properties, which as a reminder, are to amplify, store, focus, transmit, transform, and structure. This particular grouping of traits means that virtually no matter what you are doing, quartz will help you achieve it. As for the color orange, it is a color relative to the sun and its energies, joy, pleasure, self esteem, creativity, enthusiasm, persistence and fixity of purpose, success, stimulation, physical strength, endurance, wealth, desire, and awareness in matters of Self.

#AmazonADLink: Natural Tangerine Quartz Point or Cluster

Common applications for tangerine quartz are: to assist in countering the blues and depression, to to draw money and to support career and other successes, to aid in matters relative to the Self, incite passion, inspire creativity, raise self esteem, resolve guilt, bolster courage, to address inner child issues, and to motivate. In healing, to draw sun energies, enhance physical strength, support immune system response, and to aid metabolic function.

One lovely trick some use, is to take a small piece of tangerine quartz and place it in their wallet to draw money. I do the same, but have it wrapped in a piece of paper with a bay leaf.

Too much orange power can result in temper and aggression issues, blockages in trusting people, and having people tend to be repelled by one's arrogance and/or self centeredness. In such instances one should ideally engage in chakra meditation to seek harmony and resolution. Too little orange and one may question self worth, feel belittled and/or overshadowed by others, or be perceived as needy; this too may be addressed with chakra meditation.

What Tangerine Quartz Is

Quartz qualifies to be called tangerine when it has a certain hue of orange, which is fruity and on the brighter side. When such a stone has subtle coloration, it is usually called pink quartz, even when its hue is orangey. The coloration of tangerine quartz can be held inside the quartz or can be an external coating. The coloration is caused by iron. When an orange stone's coloration is not of a tangerine hue, it is called hematoid quartz. Be careful when cleansing pink and tangerine quartz, as the outer coloration may in time wash off in some instances. I'd recommend to cleanse them with selenite or smudge.

You will at times see it written that tangerine quartz only comes from one certain mine in Brazil, and to some extent that is true; yet it is not 100% true. That is the mine which first discovered tangerine quartz, and crystals from there look significantly different than most from elsewhere. The mine is called Santinho.

What Hematoid Quartz is

Basically, if quartz has an iron coating or has iron inclusions within it, it is hematoid quartz. From this we can see that if quartz is orangey but not tangerine in color, it is hematoid.

What Tangerine Aura Quartz Is

Another stone with very similar properties to tangerine quartz, is Tangerine Aura Quartz. It has all of the properties tangerine quartz has, and has the additional properties of the vaporized metals applied to its exterior, which provide its coloration. The metals most commonly vapourized to coat quartz in order to create this stone, are gold, iron, and copper. Gold is a spiritual metal, and its properties support healing work. Copper supports circulation, detoxification, vigor, and also mental clarity and aptitude. Iron shields one to negativity and psychic attack, and supports courage and physical strength; like copper iron promotes mental sharpness.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

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