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Describing the Mandela Effect, by Jude Chi

Subtitle: From Nelson Mandela to CERN--The Mandela Effect 

Many have heard of, or have used the term "the Mandela Effect"; but in a world concentrated with ideas and busy-nesses of all kinds, and given that few are aware enough to consider metaphysical events as genuine--in all likelihood more have not heard of it or have tuned it out completely. The time has come for us to become more aware of what's happening around us. The intent of this author, is to present this blog post in a way that even a die hard skeptic is given reason to believe that the Mandela Effect could be a real thing. Multiple links have been provided to pages of a specific website, as that's where there's a true wealth of information to be found. This blog is in no way affiliated with that site (Mandela Effect .com).

Now and without further ado, let's examine what the Mandela Effect is.

Defining the Mandela Effect

One could describe the Mandela Effect as a phenomenon where a person remembers a historical event clearly enough to be certain of what they remember, yet those around them hold a different memory version of said event. To elaborate though, it is not just one individual with the alternate memory, there is a division, or let's say a ratio, of how many people hold a specific memory version of the event. And to simplify for conversational purposes, people tend to say that the ratio is 50/50--but this is a chosen ratio representation not an actual one, as it seems logical enough to apply it in this way.

It should be said, that people holding a commonality of viewpoint as it applies to the Mandela Effect, do not need to mutually belong to a set group or hold any specific strain of beliefs--which is to say that there is no reason for them to be prone towards holding the same viewpoint, or even differing ones for that matter. Generally, as discussions on this topic tend to go, only two sets of memories (and of course, each aligns with its respective reality) are referred to--the currently provable one, and an alternate one. But it stands to reason that in time the layers being peeled back will reveal more of how it works, and may show even more alternate realities to potentially be presenting.

Where Did the Term Originate From?

The term came into being in 2009, at Dragon Con, which is the second largest Sci-fi convention in the USA. In breaks between activities a group of attendees, including Fiona Broome (founder of the Mandela Effect website), began discussing how a significant amount of people recall Nelson Mandela dying before his actual death. And as the discussion evolved, they applied the term to simplify; it soon became the societally preferred term for the topic matter at hand.

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How Do We Know it's a Real Thing, and Not Just Misremembering?

Though there is no way to know for certain, what one will discover when looking into this, is that individuals engaging in discussions on the Mandela Effect are standardly certain beyond any shadow of doubt as to what they saw. Certainly that's not proof, but at the same time the phenomenon is happening more and more. And furthermore, at times evidence to support alternate memories and their corresponding realities arises; not often though, as it seems that as we move back and forth between realities, evidence of any other reality than the one we are in is deleted accordingly by the universe (or whoever/whatever). But at times this is for some reason not the case.

Why Do So Many Recoil Upon Discussing It?

This is an interesting point indeed... Maybe you've heard of the "blind effect." It's where a person is presented with information, or even proof, that is from outside of their personal belief set or outside of their faith, or is beyond what their logic, intellect, etc., allows them to believe--and as a result they pull down a mental blind of sorts that blocks them to accepting and/or discussing it. This is something that will arise again and again when discussing the Mandela Effect, because so many do not want to deal with matters metaphysical, mystical, and not "scientific" enough for their respective belief set.

Why This Article?

This author recently had two back to back Mandela Effect experiences. First, a repeat birthday. Maybe that doesn't translate well, so allow me to explain. Last year I turned 56. This year on my birthday, again I turn 56. Age is a very surreal concept to me, thus each year I calculate--I've done this for decades. Imagine my horror, when the calculator showed me that again I will turn 56 this year... there is no way to encapsulate the feeling into words. Think of just how that would work; it defies logic as we know it on every level. How could it calculate differently into a new year? The second experience was as strange, if not stranger...

I was buying a set of items on eBay. As I went through the checkout it was made clear that shipping would be combined. But after the transaction was completed the record showed that no shipping discount had been applied. I spoke to the seller, and he was telling me he was looking at proof the discount had been applied. He would not speak sense, or so it seemed, as I was looking at proof it had not been applied--and even spoke to an eBay agent that confirmed it. But later when I looked, it had been applied. Then I looked again later on yet, as the conversation between us was ongoing and there was a significant delay between his responses; and at that point it did not show. The proof, was literally there but not there at the same time (his reality vs. mine), then there and then gone again. In the end it was there (meaning that it returned one more time) and I decided to not look anymore, as it was literally shaking me up. Rather than give it any negative thought energy, it was decided that I'd make an informative post inspired by it.

What Examples Do You Have of the Mandela Effect?

A suitable first example, would be the one this phenomenon is named after--the death of Nelson Mandela. He died December 5th, 2013. However, when the news of his death was released, some were shocked as it was remembered by many that he had died somewhere within the eighties and nineties. Rather than me excavating any deeper into that, you can read more about it on a conversational thread concerning it, here. (link now deleted as the site is no longer in operation).

Then there is the Star Wars C3PO anomaly; half remember him back in the day being entirely gold in color, whereas now commonly found references show him with a silver leg. Furthermore it's claimed that many of the silver leg pictures of him are based upon 1970s works, and that he's always been that way. Coincidentally, there's another example of the Mandela Effect at work in the same movie. It's a commonly used quote--where Darth Vader says "Luke, I am your father." But now, the movie says "No, I am your father." Even James Earl Jones has stated in at least one interview, that the first version is the one in the Star Wars script.

And speaking of movies, here's another example... in the James Bond movie "Moonraker," the clip depicts Dolly sans braces. However, many remember Dolly with braces in that scene.

Next, some remember the color chartreuse being yellow-green. However, others remember chartreuse as being a burgundy red color. This to me is very peculiar, as I can't imagine chartreuse being anything other than a yellow-green.

How Many Landed on the Moon? This one boggles the mind. To date, it is historically held that there have been nine moon landings; many recall only one. 

And too, an island disappeared--Sandy Island, a small island that was not far from New Caledonia. It was referred to on older maps, that still can be found today. There are even residual records of it to be found on Google search. Its coordinates were: 19.2 degrees S,  159.93 degrees E. The island was said to be about the size of Manhattan. Not too long ago a group of researchers went to the area where the island was shown by Google coordinates to be, and there was nothing but water there. 

The examples of the Mandela Effect that are most riveting, are that entire land masses have relocated (link deleted as site is no longer functional). A while after discovering that Sandy Island disappeared, I fell upon the fact that Sri Lanka, Japan, and New Zealand also appear to have moved; but the array of land masses understood to have moved are not limited to these ones. On the conversational thread you'll find via the link above, you will see that many claim to have knowledge of where certain land masses were, and you can see via Google, that they are no longer where said individuals claim they were. I'd add my two cents, but admit that geography is one of my shortcomings.

What's Behind the Mandela Effect?

This is something that currently cannot be answered. Some say it's caused by scientists at CERN, with their large hadron collider experiments. The theory goes, that the foundation that our universe is built on cannot withstand such radical adjustment of its basic particles. Others say that we are being manipulated by world governments, and that all of our current reality is false and that occasionally we get glimpses of the truth. Some say that world governments manage the goings on at CERN, and that CERN exists, at least in part, to manage our reality. There are other opinions as well, and as already touched upon, one is that to many this whole topic is a lot of people with faulty memories making much ado about nothing.

One Facebook friend (thanks Dylan Tyler Grant) suggested to me that these reality glitches are one of the initial signs of a higher level of awareness emerging within an individual, and also within the populace... and that in time individuals experiencing them will perceive multiple realities at the same time. Only time will tell, one way or the other. And though it's veering a tad bit off topic, the same friend suggested that the multiple timelines presenting are foundational to what happens next, which is that the global populace will be divided and segregated by frequency, to their own respective reality or realities. While considering this point I stumbled across a thread where people tossed around the idea of the Mandela Effect being relative to ascension. The corresponding link has been removed, as the site is no longer in operation.

It should be pointed out though, that even though there's some pretty damning evidence available that the Mandela Effect is a real thing, many examples of it that are shared around could honestly be attributed to faulty memory or faulty perception. Two prime examples of this are both Sally Field ones. It is said that it appears her name was at one point Sally Fields, but this is a common error with such names, and even professional writers and announcers make such mistakes. As for her being quoted as saying "you really, really like me"; that sounds far better than what she actually said. Thus it's easy to see how some would replace the more awkward wording she used (["and I can't deny the fact that] ...you like me; right now, you like me"), with their preferred wording as they paraphrased and quoted her. Yet alternatively, it could be a true example of the Mandela Effect in action.

As for what causes the Mandela Effect--this author personally, offers no opinion one way or the other and suggests that if you're interested to do some poking around of your own. But on another note, as I was tying up the loose ends in posting this piece, a friend of mine made an offhand remark that is quite true... when the Mandela Effect is discussed on Facebook, there appears to be a tendency for people to ignore the fact that someone or something would have to be behind the wheel, if it's a bonafide thing as so many believe it to be. Ack, maybe it's just a way to avoid being labelled a nut or a conspiracy theorist. Or even, discussing it online like that, maybe they fear being watched.

In conclusion--if you discover anything interesting on this, please come back and share your findings in the comments section below.

~ Jude Chi

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