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Are Occultism and Magick Bad? Productive?

Magick and tome

by Jude Chi

Today a Facebook acquaintance friend posed me with a multi-level question, that went something like this--"You do magick? Occult magick? Isn't that bad? Can you manifest things, love, or money for example? What can you tell me about dark, occult energies?" And as such questions are often asked, I wrote this post as a response:

I do magick, yes, but don't like dealing with love. I'll go so far as doing a spell that will draw a non-specific love partner. More people need to realize that even if one draws the ideal partner, that relationship will only be healthy if both partners behave in an ideal way...meaning that an ideal partner cannot carry the relationship for a partner who's not doing their part. I absolutely do not do spells that draw a specific partner, because it outrightly contravenes free will. In black magick I don't mind contravening free will if it seems logical to do so, as even cutting someone off in traffic or causing someone blockage by making a decision that does not serve them contravenes free will, and we are circumstantially required to do such things all the time. But as it turns out, those that want to force a specific person to be with them, tend to be the ones that had the chance and blew it, and will not simply move on with the lesson. If one person does not want that, it should not be.

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Yes, I do all kinds of occult magick. You ask if it is bad. Bad is a strange word in my opinion, because it assumes that to do a certain thing is not good, and that all that is not labeled bad, is good (and vice versa). These concepts, in our society, seem logical. They are not though. Once a person begins in magick they see more and more of this kind of insight.

There is no good, no bad, no right, no wrong. There are only things we do and think that have frequency vibrations. And when we think and do what we do, we draw to us what's in line with that. Furthermore, when we work with light forces, we are most comfortable in the light. When we work with dark forces, we are more comfortable in the dark. Walking between worlds, we are home everywhere.

This does not mean to say that one can ideally and should do exactly as they please. It means that to abide by one's true will--the will they have that directly aligns with their higher purpose--is the best they could be doing. It does not make them Teflon, but it will provide them with a rich, life experience. No one is immune to the lessons of the universe, no matter how they think or act, no matter what they believe. Pretending to be all light and love is a false jacket, and it too cannot make anyone Teflon. No one is truly all love and light, it cannot be. Where there is up there is down, east, west, truth, lies, light, dark, in, out. There is no end, this is true logic.

Occultism and magick are not bad, that I can guarantee you. However, if one harbors feelings that they might be, then they should not partake. Magick, whether light or dark, is the art of enabling and assisting your life to unfold as you'd want it to. Nothing bad going on. Occultism is much about learning to work with daemons and powerful energies, and also Qabalah, Qlipphoth and so on, and much of what's considered "darker." Now imagine darker to mean more like how an electrician works with both positive and negative energies, and cannot sensibly work with either alone. It is the same for us in this sense, but we have purposely been disempowered with false beliefs.

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As it turns out, some of the most powerful energies are darker ones--but as logic would have it, it probably just seems that way--because the Qabalah shows us that light and dark are of the same level of power. The  fact that it seems there is more power available to us when we access the dark, is due to the fact that we have in essence tapped into the power society has shut us off from, as light alone is a weak source.

One more thing that's in line with what you are asking, is that there is a thing called Universal Justice; and with Universal Justice one can tweak the outcome of what people mistakenly call karma, to some degree. There is no karma, but the universe responds to us with the energy we put out, and we can adjust that frequency.

skulls, magick
Skulls, symbolic of communication within magick

Even when we take an action that absolutely does not serve us, there is no guarantee that we will draw any certain type of result, so there's a randomness involved. Still, ideally speaking, when doing black magick one should do something to offset certain actions. In other words, the person that is willing to engage in black magick, better have a good heart and had better be doing it for the right reasons, and should be discriminating in the work they take on. For example, if someone comes to them and says that so and so hurt me and I want them to suffer... the story of why should be heard and assessed, and if necessary, meditated on. The type of action taken to show the intended a lesson should also deeply be considered, such as, does it affect those around them? Is it one iota more than is necessary? And so on.

All said and done, when it comes to black magick these are not light actions to take, but still can be offset if deemed necessary. An example of offsetting is to do what some call "making a sacrifice." Don't get alarmed with the term... there's nothing sinister going on. You think of something good that is not within your realm of comfort, and before you engage in that magickal act, you make a decree to the universe to do it. That is a sacrifice. It may be that you know an old man or woman that is unwell, and will bake a pie and take friends over to visit. Whatever, anything that's outside of your realm of comfort. And one needs to actually do it of course.

I do not suggest for a moment, that each practitioner of magick engages in black magick. I believe that there are in all likelihood far more that do not. There are many magicians that do not believe that we can justify darker actions--that they can under any circumstance be in line with our higher will. I do not wish to examine the beliefs of others so much, as I do not want my own scrutinized either. So I'll leave it at that.

Lastly I'm left with the one unanswered segment of the question. Yes we can manifest things, and I often have. But manifestation does not always occur within an ideal timeframe, as time is not real but on this plane, and magick spans into other planes. You can for example, do a spell to manifest money, and it may work quickly; or perhaps you have beliefs that block you to money that are very strong, and as well you may engage in behavior that further provides blockage. In instances such as the second, instead of magickally manifesting money, what spellwork will achieve is for the individual concerned to open their eyes to learn a new way--to journey towards efficiently manifesting.

As it often goes, one can take a lifetime to learn to pose themselves with given challenges, and the road to recovery can potentially be long. The best solution in this case, is to keep up with applying magick in new and innovative ways, and to meditate, meditate, meditate! As well, one thing that many who significantly face these blockages do not do, is place their focus more externally. If you are not receiving, it near goes without saying you may need to give more generously--this too is magick, as it is an act that causes change in conformity with will.

I am glad  you asked this question, as it has provided me opportunity to answer some questions I am often posed with. Thank you.

Do what thou wilt;

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