Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Truth--Just Another Word; or, How to Manifest, by Jude Chi

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Well they (The Secret et al) had it partially right; when working our thoughts to manifest, we do need to look at what we want as being already materialized. But why it doesn't work for everyone or mostly everyone, is because they don't get why they should do it, so don't invest their thought energy into doing it right...

The reason why we need to see our manifestations realized in a past tense even though they have not yet come to be, is not to simply support them to happen sooner than later, but to overlay the shitty memories of the past that keep us repressed in the now. Yes, bad memories are what prevent us from manifesting our desires, by lowering our vibrational frequency.

How to dissociate from a shitty past that a person unintentionally created, is for them to replace the old memories with beautiful new ones (one could be--I manifested a million bucks in my past, for example). To some, to do so--to create new memories not in line with how they remember events, would seem like lying to the self. To them I say this--redefine your idea of what lies are. When this whole universe is nothing but pure nothingness, and from it we manage to manifest a pile of crap, it's time to recenter to a new truth of what we can create. In that setting, "truth" is just a word--literally just another word, as is the word "lie."

~ Jude Chi

Based upon an original post by me on my Facebook page, first published on the morning of March 4th, 2018.

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