Friday, March 16, 2018

Crowley Myth Number 3 :: That he had another son besides Ataturk

Another son?

Analysis: ❌ This is false.

The Truth:
No he did not. As a matter of fact, let's clear up any misconceptions about how many offspring he sired. He had two with Rose Kelly: Nuit Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith Crowley, who died at two years of age (1904-1906); and Lola Zaza Crowley, who died in 1990 (1906-1990). Then, by Leah Hirsig, he sired Anne Leah Crowley, who is shown to have died the same year she was born--1920. And by Ninnette Fraux, he sired Astarte Lulu Panthea Crowley, who died in 2005 (1920-2005). And by Patricia Doherty MacAlpine, he sired Charles Edward d'Arquires, aka Aleister Ataturk (1937-2002). Now we move onto discussing why there is so much confusion concerning A.C.'s offspring...

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There was some tendency within the Crowley family to assume names other than their own, and it appears therefore when we encounter their various names, that he had a whole lot of offspring. But there were five in all, and that's it. Apart from his actual family members, there was a man once who changed his name to Edward Crowley (Aleister's birth name), who went on to commit murder. And rumor spread that he was Crowley's son; he's the same man referenced on this page, by the way.

Then there was Amado Crowley, who claimed to be Crowley's son. However, according to those that knew him well, he was a bit of  a yarn spinner, and had a vested interest in making such a claim. His claim is believed to be groundless.

And finally, some may ask--who was MacAleister? Was he Crowley's son? Well it goes like this--most of us familiar with Crowley are fully aware of the infamous Paris working. And a common telling of it has it that Crowley's assistant, MacAleister, was in fact his son, and that MacAleister was found dead at the conclusion of the incident. Although it's a quaint and heart-touching story, it would appear there's no truth to it. Read this interesting article written elsewhere, to get the gist of how it most likely was.

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