Friday, March 16, 2018

Crowley Myth Number 2 :: That he was a Pedophile

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Analysis: ❌ This is false.

The Truth:
There is no evidence whatsoever that Crowley was a pedophile, so this is patently false. However, there were things he said and things that happened that could easily be taken out of context; here is one of them:

In Crowley's book "The World Tragedy," he said, “Let me seduce the boys of England. Then these boys, becoming men, may bring about the new Heaven and the new Earth…for the transvaluation of all values must yet again take place…but without an army I am useless. Give me an army, young men; and we will sweep those dogs into the sea.” 

My commentary on the above: Hey, is it just me, or does this clearly say that he wants to begin cultivating an army, and he wants to start by working with England's young men? We don't know for certain how he meant for the word "seduced" to be taken; but common sense dictates that he wanted to change the values of men as they aged towards maturity, and let those open minded men assist him in creating change--surely not that he wanted to sexually seduce armies of young men.

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Next, we have an example of how Crowley quotes and people falsely claiming a connection to him, have often been taken out of context and misapplied to justify what rapists and pedophiles have done; read here. And the next one I'll offer a point in advance to provide better contexting--that the perpetrator changed his name to replicate Aleister's name at birth (which was Edward Alexander Crowley)--this nincompoop here. Crowley's name does not belong in those publications yet it's there, while he's not here to defend himself. In times of yore, Crowley's times included, the media was left to do much as they pleased and many claims were made; some of those claims apparently took on a life of their own. Crowley was an ideal target due to his notoriety.

And on a similar note, here's an example of the type of rot, that gives the lies of the past, wings still today--Crowley Exposed (from a Christian perspective). They actually say "Aleister Crowley was... a mass child killer." I have no idea how they can say such a thing with a straight face, as there was not a single murder charge laid against him.

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Additionally, there was a man named Mohammed ben Brahim; when Crowley was in Tunisia the two had a thing going. He is commonly referred to as a youth; but I looked it up and it was not like that. As it turns out, Mohammed ben Brahim was born in 1897. Do the math; Crowley went to Tunisia in 1923, so Mohammed was no teenager when residing with Crowley--he was 26. This common misconception probably adds to the confusion. Perhaps there is doubt as to whether the Mohammed ben Brahim referred to on Wikipedia is the same one that was Crowley's lover in the 1920s, but even if not he, there is no legitimate document that refers to Mohammed as a youth. Conversely, In Lawrence Sutin's book, "Do What Thou Wilt: A Life of Aleister Crowley," he is listed as a young male, nothing more.

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