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Crowley Myth Number 2 :: That he was a Pedophile

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Analysis: ❌ This is false.

The Truth:
There is no evidence whatsoever that Crowley was a pedophile, so this is patently false. However, there were things he said and things that happened that could be taken out of context; here is one of them:

In Crowley's book "The World Tragedy," he said, “Let me seduce the boys of England. Then these boys, becoming men, may bring about the new Heaven and the new Earth…for the transvaluation of all values must yet again take place…but without an army I am useless. Give me an army, young men; and we will sweep those dogs into the sea.”

My commentary on the above: Crowley clearly stated that his desire was to cultivate an army of open minded people, and he wanted to start by working with England's young men. Common sense dictates that he wanted to seduce them into joining him in creating change; still, this is one quote that has been twisted by some to suggest that he meant otherwise.

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Next, we have an example of how Crowley quotes can be spewed out to justify what rapists and pedophiles have done. Though he was not the only one to use such an approach, as an example we'll use a man from southwest Great Britain, who will be referred to anonymously for legal reasons. He was a sexual predator, who placed heavy focus upon child victims. He somehow believed that his acts were based upon the teachings of Crowley's "The Book of the Law"--even going so far as to dress up in a magician's robe prior to sex acts and read from it. As Thelema advocates freedom of will in all ways, including through sexual expression, it seems that the confused and misled individual here referred to, felt that he could and should do as he pleased. The bottom line is, that Crowley and his life works, bear no correlation to anyone that performs such heinous acts.

In this next, similar example, the perpetrator changed his name to replicate Aleister's name at birth (which was Edward Alexander Crowley). The man was demented; yet due to his choice of name, and due to the fact that the police investigating his case showcased one dark Crowley quote (which people happily took out of context), his story somehow ends up adding weight to the notion that Crowley was evil. A certain segment of society thrives upon sensationalized articles mentioning him--they love to think that though he died in 1947, he is responsible for acts happening far into modern times--even when said acts do not align with his Thelemic tenets.

The quote referenced, by the way is, "A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim." A quick Google search would dispel any sinister assumptions regarding that quote, and may even land one on this page at some point, which fully explains it. Crowley thrived upon the notoriety surrounding him and fed into it. Even so it's sad to see that the lies, misinformation, and disinformation continue.

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Additionally, there was a man named Mohammad ben Brahim; when Crowley was in Tunisia the two cohabited for a while. Mohammad is commonly referred to as a youth; but I looked it up, and was dismayed upon available findings. That Crowley lived with a youth, some say teen, is popularly cited, but no one states where the information originated from or even goes as far as to mention his age. For just one case in point--in Lawrence Sutin's book, "Do What Thou Wilt: A Life of Aleister Crowley," he is listed as a young male, nothing more.

It is also popularly stated that while in Italy, Crowley occasionally travelled to Palermo where he obtained supplies and visited rent boys (male prostitutes). While the term implies that such prostitutes are young, in fact it refers to male prostitutes in general.

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