Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jude: On my Store, Spirit Conjures, and Magick


Some months ago I made a couple of brief posts in reference to the opening of my shop--Metaphysicality Inc Store. But since then you may have noticed, there's been no further news on it. My bad. I have been so busy promoting it in other ways, that I have been negligent in mentioning it here. So I will take this opportunity to bring you up to speed, not only on my store, but also on how my journey through magick is progressing.

By the way--this is an absolute change of direction for me, as in the past, posts published here were rarely from the personal viewpoint of its respective author.

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So, what's going on with my store?...

Let's start at the beginning; you see, when the idea for my store was conceived, it was a place from which to sell metaphysical goods, and also a place to do my tarot readings from. However, since then the focus of my interests has changed immensely, and nowadays the bulk of focus is placed upon the spirit conjures I perform, and also upon the big picture of magick I engage in. I have yet to make my magick listings live--too busy getting all of my conjure listings up for now... all good things in their time, I guess.

The only past posts I've ever made on this blog concerning spirit keeping and spirit conjuring, were published long ago indeed, from a time before I began conjuring entities myself. I entered into magick through my experiences in spirit keeping and through the occult knowledge gained from traversing in that direction, and I kept on going, kept on learning, kept on reading what I could. I do practice what is called black magick, but do resent that the average person uses black magick to describe harmful magick, because it is not necessarily that (although it certainly may be in instances).

It is my personal opinion that no black magick should ever be done without due consideration.

Let me veer of on a tangent, to discuss black magick for a moment. The true definition of black magick, is magick that does not serve the magician's will--or should I rather say, their higher will. [By my definition, higher will is that which one by choice engages in, that serves them to grow and evolve in the ways they would like to--but this will is not decided spontaneously; it is a definitive part of an ongoing larger picture--True Will.] A secondary definition of black magick though, is engaging in magick that contravenes the free will of another. This is an interesting point to consider--as my standing in front of where you intend to walk, is me contravening your free will. So at what point does this sort of contravention automatically equate with black magick? True magick has no color, black, white, shades of grey, it's all irrelevant. However, a magician has to be certain of (and steadfast in) their underlying beliefs to ensure that there are no repercussions, to work within the range of magick that is commonly referred to as black.

A screenshot of Metaphysicality Inc Store

Anyway, back to my update. It took me the better part of three years to build my gorgeous store on Shopify.  I made some choices along the way that hindered me, and had to change direction a few times. I had it in mind that I wanted to work with other magicians in my store. But the truth is, if you are working with people online, it is a whole different ballgame than working with them in real life. It's a real tough row to hoe--I don't know how anyone does it. So now I am on my own, and am truly enjoying it... this feels right.

Spirit conjuring is something that lights me up with joy; and I can conjure beings of any sort that are summonable, and that are willing to agree to participate in agreements. I am still working on putting spirit conjure listings up... but even so any spirit or entity type one could conceive of, is available through my store (if you can't find what you're looking for, use the store's contact form, I'll point you in the right direction). I can and will summon and elicit agreements (not pacts, that's a different service) with any beings from White Arts to Black Arts, and also Immortals, including all gods and daemons, Goetics, and servitors. Not all of these service and entity conjures are listed, but all are available from the listings that are now live.

Jude on Facebook

If you are seriously interested in my services and have one or two questions, contact me and I'll respond (use my store's contact page). However, if you have many questions, I'd rather you join me on FB and post your questions there, as then I can respond in a way that others with the same questions, will see the responses provided. Furthermore, if you sign up for my mailing list, you will receive a monthly discount code. Go to my store, and the signup is in the footer at bottom right.

And on a final note... in near future I will be moving on to, well as I said, adding some magick service listings to my store, so keep your eyes open for more news and updates on that. And also, I will be breathing new life into the spirit keeping forum I set up two years ago. As soon as I had it ready to go, the platform it was set up on changed hands, and I had to move it. To move a forum you have to strip it of certain files, which means that it needs to be thoroughly checked over and new files need to be added. It will take time.

The forum will not be entirely about spirit keeping; that will be just one aspect of it. It will cover magick and related topics, spirit keeping, divination, and many other relevant metaphysical topics as well. I look forward to seeing you there as a participant.

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