Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Joodhe, no Longer of the Right Hand Path... (and What is LHP?)

From Here on in this Blog will Include Some LHP Content

In the updated blog description some of you will have noticed that there is now a reference to LHP, which is short for Left Hand Path. Many will know what that means, what it is, and others will not. It is not simple to explain, because to some degree it is subjective; its description is sure to vary depending up on who you ask. To simplify, most correctly put, those who journey the Left Hand Path are Satanists, Luciferians, Demonolators, Thelemites, and atheists. The term Right Hand Path generally refers to Christianity, and also to most Pagan faiths.

The reason that this blog will from here on in at times have posts relative to the Left Hand Path, is because me, this blog author, has recently begun her journey of the Left Hand Path. This is not a post of confession or me wanting to discuss my own faith, but is simply a prep for what is to come. In society at large, those of LHP faiths are still commonly largely rebuked. And that's simply too bad, because in this new age of spirit, people are free to be who they are and whatever they are. That includes me and you both.

One thing that many who're unfamiliar with LHP faiths don't commonly understand, is that while the Christian versions of the Devil, Satan, and Lucifer are malevolent beings, to those of the LHP that are theistic, Satan and Lucifer are not Devils at all, but are benevolent gods. As a Luciferian, I myself have met Satan, and he is noble, kind and compassionate; and wise, so very wise. He is always there to guide me.

I know some will not like that I have made this one change in my blog content, and that's just a part of growing and changing, that I'll have to accept. I do however ask that if it bothers you on any level, to try to keep your mind open and see, that light and dark cannot exist without one another. It's true to say that if you take your flashlight and shine it into the light, you cannot see its beam. Nothing exists without a contrast; polarities exist in all things. Such is the very nature of our universe. As above, so below. As within, so without. There is nothing but dichotomy, polarity, contrast, and balance.

So then, to achieve harmony, light must exist beside darkness. But what exactly is darkness, when one is labeled light and another dark, in terms of their faith, beliefs, and philosophies? Here is my summarization of this matter: there is a line, an imaginary line or barrier, it is the center of balance of all things--high and low, north and south, east and west, light and dark, and so on and so forth. In terms of spirituality we use the terms light and dark to simplify the concepts of "service to others," and "service to self." Service to others is considered light, and service to self is considered dark...

In our society we have been conditioned to believe that our lives ideally should revolve around serving unto others. That's interesting and cute, but then where does balance come in? It would come in if let's say half of society were dedicated to existing in the service of others, and the remainder were in service unto themselves. But how about maintaining that balance within ourselves? ... it's hard to remember that many of the beliefs we hold as humans, were implanted to make us more pliable under the powers that be. Being Left Hand Path means that the nature of a person leans towards the left of the line by default. But at the same time, being LHP does not mean that a person chooses to live virtually entirely in service of self (that may be the case in instances though); most often it simply means that when push comes to shove, the person will take care of their own interests over those of others.

Just as it is right for me to lean left, it is right for those that choose such, to lean right.

With that said, welcome to the new face and personality of my blog, which amongst all other matters metaphysical, is also now LHP.

This blog's Webmaster,
Joodhe (Jude)

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