Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Where are the Tarot & Various Other Articles that were on this Blog?

All tarot card meaning posts have been unpublished

All of the tarot card definitions as well as some other articles have been removed from my blog. It was necessary for me to do that due to my predicament; let me explain...

I had been trying to update the court card descriptions, but kept running into the same scenario - that each time I made time to work on one post, either something else came up that needed dealing with, or another matter of importance had to wait because I was doing that. It became a long running issue, and was stressful. In the end I took time to mull it over, and for so many reasons felt that the tarot definitions should go...

First, as stated I don't have time to update them. As well, when it comes to business, I have another magician (another besides me, of course) that's joined my store, and now must focus on more important matters. It was with this in mind that I decided to go in and clear out all posts that I felt needed to go, to give me absolute peace of mind in moving forth. My absolute focus must be placed upon my magick, my store, and my promotions. Not to mention that I have a thriving FB community, and that also needs to be overseen.

So that's the whole sordid story, I'm afraid, and that's why over 120 articles were unpublished yesterday. If there comes a time when I am freer to address updating them, then that's going to happen. If not, so be it.

Thanks so much for understanding


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