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Ulexite, Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Ulexite; a Wikimedia file, CC by SA 3.0. Attribution: Rob Lavinsky,

What Is Ulexite?

Named after Georg Ludwig Ulex, ulexite is commonly referred to as the "TV stone." It can be clear, white, or somewhere in between. This mineral is somewhat unusual in that there are naturally occurring fibers within it that conduct light fiber-optically. Ulexite is formed in drier locales, and is largely found in dried out saline lakes. It grows as acicular crystals (formed like bunny tails), or as crystal masses with fibers running through. It also grows as aggregate patches, but collectors have no interest in it then, because of the look (a muddy coloration with unappealing form).

Metaphysical Properties

Its energies are suitable to program for assistance in connecting with spirit guides, angelic beings, those from other locations within our universe; and also our own higher self. Ulexite incites the imagination, and subsequently arouses creativity; as well this stone will enable you to derive lessons more easily, from all life experiences.

For those working to heighten psychic awareness, keep a piece in your pocket and handle it from time to time. Visually send the stone's energy inside of you with your mind. Place it under your pillow at bedtime, and for a while have it dance inside of your mind's eye; imagine it vibrating with energies, emitting them strongly within you. Also, put it under a headband to suspend it against your pineal chakra during meditation; and before you begin meditating, again, imagine rays strongly emitting from the stone, especially inwards. These simple gestures will be well worth the effort, as you move forth on your spiritual journey.

The energies within ulexite have a strong healing and centering effect mentally, physically, and spiritually; and therefore it creates a bridge of harmony between all three aspects of being. Its fiber optic properties move the essence of divinity, which is light, to where it ideally needs to go.

Ulexite holds the potential to assist you in finding solutions in all areas of life. As well it promotes understanding, this as its energies transfer unexpressed communications. It's easier to resonate with someone when you get where they are coming from. Furthermore, at times we need more insight into issues of self, and this stone can assist there too.

When embarking on a totally new venture, surely you'll do your best to plan effectively, but you also need to ensure that no detail gets overlooked. Hence working with this stone from the point of initiation, will help you optimize your chances of success. At creation (on a macrocosmic level), it was light begat by love, that manifested every-thing. So as you begin your endeavor at this microcosmic level, let the nurture you put in and the unity you create around you be that love, and let this stone draw more divine light, to create the right alchemical setting for inspired growth. As above, so below.

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Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

Healing Properties

As ulexite works with the pineal and crown chakra centers, it provides healing to all conditions located in the head; this including eyesight and hearing problems, and it alleviates headache pain as well. When feeling fatigued, this stone bearing the properties of light can offer you an energy boost.

For the body this stone serves as a detoxifier, and toxicity is the basis to numerous illnesses. Hence in using ulexite healing water as a detox method, first you'll create a condition for the body to self heal, and from there there's no limit to how far you can go in healing; but that's of course also dependent upon maintaining sound emotional health, a healthy overall diet, and all around self care. Ulexite enables the skin as well, to heal from a myriad of ailments, including signs of premature aging. Hence for a youthful pick-me-up elixir spray, make yourself some ulexite healing water, with the non-contact method (link offered within this paragraph).

With Psychic Awareness

Like all "eye" or otherwise optical stones, such as hawk's eye and tiger's eye, ulexite can assist us in strengthening our psychic vision abilities; it also supports seeing more deeply into the past and future. It supports all of the clair senses, not just that of psychic vision. This stone is commonly touted as a tool in remote viewing, but it should be said that many remote viewing practitioners do not consider the skill to be psychic in nature.

Optical Qualities

Articles describing the parallel between this mineral's properties and a TV are plentiful; the most common description goes like this: when placed upon printed matter, looking through it, the writing underneath appears to be at the surface of the stone, similar to the way that a TV screen presents an image.

But there is a different description for the TV-like phenomenon as well: this is a crystal type that is not see-through but from one angle. Place it on top of writing; and when looking through it in the direction of the grain, you can see the text through this otherwise non-see-through stone.

Notice that with the second description, there's no mention of what you see appearing to be close to the surface. Now that doesn't seem so extraordinary, but on the other hand, a non-transparent stone is passing an image through, so maybe it is after all. However, is it TV-like? Who knows; it shows an image, that's TV-like, isn't it? This second explanation of its properties is in line with my own experience.

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Where It Is Mined

Ulexite is most commonly mined in California, but is also found in locations including Nevada, USA; Kazakhstan, Argentina, Russia, Canada's Maritimes, Peru, Turkey, and Chile.


Its composition formula is: (NaCaB5O6(OH)6·5H2O). Ulexite has a hardness of 2.5, and is brittle.

Due to certain inclusions this mineral may fluoresce under UV lighting; it may be be softly phosphorescent.

Care and Maintenance

Don't cleanse in water, as it may deform or melt; this (as well as its hardness) is what makes this mineral unsuitable for use as a gemstone. Cleanse it on a bed of selenite or on a quartz cluster.



Ulexite is relative to the pineal chakra, and secondarily the crown chakra. Due to it having primarily white or no coloring and a high vibration frequency, it relates to all chakras to some degree.


The properties of ulexite, generally speaking enhance intuitive and psychic awareness, and also promote wisdom, discretion and better judgement. As already touched upon, this stone will lead you to better understand others. And of course it works the other way around as well, others will better understand you when you carry it.

It's a good idea to use a grounding stone with powerful awareness stones such as this; black obsidian is recommended. Oh, and if you want a piece of this mineral, do some research and know what you are buying; some say that satin spar gypsum is often sold as ulexite.

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