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Basic Hints: Enabling Your Body to Heal Spiritually

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Body, Mind, and Spirit: Basic Points in Staying Healthy

by Joodhe

In theory you can heal your body through healing your spirit. Yes, of course you can, but it sounds daunting... wouldn't that be a long and arduous process? Well, it depends on how much work needs be done to energetically set you right. And once you are set right, naturally some ongoing maintenance will be required.

Now let's take a look at things we can do to help cleanse, center, harmonize and heal. It's both the small things and the large things that will make a difference. And even considering how redundant it sounds, as with all kinds of remedial processes we must actually follow through with our plans, not just make them. The suggestions I offer are not all metaphysical solutions, but some are. Proper healing methods will address you holistically - in body, mind and spirit. With these things in mind, here are things you can do to help regain or establish overall health and to promote healing:

Eat healthier foods. As cliche as it may sound, body is a temple, right?

Stop eating GMOs, and consider going vegetarian or vegan. GMOs wreak havoc upon your physical body. And meat carries the energy of a dead animal's carcass. We do not want or need these things.

Drink more water. Our bodies are primarily water; this only makes sense.

Stop drinking coffee. Not only does it make you edgy, recent research suggests that it dumbs you down as well.

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Do daily ritual cleansings. Here are a few suggestions for cleansing methods:

  • Take a selenite stick or palm stone, rub it across your entire body. 
  • Cleanse yourself with smudge. 
  • Sit in the sun.
  • Sit in the moonlight.
  • Soak in the tub, have a shower, or go swimming. Soaking in sea salt is especially good. Putting a bowl full of non soluble crystals in your bathtub is beneficial as well - whichever ones you feel serve you best. 

Ground, ground ground. Holding negative energies inside of you will create destruction and disease within your body, mind, and spirit. Grounding will release it.

Meditate. Meditation provides you a strong connection to the oneness, and allows you to understand and know all that you need to, in order to simply go with the flow of your highest aspect of being.

Work to balance and open your third eye and crown chakras. When facing less stress you'll be healthier. When your third eye and crown chakras are working optimally you'll find solutions and you'll find the best path in all things by going with your intuition.

Socialize. No man or woman is an island. If they are something is dreadfully wrong. We are connected to infinite intelligence and wisdom, to opportunities and networks, and to all the solutions that the universe will ever deliver us when we have friends. Without them we are off the grid in a sense.

If you have found yourself alone in your life - do what you can to begin reconnecting socially. It is of utmost importance; if not it's highly likely that you'll face ongoing life obstacles. How is the universe going to get help to you without a social circle? Yes, there are some that can thrive outside of society's bounds, but they are extremely rare. To live without connections one would have to be very connected to the universe in other ways. I've noticed that those that do so successfully often work the land, as if their connection to the Earth itself is key; and/or they meditate regularly, and have a direct connection to the universe as a whole in that sense.

Stay positive minded. Remain aware that everything you do and say will not only build the world around you, but will also adjust your health accordingly to the energy frequency range you reside within.

Listen. Listen to the unhearable. When doing nothing, listen to the universe. This helps you find solutions in life that you would otherwise miss.

Listen more. Listen to all of those frequency and singing bowl recordings that were designed to raise your frequency vibrational rate. You know, the ones you often see on YouTube, book mark and leave sit indefinitely waiting.

Listen to music. Whether you realize it or not, music is very healing.

Relax, and also get enough rest and sleep.

Walk outside. It's one way of connecting with nature.

Work outside. Garden, mow the lawn, paint the fence. In doing so you are grounding, and connecting with the earth as well.

Meditate in the woods. Meditating in a concentrated natural setting as such, does wonders for the soul.

Feel appreciation. Appreciate all things, especially things we often take for granted. You have a roof over your head, good food to eat, hopefully good friends. Go outside and see green grass, the beauty of a bird, or a cloud that looks like something familiar to you. A cat that looks happy to see you even. There are reasons everywhere, to be thankful.

Pay attention to synchronicity. It may not be easily identifiable as a healing thing, but you know, knowing that we are far from alone in this world and universe, enables us to feel empowered. Allow yourself if you haven't already, to tune into the fact that as an obstacle presents, immediately an opportunity arises to solve your problem (but one example of synchronicity). Once you've opened your mind to see it, your perspective will be forever changed. If it (solutions presenting) isn't happening it is because you've closed your mind somehow, and that's a sign you have work to do!

As stated though, the above is not the only example of synchronicity. All of the universe, past present and future is going on now. This means that at any time YOU have the power to make decisions that affect you positively or negatively from here on in - it's your choice. Your power lies entirely in your hands, which is a healthy belief to hold.

Avoid EMFs. If you must be exposed to them, consider drinking a glass or two of water a day with a teaspoon of baking soda in it, as it helps your body release some degree of EMF toxicity.

Stay away from negative people and toxic interactions. If you can't remove them from your circle or leave theirs, acknowledge how you feel interacting with them and be willing to accept those feelings for what they are. Once you have briefly processed your feelings, let them go, don't stew in them.

Avoid participating in negativism. Sometimes we might find ourselves caught up in an interaction where someone is making fun of a person or is taking a potshot. And when we don't know how to react or have been socially conditioned to participate ("everyone does it!"), it's hard to completely stop. However, this is not harmless, and becomes more harmful to a person as they ascend. Here's how I arrive at that conclusion: As we ascend we are given lessons. It is assumed as with all lessons, that the more advanced we get the more knowledgeable we become on the topic, and the more proficient we become at making good judgments.

So we become meditators, healers, counselors, and so on and so forth. And then we go to the coffee shop and get pulled into a convo where people are verbally picking on Joe Blow? Let's get real, hey? Most of us learn not to do this pretty fast; but if we don't immediately pick up on this lesson, as we ascend the lessons we get not to do it become stronger in progression.

So do what you can to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit... really, as a good life is all about that.

By the way, I didn't write every single hint of this type that could be mentioned, nor could I. Thus if you have suggestions, by all means leave them in the comments section!

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