Monday, November 21, 2016

The Visiting Blue Fairy

A faerie
Though not blue, a faerie just the same

A Beautiful Blue Fairy Imparted a Message to Me

This is one of the rare times I will break protocol and write an article from a personal perspective. Perhaps in the future there may be more such articles. But for now I'm technically on hiatus, and therefore wanted something really quick to write that would catch the interest of readers on some level. So here is my true story, of the visit I had a couple of mornings ago - from a faerie no less.

I'd been lying in bed a while when a vision appeared in front of me, the diaphanous form of a faerie. She was all blue, no other colors. Certainly a faerie though and not an angel, she was your quintessential vision of one, and even had a wand in her left hand that had a faerie star (7 pointed) on top.

Well right away the vision disappeared and I immediately got up. At that time I wasn't heavily focused on it, as I was thinking it was a fluke sort of thing; that it was simply something seen in my mind's eye with no attached message. Then as I sat at my computer with my morning coffee ready to do my day's work, a few things came to mind:

1) that I don't "believe" in faeries. Okay, well I do, but not in the way that believers in the fae do. I believe that they exist because they are a common form of thought that people have, and that thus they exist somewhere in our universe. However, at the same time I have never invested any of my own thought energy into them.

2) that in my life I've only had one interaction of any kind that I'm aware of, that involved faeries. That was a long time ago and involved a friend that I used to have - one that it just so happens I had recently prior to this, re-established contact with (coincidence? I think not).

3) I am developing psychic awareness as of late; and thus believing that this vision was some flukey coincidental sort of thing, was just not logical thinking.

So I stopped to clear my mind; I was hoping to understand whether there was anything to be gained by my having been exposed to her vision. And apparently there was, here's what I picked up through entering a meditative state:

  • That now I'm developing psychic awareness, this fairy took opportunity to swing by and give me a message - one that both answered some questions I'd long had (since that particular friendship faded into the background of life) and additionally no doubt delivered something that she felt need to share - that addressed in part not only my lack of belief in faeries but also my beliefs in how healing works. This is becoming important, as in my life I am discovering I have a healer's touch.
  • That back in the day when my friend sent me, hmm, was it 100 or 1000 faeries to heal me - it seems it was 1000 - I had said to her "don't you mean angels? There's no such thing as faeries". I knew right away as I said it that it was a silly thing to say, as many believe in the fae; so whether they were real to begin with or not, they've been given life. But as I remember, I didn't bother to retract the words. So the blue faerie's visit was in part to suggest I reconsider challenging people's beliefs in that way.
  • That when I was hurt that the friend in question and I were drifting away from each other quickly at one point, I'm to now know that it was simply meant to be, we had served each others' purpose in healing. 
  • That my friend's purpose in my life was to heal me, by sending me that pack of faeries. 
  • That my purpose in my friend's life was to heal her by adopting demons from her, as I had a way to immediately remove them, and apparently she did not have knowledge nor resources to do that. Her life circumstance was confining in multiple ways, and now I can see given the faerie's message, that it was the demons attached to her that kept her confined. For the record, she is no longer confined. I did have a brief interesting phase that was influenced by the demons I took from her, but I lived to tell the tale, and came through pretty much unscathed. (Know that at the time I was not aware that I was to take the demons from her and that it was a duty of sorts to me, but I did quickly discover after the fact that I was being "haunted".)

Yeah, so that's it, that's the whole sordid ordeal, more or less. The only other thing I can think to add in terms of insight, is that at the time I was fully engaged in that particular friendship, within the last few years prior I had contracted Lyme disease and had let it ravage me. Not out of having given up, but out of not knowing what to do when the health care system refused to acknowledge that I had Lyme. I felt resourceless. Well the pretty blue faerie let me know that from the time that cluster of faeries was sent by my friend, I'd always been healing on some level, and as well that those faeries led me to find other ways to heal.

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