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Clear and Rock Quartz Crystal; Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Quartz Crystal
Quartz Crystal

Quartz Versatility 

Quartz is known for its multitude of healing properties and applications. If there is a crystal type you would like to use for a certain type of healing work and you don't have it, clear or white quartz can be used in its place. Quartz intensifies the energies of other crystals because of its amplification quality; furthermore, given its amplification abilities, it shouldn't be used on or near people with health issues that should not be sped up. Examples of such would be cancer or any tumorous growth, as well as certain mental health issues.

Some of the metaphysical properties of quartz include: protection from negative energy and hexes, reducing the harmful effects of EMFs; and helping one to remember and interpret their dreams.

How Quartz Processes Energy 

Each type of quartz crystal has six main properties which govern the way that energy is processed; they are: to amplify, store, focus, transmit, transform, and structure. 

Quartz Crystal Sphere

What is Quartz? 

Quartz can be found in a wide array of varieties and colors, including your basic variety clear quartz. Clear quartz (or rock quartz) is void of color, and possesses a diaphaneity ranging anywhere from absolutely transparent to translucent. Some of the more common varieties of quartz include amethyst, rose quartz, smoky quartz, onyx, agate, and jasper.

Quartz is a silicate, and has a trigonal crystal system. Its hardness registers on the Mohs scale as 7, or possibly a bit lower. The hardness is dependent upon the amount of impurity it does or does not contain.

Two Divisions

Quartz can be separated into two main types, macrocrystalline and microcrystalline. Macrocrystalline quartz types can be seen without magnification, whereas microcrystalline cannot. Macrocrystalline types are generally clearer; and they include rock quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, aventurine, citrine, smoky quartz, and others. Microcrystalline quartz types include agate, carnelian, sard, chalcedony, onyx, jasper, chert, and more.

A Beneficial Frequency

The geometry within quartz represents the divine ratio (1.618). The divine ratio is the frequency of healing; it represents energy in its most flawless and boundless form. This is the same concept that applies to healing with sound such as in the case of tuning forks and singing bowls; they too are representative of the divine ratio, also referred to as the golden mean or golden ratio.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise. 

Healing Properties of Quartz

  • Amplifies energies of other crystal types.
  • Works on all chakras including the crown.
  • Raises energy vibration levels.
  • Unites the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Adds clarity to the thought process.
  • Aids in manifestation.
  • Reduces EMF pollution.
  • Can be used for spiritual protection.
  • Stores information to be recalled as needed.
  • Eliminates negative energies within your environment.
  • Enhances communication with animals.
  • Aids in establishing communication with spiritual beings.
  • Can provide protection against curses.
  • If you are exposed to negativity from others, quartz can counter its effects.
  • Allows us to access stored ancient wisdom within it.
  • Dream recall is facilitated.
  • Aids those engaging in astral travel.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • As it cleanses the etheric field as well as the body, the entire physical body and organs within function more efficiently.
  • Ailments such as chronic fatigue, bone injury, depression, stomach issues, arthritis, and fibromyalgia can be lessened or healed.

Where is Quartz Found? 

Quartz is the most plentiful mineral on Earth. As quartz is so abundant, it’s no surprise that it can be found scattered across many areas of the world. Its primary source, however, is Brazil, where the largest specimens are found. All of the main varieties of quartz can be found in Brazil; only Brazil can make this claim.

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