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Malachite Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Malachite crystal healing properties

About Malachite Healing Crystals

Malachite has an incredibly rich green color, and is usually marked with gorgeous flowing lines and circles. The color connects the stone to the element of earth. The earth element is about balance, centering, stability; and caring for, as well as healing of, the physical body. Thus malachite is a remarkable healer, as are many things within nature.

Malachite Properties

Malachite crystal has the ability to absorb negative energy and pollutants from within the body. For physical healing this stone is especially helpful for women, easing cramps and helping to regulate the menstrual cycle. In the past it has been referred to as the "midwife stone", and has been used to facilitate labor and ease pain during the delivery process.

Its healing properties will aid you in combating the effects of osteoarthritis and spinal degeneration, as well as in the healing of bone fractures. It can stimulate the liver, causing the body to release toxins more efficiently. It is this quality that is believed to make it a suitable tool for healing work targeted at tumors, and even possibly with cancer.

Disclaimer: You should consult your health and/or mental health professional before using any alternative healing methods. This article does not suggest otherwise.

malachite slab
Malachite slab mineral specimen

Malachite and Emotions

Malachite is often used in emotional healing, especially with those who have suffered through mental/emotional abuse. It can prove to be a great asset within healing work targeting individuals who lived through emotional trauma as children. This stone can help a person to overcome any fear they may suffer from, and can help them to overcome problematic shyness.

The flowing patterns and rings on polished malachite’s surface encourage change. They will bring the wearer to see and acknowledge all obstacles that are stunting them on a spiritual level. This stone supports emotional expression, and will also encourage us to feel an appropriate degree of empathy. Because malachite possesses the ability to draw out negative energies, it enables positive energies to come in to replace them. For this reason it's best to cleanse your stone after each use.

Malachite's Connection to the Heart Chakra

Malachite’s green color connects it to the heart chakra, which regulates a person’s reaction to the outside world. When the heart chakra is balanced, we can embrace being our true selves, with a greater understanding of our personal needs and emotions. We can too be more open to accepting change as it comes into our lives. This stone helps to clear the other chakras, and is thought to be able to bring psychic visions when placed on the pineal area.

This stone helps with mental issues including depression, anxiety, and most emotional blockages; for those suffering with such an issue or with bone or female health problems, malachite stone is a recommended tool for drawing out negative energies and toxins, which are the underlying cause to these conditions. Another useful quality of this stone is to cleanse the body of uric acid, and thus it is beneficial in healing gout.

Malachite Toxicity

In its unpolished form malachite can be dangerous; this due to its copper sulphate content. For this reason the stone should only be used after it has been tumbled/polished. When using malachite always wash your hands afterwards.

It isn't recommended to use this stone for elixirs. That said, in making healing waters some use it in the regular way (immersion), based upon the assumption that a polished malachite stone has been safely stabilized. That's having an awful lot of faith in an assumption.

Some are likely going to make elixirs with malachite anyway; and if you do, be sure to wash hands thoroughly both before and after preparation. Restrict usage of finished product to external use. If you feel a dire need to make malachite elixirs, then perhaps try the non contact method as outlined here. Either way, contact or non contact method, this site doesn't recommend making elixirs with malachite nor with any toxic crystal.

Cleansing Your Malachite Crystals

Do not cleanse malachite in salt water as it will damage the finish. A simple way to cleanse stale energies from malachite is to place it on a bed of selenite; smudging is another suitable option. Malachite draws out negative energies, thus it should be cleansed after each use.

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